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When you first walk into a room full of people who have never seen your character before the first thing they'll check is your Primary Description. What they read there will be burned into their minds for as long as your character remains a part of the community, thus it's important to make a good first impression. Some people are good at doing this, but if you're like me then it's easier to pose and adjust to the situation than it is to make something just as epic that applies to the character no matter where they are.

That's why I developed this. It's a formula that helps to make long, detailed descriptions. Granted there are roleplayers here who can make ones far longer and more detailed than what this will give you but this is a good jumping-off point.

Describe in 1 Word:


Shape of Face:






Mouth/Lips and Teeth:




Figure & Physique (Torso):

Figure & Physique (Legs):

Clothing (Torso):

Clothing (Legs):

Clothing (Feet):

Clothing (Other):

Distinguishing Marks:



Mesh it together!

To show you how this works, here's an example.

Describe in 1 Word: An awe-inspiring woman becomes apparent to you.

Height: she stands at 5'8" tall.

Shape of Face: Her face is almost heart-shaped.

Hair: Golden-brown hair with blondish highlights flows down to the small of her back, practically sparkling from being kept so clean.

Eyebrows: Her eyebrows rest high on her head, arching gently.

Eyes: Eyes of chocolate brown glance this way and that.

Nose: A small, straight nose rests between her eyes.

Cheeks/Cheekbone: Her high cheekbones help keep her face flat and beautifully shaped.

Mouth/Lips and Teeth: Her teeth are a near pristine white inside her mouth.

Chin/Jawline: Her jawline comes down to make a slightly curved chin.


Complexion: There is a slight blush to her skin though she does seem a bit pale.

Figure & Physique (Torso): Her tight and toned stomach seems to accentuate her ample chest.

Figure & Physique (Legs): Her legs are long and well-built.

Clothing (Torso): She can usually been seen in a so-clean-it-must-be-new t-shirt.

Clothing (Legs): Her legs are clad in skin-tight jeans.

Clothing (Feet): She wears a pair of tennis shoes so spotless they look as though they've never been worn.

Clothing (Other): She displays baby pink lipstick and eye shadow.

Distinguishing Marks:

Expression: Her expression is bright, her smile giving away a sense of mischeviousness.

Posture: She holds herself ready yet restless, her body swaying slightly as if she can't completely sit still.

An awe-inspiring woman is apparent before you. She stands at 5'8" tall, her skin slightly pale though it has a blush of health to it. Golden-brown hair with blondish highlights flows down to the small of her back, practically sparkling from being kept so clean. Her eyebrows rest high on her almost heart-shaped face, arching gently over eye shadow and orbs of chocolate brown that glance this way and that. A small, straight nose rests between high cheekbones that keep her face with only a slight trace of fat. Completing her face are pristine white teeth pursed inside of lips covered in baby pink lipstick, and a jawline that comes down in a slow curve to form her chin.

The woman's figure is like that of an experience performer. Her tight, toned stomach (which accentuates an ample bosom) and long but powerful legs give away signs of having been on stage. She can usually be seen in a t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes that are all so clean they look brand new. More noticable than her clothing, however, is the expression she wears. It seems bright, her smile showing a sense of mischeviousness. She holds herself ready yet restless, her frame swaying slightly as though she can't sit completely still.

If anyone has suggestions for parts to add (within reason) or other descriptive categories feel free to PM me the suggestions.

Hope this has helped someone out there. Now go forth and show off thy lovely RPing skills!

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