Cody F. S. Baker
Cody F. S. Baker
Portrayed By Meg Ryan
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 11, 1973
Age 36
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Call sign: "Ma" for Ma Baker.
Place of Birth Coronado, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Mercenary, ex-air force
Known Relatives Brig. Gen. F. Scott Baker (father), Mrs. Baker (mother).
Significant Other None
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance TBA

What little public record there is of Cody Baker states that she was a pilot in the USAF until her discharge in 1999. She served only 4 years with Ft. Bragg's 82nd Airborne Attack Helicopter Battalion. Since then she has taken odd jobs here and there, mostly piloting helicopters, some commercial some private. She is a fairly easy going woman that enjoys a good game of any kind that's on television at the local sports bar.


Cody Baker's early life was fairly normal, for an army brat. She was the only child of F. Scott Baker and his wife, who the girl knew only as Mommy. When Cody was 6, her mother perished as a result of a long bout with cancer. Cody was too young to grieve with the family and spent the day playing in her room with the new dolls that had people brought over for her. It was better than Christmas.

Although his daughter was the apple of his eye, F. Scott was uncertain of how to deal with a little girl on his own. They always needed so many things that men couldn't deal with, namely underwear, dresses, and eventually feminine products. So F. Scott hired various nannies and housekeepers to deal with the child until he was able to send her off to summer camp or her grandparents while school was out. This was the pattern that was continued until Cody's graduation from high school.

Cody wanted to follow in her father's footsteps, unfortunately it was a rule that women were not allowed into the Navy SEAL program. Not letting this deter her, the young woman enrolled into the USAFA. She was ambitious and driven, taking a double major in Military Strategic Studies and Operations Research. On top of that, she was a member of the 557th Flying Training Squadron. F. Scott was proud and every year Cody received a silver star to pin on her uniform.

Father and daughter did not see much of each other during the four years she was in college. For the first three years, Cody took part in USAFA's break exchange, traveling to England in her first year, Egypt in her second, and Jordan in her 3rd. By that time tension had built to critical mass in the Middle East, it was the place to be. Even though F. Scott was concerned, he allowed his daughter to go on a 1 year cultural exchange. So in 1994, Cody attended Al Akhawayn University in Morocco, it was supposed to be an experience of a lifetime. It was also where things began to go wrong.

It was an exciting time for Cody, though she had been away from home on multiple occasions, she had never been away for this long. Her studies and the added stress of learning two new languages were taking its toll and she began to notice some hair loss. Generally this would be attributed to a cadet's inability to handle the situation. Afraid that she would be dismissed from her program because of psychiatric problems Cody hid her hair loss by shaving her head almost bare. Two months later Cody was completely bald. Doctors in Cassablanca were baffled, it certainly wasn't due to stress and they couldn't find any reason why it was happening. At her father's request, the senior cadet consented to come back to the USA and was tested for radiation and chemical poisoning. All tests came back inconclusive and the hair loss could not be explained.

With some hard work, Cody graduated with the rest of her class, though she did not make the president's list she did receive her silver star. A week later she was recruited to the USAF's 82nd Airborne Attack Helicopter Battalion out of Ft. Bragg for a 4 year term. If ever anyone was born for a certain career, Cody was born to fly a helicopter. Though she was the only woman in her regiment, she was quick to make friends and was close to many in her squadron. She would get teased about her lack of hair, but it was never serious. No one was surprised when in her first month among them it started to grow back, what surprised the woman was the rate. Every morning when she got up she would have to take the clippers to her head to cut back the excessive growth. It just wasn't normal. She wasn't normal.


It was 1999, five years after her first bout with hair loss when Cody was deployed with NATO forces to participate in a large scale air campaign against Serbian military and civilian infrastructures. She and her co-pilot, Devon "Daddy" Cool, would be flying an AH-64 Apache and her target was a water treatment plant outside of Pristina. The mission went beautifully, they undertook some fire but the Apache was sturdy enough to withstand it and keep going to destroy the target. It was on their return flight when Cool picked up a faint radio signal from the ground. Forces were trapped by heavy fire just inside the combat zone. Disobeying direct orders to return, Baker and Cool turned back to give aid to the men trapped down there.

First of all, the mission itself had been exciting, exhilarating and she had lost a little of her control. She'd had a few years to practice growing her hair (and let it fall out) and it didn't take a rocket dentist to figure out that when she was happy her hair grew and when she was worried, or under stress, it fell out. On her own, she had taken up Tai Chi and other meditative exercises to help her keep her focus. When her helmet started getting tight it surprised her but it also presented an opportunity. They didn't have time to land for long, if at all, they knew this much to be certain.

