October 1, 2006
Personnel File: Top Secret
Lieutenant Commander Sterling Boyce, a recognized naval hero, was charged and indicted with war crimes against humanity. After a bloody incident in Iraq and continued psychological observation, multiple psychiatrists have deemed Lt Cmdr Boyce sociopathic and unable to empathize with his fellow man. As a decorated war hero (for both the current war in Iraq and Operation Desert Storm), this particular trial happened behind closed doors to save the navy and government vast embarrassment, particularly as Boyce has served in combat on more than one occasion. Further, unique means of prisoner reaffiliation needed to be undertaken to address Boyce's particular problem.

Today he enters an Institute rehabilitation program. The program itself is top secret and highly experimental. Top psychologists within the Institute insist that personality imprinting is the true solution to the Boyce problem. If a personality is successfully imprinted on the test subject, then empathy should become rule of thumb. Said empathy should then formulate and take root within his psyche.

While the treatment is highly experimental, and he is the first to undergo it, we anticipate full recovery.

October 15, 2006
The patient has taken on all characteristics of the imprint; the experiment has worked very successfully. Carter White's eight year old mind and memories present through Lt. Cmdr Boyce's daily activities; he does all things we would expect of a growing eight year old boy — he plays cars, drinks his milk, and (reluctantly and with much goading) goes to bed when he's told.

In essence, the empathy transferred worked better than expected. Our team anticipates another imprint could transform his psyche further, thereby enabling him to become a contributing member of society under our direct observation and care.

October 30, 2006
The second imprint — that of Commander Dwayne Schuler has also taken quite successfully. Boyce displays all mannerisms and behaviours of the late Schuler and was able to provide us with Schuler's command codes to his weapons. There seems to be an occasional residual overlap between Schuler and Carter, but not in a disjointed way; Boyce appears to occasionally drift into his Tyler mind-set, particularly when it comes to bedtime or random defiance.

Regardless, the imprint has taken rather successfully again. Boyce could very well contribute to our organization as well as this society if he's so permitted.

November 10, 2006
In light of the recent terrorist attack in New York City and the kidnapping of a reowned diplomat's daughter, we performed another imprint: Melody Perrault. Perrault worked for the CIA and government as a top hostage negotiator. Again Boyce took the personality well enough and was able to negotiate the release of the girl. He was, however, quite disturbed by his own reflection, unsure when he/she had undergone a sex change. Again, fragments of the other imprints appeared to rear their heads, particularly in Boyce's mannerisms and speech.

Further, Boyce seemed to have disjointed memories — some of which belonged to Perrault, others belonged to Schuler. While the results and effects of multiple imprints have yet to be verified, further testing and experimentation is needed.

July 2007
Boyce is continuing to respond well to the treatments, and with the loss of CIA agent and Cold War hero Jack Wright, the CIA required Wright's memories to understand whether he had sold Company secrets to foreign spies.

Once Boyce had undergone the treatment, he was questioned by a number of agents and inconclusively they reached no conclusions. With the imprint, Boyce retained Wright's ability to withstand interrogation. Beyond that, following the interrogation he was found in his cell doing pull ups, push ups, and sit ups — he absorbed Wright's propensity for exercise and training.

Further, when invited to spar, he adopted Wright's fighting technique, yet he also seemed to access Schuler's weapons ability and knowledge.

Beyond that, in therapy he said his parent's names. His OWN parent's names. It is the recommendation of this board the Boyce project be terminated and Boyce be kept under Institute care. One last personality was imprinted: that of wealthy Charles Ethan Merrick Robinson IV; designed to put Boyce at ease and keep him under the easy management of our staff. The life of a playboy entitles him to little more than leisure.

March 15, 2008
Under new governmental management, the Boyce project has been reopened, particularly in light of the Rebel problem. A new personality has been imprinted onto Lt Cmdr Boyce; that of Grayer Merck — a computer programmer who can track the problem.

Merck was perhaps not our best decision or the best candidate for imprinting. His propensity for illicit herbal drug use made Boyce difficult to work with and constantly paranoid. The constant paranoia that we were trying to manipulate his thoughts or brain were eerie and eventually downright violent.

Each of the other imprints resurfaced during this test phase, including Boyce's own personality.

April 30, 2008
Using all of the goals and talents of each personality, including his own, Boyce almost broke out today. He has since been forced into a straightjacket to undergo extreme psychological counseling. The memories that have come out in therapy are chilling, belonging to each of the six imprints and his own personality.

The resiliency of the human brain is astounding, but the retention has resurfaced that former sociopathy, but only in spurts. Boyce will remain in Institute care for all of the days of his life.


