Carly Decompile

&APP-EMAIL me=moc.liamg|azeehcyrrem#moc.liamg|azeehcyrrem
@Sex me=Female
@Desc me=The creature standing before you seems to be mostly composed of a head, with huge round yellow eyes resting up on top, flanked by long, s-curved grey antenna tipped with orange orbs. A large, pouch-like mouth with a lower lip that goes right up over the top lip when closed, and can extend well out in front of it when fully open, dominates the face below the eyes, and a collection of octopussy legs or tentacles, slightly thicker at the tips, dangle below the mouth right down to the ground. The whole creature is covered in soft, short magenta fur that is shiny in spots and duller in others, depending on which way the light hits it.
&FAME me=High school and college students from Seattle might know this young woman to be a fairly gifted performer mainly from her garage band Velvet Dogfish. Since moving with her family to Forks Velvet Dogfish has broken up and the local newspaper has had an ad in it for a performer looking to form a band.
&BKNOTE me=2
&PERSONALITY me=Carly is a friendly and genuinely nice girl. She has a bit of a creative edge which has been thoroughly nurtured by her parents. She paints, sculpts, acts in school theatre productions, but her focus is mainly on her guitars and writing music/poetry. Her parents are of the new generation of trusting and respecting children to foster their growth and Carly does her best to never let them down.%r%rLike most humans, Carly knows nothing about the supernatural saran wrap that covers the world she lives in. She is ambitious and strives toward her goal of becoming a famous musician. Her parents moving to Forks has placed a small obstacle in that course of her life but she is more than willing to work through it and do what she needs to get back on track. In Seattle, she was quick to make friends and had it not been for her artistic talent, she would have likely been a cheerleader or sportsman like her two brothers.
&FAMILY me=Carly comes from a normal, nuclear family. Her father is an engineer and her mother is a homemaker and member of the PTA. She has two younger brothers, aged 16 and 15. Carly is very close with both of her parents, particularly her father, she is quite the Daddy's Little Girl. Her brothers torment her in usual brotherly fashion but she would not trade the relationship she has with either of them for anything. To the outsider, the Robertson family is the perfect family and to be quite honest, they pretty much are.
&CHARCONCEPT me=High school student and aspiring musician
&PROFILELIST me=FHS Senior/Aspiring musician
&PREF-IC me=Yes
&PREF-RP me=Yes
&PREF-TP me=Yes
&PREF-OOC me=Yes
&WEAKNESS5 me=Self-conscious|Carly is extremely self conscious about her appearance, especially when it comes to blushing. She has recently discovered that her ears change a different color than the rest of her head when she is embarrassed. This causes no amount of worry to the girl who has future plans of stardom. SO she takes great pains to avoid having anyone see her ears.
&SKILL5 me=Dance|Hours spent in front of instructional videos and youtube (not to mention VH1, MTV2, MTV3, and Fuse when they play videos at all) has Carly pretty good at hip hop dance moves. Angling for commercial success as a performer, she is trying to learn every choreographed dance she can. From Miley Cyrus' HoeDown Throwdown to Michael Jackson's Thriller, she's working her way through them, memorizing and jiving… one by one.
&PROFILE me=FHS Senior
&PHONE-VOICE me=A female voice
&CASTING_CALL me=Carly carly carly
@set me=ANSI
@parent me=#24

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