Letting "Daddy" have the wheel (so to speak), Cody shifted toward her window and began to concentrate like she never had before. Now the reason their Apache had been ordered back instead of sent to help the stranded men is probably due to the fact that the helicopters only had room for the pilot and the co-pilot, something the two airmen didn't think about in their race to save lives. While her co-pilot provided cover fire, Cody's hair braided itself into a rope, secured itself to one of the landing wheels and lowered further to the ground. It took all she had, but in 20 minutes she had managed to grow 30 feet of hair strong enough to create 3 makeshift harnesses for the soldiers.

On their return, Cody and Devon received alternating reprimands and commendations. What they did was stupid, they risked expensive military equipment to rescue 3 men. But they had saved the lives of 3 SEALs and earned the respect of their entire company. The harnesses were overlooked as was the faint distress call by most of the officers the night of the rescue but reports were filed and inevitably they came to the attention of some high end brass who did a little investigating of their own. According to the report, neither pilot laid claim to them and neither did any of the rescued SEALs. When the color was compared against the heads of all involved, it didn't match. Normally, such a little detail would be dismissed in a heroic rescue, but there were other questions and someone up the ladder wanted them answered.


A few weeks later Baker and Cool received their discharge papers and orders to turn in their uniforms. The papers themselves were a bit odd, in two days time they were to await further travel orders on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, a Nimitz class ship that was currently stationed in the Adriatic Sea. Since they were currently stationed less than 100 miles away from the aircraft carrier, they had plenty of time to mull the situation over. It was Devon that broke the uncomfortable silence between them, facing Cody and confronting her. Not about the harness, mind you, but about her not turning him in for hearing the radio signal that no one else heard. His question pretty much answered hers, about why he didn't turn her in for the harnesses. They both had abilities that just weren't normal. Cool could hear radio waves, like he had a transistor in his head, Baker could grow hair.

These were the two facts that had caught the attention of Christopher Pyle, the man who had initiated their discharge from the Air Force. Devon and Cody were sunning themselves on the deck of the carrier when he first met them. Dressed in tank tops and shorts and laying side by side on the blacktop like they didn't have a care in the world. His initial impression of the pair was that they weren't fit for duty under his command, but their files held nothing but commendations and good reports… save that one incident that caught his eye. Now it wasn't exactly their fault that the pair of pilots didn't snap to attention when they first met Mister Pyle. Delta Force soldiers advertise no rank, they wear no uniform, and the man had a short stubble of growth on his face. There wasn't much conversation between the three, Pyle handed them each a packet detailing their new orders and left as quickly as he came. They were to report back to Fort Bragg in three days to begin testing.

The recruitment for their new unit was grueling. Neither soldier had ever been through such rigorous treatment in their lives, each had wanted to give up at least once, but kept on because they were in this together. For Cody it was the 40 mile march while for Devon it was one of the psychological exams that nearly brought him to tears. In the end, they both passed the recruitment tests, their marks were never given to them. Apparently it's enough to know that one succeeded, the score is irrelevant.

Over the course of the next two years, the pair were cross trained in every area within the CAG and with every allied country. From the Australian SASR to the Israeli SM, they went through basic training over and over and over again, proving themselves to nearly the entire world. They finally returned to American soil in 2001, just in time for 9/11. It was upon their return they met with Christopher Pyle again. Devon was sent to the Aviation Squadron while Cody was assigned to the 'funny platoon', the intelligence arm of Delta. If she could have told her father, he would be proud. She was finally putting her degrees to use as a counter terrorism agent.

Since her assignment, Cody has been involved in only a handful of operations in the Middle East. In 2006 she was caught in Lebanon during an Israeli bombing while investigating reports of the kidnapping of American citizens by Hezbollah. She managed to make her way across the Jordan border unscathed, giving her report to a contact there to allow for a rescue. In 2007 she and Cool were reunited as he flew her into Iraq to begin another mission. Their meeting was brief, professional, and lacking much of the camaraderie they'd had earlier in their careers. Life in Delta had been hard on Devon and his family. That was the last time she would ever see Cool again.