1) Hullo there! First I want to apologize real quick for it taking us a bit longer than usual to get back to you. The happenings of Nov 8 combined with the complex nature of the concept made for sluggish maneuvering BUT HEY here we go.

Bad news first: after some discussion we've come to the basic consensus that Boyce needs to be scaled down a bit from his current iteration. While his background and concept support the skills he currently has listed, said skills cover a wide range at the kind of highly proficient levels that are going to make him close to unstoppable in tight situations. I think I can see where you've tried to mitigate that some with the various (not always beneficial to Boyce) personality influences those skill jumps entail, but in the end he's still super at fighting and guns and artillery and conning people into his getting his way and hacking and talking his way out've problems. Rather than try to muffle his awesome by adding counterweight downsides I think it's probably best to narrow his expert-level skill sprawl down to a few main areas and flesh them out. I realize the heart of the character concept is that he is more awesome than usual by virtue of dastardly experimentation, but with half his current skills he'd still be able to hold his own pretty hardcore-like against the evo majority. If you want to maintain the sheer number of people he's got drifting around in his head, maybe swap out tactical choices for ones that contribute more on the personality/flavor skill end of things.

I think there may be room for talk on this if you feel like it's 100% necessary to the character, mainly from the standpoint of consent in the general populace or 'Okay, he can do this and this and this but may not always succeed perfectly,' in a GM'd situation. WILL LEAVE TO MY SECOND TO CONFIRM OR DENY.

Good news is that the skills are the only real hangup, here. Normal apps are always A++ and the casting is brilliant. The concept is solid overall and comes with built in hooks to at least one plot-active faction. Look forward to seeing version 2.0.

-Rok (Rockefeller, Nov 16, 05:31 am)

2) I am in agreements with Rock. I lean towards paring back the amount as well — if you would like to argue for them we are more or less open to that, just there will need to be caveats of some kind to counterbalance so you might want to consider that some if you go that route. Let us know if you have queries and I look forward to seeing your reapp. (Brooklyn, Nov 16, 03:14 pm)

Skills Revisions

+skills/set 1=1. Sterling Boyce %rCon Skills — Boyce is a manipulator by nature. He goes out of his way to be in control of every situation, no matter what. He does, however, have a pervasive temper, making him unable to maintain any measure of control when he loses it.. %r%rGun Slinging — Boyce can fire a weapon, something he learned when he joined the navy. While he has excellent aim, again, his temper can minimize any efficacy he has in terms of aim. He's particularly proficient with long range weapons, but is somewhat more limited in skill with shorter range ones, particularly as he was arrested for using a short range weapon in the crimes for which he was charged and found guilty.

+skills/set 2=2. Melody Perrault %rNegotiator — Melody understands people. She's good at negotiating two sides of every issue and empathize with both; this makes her a top-notch negotiator. She is also, too empathetic for her own good. Sometimes this makes negotiation effective. Other times? When a case or circumstance is particularly close to her, she struggles to maintain any measure of professionalism and neutrality.%r%r

+skills/set 3=3. Jack Wright %rSpy Skills — Jack worked for the CIA often behind enemy lines prior to the fall of the wall. He knows his spy tech and how to get in undetected. He understands intel, ways to collect it, and the ways in which he can interpret it. Even with his CIA-brain, he suffers from an old school understanding of the world and spies within it. He still thinks the plague of the world are commies which can, at times, be problematic.

+skills/set 4=4. Grayer Merck %rHacking — Grayer is the only really tech-savvy personality. He understands how to collect information and hack into highly protected software. He's an expert tracker and tracer. His propensity for weed, smoking weed, and growing weed tends to diminish his skills at any given moment. Sometimes it's difficult to tell if he's thinking or just plain high. Also, his love and loyalty can easily be bought with weed…

+skills/set 5=5. Charles Ethan Merrick Robinson IV %rCharm — Charles is good at charming the ladies. He flirts like an expert and even has particular 'plays' (complete with names) to get in their pants— these include: the sensitive guy, the sob story, the nonchalant, the forgotten, and the sullen. Very strong independent women, however, tend to see through the guise and think him cheesy rather than actually charming. %r%rCulture — Charles is highly cultured in the opera, and arts. He understands cultural figures, art history, and 'high' culture in general.

+skills/set 6=6. Carter White %r%rPlaying House — Carter has few talents beyond those of any typical kid although he can draw. In fact, Carter is the only personality with any real measure of artistic ability and imagination. The child personality has a vivid personality, and is prone to the reactions and life of any child his age.

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