The Grand-Childer of Caine

Caine, the creator of all Kindred, is said to have sired 3 Childer, two male and one female, who were named Enoch, Irad and Zillah. Zillah is also portrayed as the wife of Caine in some writings

Caine's Childer later sired progeny and became collectively known as the Antediluvians (the 3rd Generation) and their Childer and Grand-Childer are collectively referred to as the Methuselahs (the 4th and 5th Generations).

There were originally 13 clans with 13 Antediluvians. A listing of which bloodlines are considered Clans and who is a Antediluvian, as that information has changed through the centuries.

Lucian (Lasombra) and Mekhet (Tzimisce) are widely known as Antediluvians [VtM2,p52].

Saulot, Brujah, and Ashur were slain because of the machinations of their Childer, St. Germain (The Red Death/The Seker), Anis (The Queen of Night), and Lamech/Lameth (The Dark Messiah), respectively, three of the most powerful Methuselahs alive.

Hassan I Sabbah, also Assam-Hashshan al-Safa or Hashsan ibn Canan. Still alive and controlling his clan, the Assamites, at the mountain fortress, Alamut.

Brujah* Diablerized by his Childer, Troile.

Troile Diablerized her sire, Brujah. In torpor, or dead, underneath New Carthage.

Ashur*, also Cappadocius. Diablerized by his Childer, Augustus Giovanni.

Ennoia, Daughter of Lilith; her mortal descendant are Rom (Gypsies)

Augustus Giovanni, Diablerized his sire, Ashur/Cappadocius. Alive and guiding his clan in Venice.

Lasombra*, also Lucian (?). Killed by members of his own clan, although that "death", like Tzimsce, is under question.

Malkav (Arikel's twin brother). Although his body is in Torpor, his mind wanders the Astral plane. His body is hidden in either; Petra Jordan, Jerusalem, or the North Pole.

Absimilliard, also Ninmug. Childer of Irad. Lover of Arikel. Founder of the Nictuku, but not the Nosferatu, though is responsible for them. The Nosferatu was actually founded by his Childer, Baba Yaga. In torpor at Enoch, or awake in Eastern European mountains.

Baba Yaga, Childer of Absmilliard, but not blood bound to him and therefore not a Nictuku. Recently awoke from torpor in Russia.

Dannae Originally of Gypsy descent.

Saulot* Diablerized by Tremere.

Set, also Sutekh, Seketh or Seth. Disappeared in Egypt in 33 B.C. Probably not awake, or else the Setites wouldn't be doing what they are doing.

Arikel (Malkav's twin sister), also Loz. In torpor at Enoch with Veddartha.

Tremere Diablerized Saulot. In Torpor in Vienna, guarded by Ghouls and Etrius, one of the council of Seven.

Mekhet* Is generally thought to be dead, but actually slew the Anarch who "killed" him. Is guarded by a ghoul family and secretly controls Sabbat.

Andeleon Responsible for today's Tzimsce with Vicissitude.

Veddartha, also Nergal. Torpor, guarded by the Black Hand in Enoch.


Notes:Veddartha and Arikel are (in contradiction) written to be the firstborn of the Third Generation. It depends on who you ask and what books you read.

Also note that Toreador legend considers Brujah (as well as Troile) to be female, although this could well be a misconception many of their Elders suffered at Carthage.

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