On many occasions her unassuming appearance has come in handy, unfortunately her skills don't allow for many jobs outside of her areas of expertise. More than once she has taken a minimum wage job to keep up a cover, other times a contact has already set up something for her. December 2009 Cody was summoned yet again to meet with Pyle, this time she was to go to New York to investigate the murder of several FBI agents. Normally an operation of this measure would be investigated by the FBI themselves but there was rumor that it involved terrorists. Though the program dealing with this particular case was rather hush hush, Delta Force didn't appreciate its territory being poached. They prided themselves on being the best. Hoo-Rah.


Normal life? Well Cody thinks so. She's not the first girl to grow up without a mother and she likely won't be the last. Her father, a stern taskmaster, did the best he could at raising her and she thinks he did a pretty good job. At one time, Cody was as career driven as her father. When she first graduated high school she wanted to rise as high among the ranks as he did, even going as far as getting a double major in University. To a certain degree she's still that ambitious but her path has veered off on a particular tangent that really wasn't expected.

Cody is good at going with the flow, she doesn't let problems get to her. Perhaps it's the fact that she practices meditation techniques or that 'normal' life just doesn't hold the pressures of what she's had to deal with in the past. Perhaps it's the fact that if she gets too stressed out, she will experience worse pattern baldness than any male or female in known history. Regardless, she's very laid back and easy going.

To that end, Cody is the kind of girl that will readily go out for a beer with coworkers after a shift. She doesn't dress up very often but can clean up with the best of them. Her social life is almost non-existant, she prefers to keep a few close friends rather than a bunch of friendly acquaintances. Her best friend is her father and she shares everything she can with him. Keeping her secret from him has been the most difficult thing she's ever had to do in her life. Certainly it gets easier with every passing year, especially since her job has to be kept secret from everyone outside of her circle of contacts.


Chaetokinesis, also known as Trichokinesis is the ability to psychically manipulate hair. One with this ability has the ability to animate his or her hair as well as the hair of others. One possessing this ability could control the growth, length, texture, width and strength of the hair of any creature with which the user comes in contact. One with this ability could not grow hair on a naturally hairless animal, but he could cause hair to fall off of a creature that normally has hair.

Cody's abilities utilize a combination of physical and psionic ability. It is a form of telekinesis that allows her to move her hair, but growing it quickly is a physical manifestation. Any rigidity that the hairs gain from a stunt are based on her telekinesis passed through physical touch. Should she lose physical contact with the hair, it goes back to its normal state, though it retains any added thickness it gained during growth. Furthermore, the ability is linked to her mental state. The happier she is, the easier it is for her to exercise her potential. If she is unhappy or stressed, it is nearly impossible to do anything aside from lose her hair or cause someone else to lose theirs.

The concentration that she requires to manipulate her hair directly affects what she can do outside of using her power. For the most part, she needs to keep completely still and in a serene state of mind in order to successfully use her stunts, aside from chemo which is her natural state of being. It is because her hair will always fall out if she is stressed or unhappy that Cody has become so easy going. She tries not to let anything bother her and practices meditation on a regular basis.

Though it is not directly a side effect of her ability, meditation and the fact that is necessary for her to control her emotional state, Cody has a certain degree of immunity to the effect of physical pain. This isn't because of any sort of heightenned sense but simply because physical pain is the easiest to control and dull. Simple cuts, bruises and scrapes have little to no effect on her it is only in the case of a more severe trauma that she will stop and notice that she is actually hurt.

Cody has a voracious appetite and will eat just about anything that moves (or doesn't). This is because her body requires a lot of junk to keep up with her ability. She is addicted to chocolate, candy, coffee, anything food or drink that is 'bad' for her. The more preservatives and artificial ingredients in her food, the better it is for her ability. To this end, she always has pockets full of candy bars or the most unhealthy power bars in her possession.

Though Cody has known about her ability for over 14 years, she has only been practicing with it for about 10 and has become proficient with a small handful of what she's practiced in the last 5. At present time she has limited ability to affect another person's hair but a great ability to control her own.


+stunt/add GARBAGE=Since hair is made of cellular garbage, Cody requires a lot of food to keep up with what she can do. Should she not have enough, she will go bald until her body has enough to sustain minimal growth.

+stunt/add CHEMO=It doesn't take much concentration to use this power, Cody merely needs to make brief physical contact with her target to begin the process. Victims will lose their hair by the handful over a span of hours until they are completely bald.

+stunt/add COUSIN ITT=A victim's hair will grow at a rate of 1" every four seconds until Cody's physical contact is broken. It doesn't work if she's not touching the victim for the duration of the growth. This ability takes less effort for Cody to use on herself and she is able to grow her hair out at a rate of 1" every 2 seconds.

