In the Beginning…

Character creation is an ongoing thing, and so long as you play the character, he or she will never stop developing. However, a good portion of that development happens in the background that you create for that character. This is the place where you will really flesh out the things that happened in his childhood, and his life before coming to the current chronicle. The details of what has made him into the man that he is today. (Or woman!) Any Storyteller or Wiz worth their salt will put great value and stress on the background that you submit for your character, because when they want to incorporate your character into a storyline, most of them will check his background for something that can be used as a plot hook. You can never tell when something in your past is going to make life interesting again, or even justify an action that you want to take during the chronicle. With that in mind, here are a few things that you should keep in mind when preparing to write a background for a character.

Different Methods For Different Games

Game Race Race Race/Type
Heroes Human Evolved FC
XMR Human Mutant FC
WoD Mortal Kindred Garou

Once you have these details, some or all of them you can set about writing the story! It might even be that you sit down and make a list beforehand. Or, you simply refer to this guide as you're writing, for help with ideas of what to put into your background. One thing you should never do is rush a background. Immediately playing with a hollow, half-made character is never as fun as waiting an extra day, and playing someone that you can relate to, or vividly imagine in your mind. One last thing. When you've finished it all, and you're done with everything, let the background sit for 24 hours, and then read it again. You more than likely will find a thing or two that you want to change, or that will fit better if you added this or that.

The Very Basics

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