+stunt/add NEW CURTAIN=Cody can change her hair color! Cody's hair must first fall out compltely to let the new growth come in a different shade. She is limited to natural hair color, anything from white to black and everything in between.

+stunt/add SPIDER SILK=Cody can grow hair to be as strong as wire or weak as a spider web. To make her hair stronger it takes a little more concentration so the hair will grow more slowly proportionately to how strong she wants it. If she wants cornsilk/brittle hair it grows much more quickly.

+stunt/add GORGON=Like Medusa with her snakes, Cody can animate her hair to make it do whatever she wants. In order to do this, she must remain stationary because it takes a great amount of concentration to move the hair. The hair will grow as long as she needs it to be to complete whatever task she needs it to do, though it will fall out after its task is finished. Using this power the hair can lift objects up to 20lbs. Anything heavier risks lesions on her scalp which are quite difficult to heal from without proper medical treatment.

+stunt/add SYBROW=Cody's eyebrows can turn into needles about 1 1/2" long and strong enough to penetrate bone. It makes for a deadly headbutt. Once the needles have been embedded, if Cody tries to pull away they will fall out and revert back to the texture of normal hair.

+stunt/add DEVO=Cody is able to grow up to six bullwhips of braided hair from her scalp. They have the same texture and consistency of leather whips, measuring 1" in diameter at the base and tapering off at the ends. Each whip can measure between 5 and 10 feet long. Cody can use them by either swinging her head or holding them in her hand and using them that way.

+stunt/add QUILL=Cody can turn the fine hairs on her arms into razor sharp, 3" long quills. Though the quills are very sharp, they are not very durable due to the fact that they would likely shred Cody's arms. With the quills, she is able to cut through paper, skin or cloth, anything thicker than that causes them to break off. If the quills break off they will become pliable like normal hair but retain their thickness.

+stunt/add COCOON=By keeping physical contact with her victim, Cody is able to use their own body hair to envelope them in a cocoon. Victims are able to breath, talk, scream, they are just unable to see or move until they break out. Since the cocoon is made from their own hair, breaking out can be quite painful. It takes at least five minutes to wrap someone up completely and Cody is only able to envelope a maximum of two people before she needs to fully replete her body garbage.

+stunt/add RAPUNZEL=Cody is able to grow a single 2" thick rope of hair from her scalp, unlike the fairy tale, people cannot climb up the hair unless it has been cut off from her head or she has tied it off onto something much stronger than herself. Even if the hair is tied off, she risks getting scalped if the rope slips or there is more than 35-40lbs of pull on her head.


An average woman of average size becomes apparent to you. She stands at 5'5" tall, her skin slightly pale though it has a blush of health to it. Honey-colored waves cover her head in a short cut, almost angelic in their soft but messy appearance. Her eyebrows arch gently over a set of intense, piercing blue eyes, giving her an expression of perpetual concentration. A small, straight nose rests between high cheekbones that give her the image of a thin face. Completing her image are pristine white teeth pursed inside of lips that are curved much like a handlebar mustache and curled up at both edges into a small smile. Her jawline is sharp and strong softening only at the the slow curve of her chin.

The woman's figure is like that of an experienced athlete. Her tight, toned stomach (which accentuates a slight figure) and lean legs give away signs of having run more than a few marathons. She can usually be seen in a t-shirt, loose fitting jeans and military style boots so shiny it looks as though you could see yourself in the toes. More noticeable than her clothing, however, is the expression she wears. It seems bright, her smile showing a sense of mischievousness. She holds herself ready yet restless, her body always tense as though she can be ready for action in an instant.



  • Jo and Carl are nothing alike. Give her the smallest finger on a man's hand and she'll get all the information you want. His computer is completely unnecessary.
  • I would never insult Max by suggesting that he surrender any information without torture.
  • I wonder sometimes if he knows how ordinary people feel. If he wonders how ordinary people feel around him.
  • Do you seriously think I would tell you anything if there was the slightest chance that you could fuck it up? I did it yesterday.
  • I think you take this vigilante stuff too seriously.
  • A politician got bagged last night and everyone celebrated. Everyone celebrated but me.
  • Maybe someone is targeting the weapons, is that paranoid? Is that what I am now? Paranoid?
  • Why should I care if one of the weapons goes off? Life, death, it doesn't make a difference we'd be made of of the same thing.
  • Somebody has to do it, don't you see? Somebody has to save the world.
  • Once things in here get broken, they can't be fixed.
  • In the grand scheme of things, the world smartest man means just as much as the world's smartest termite.


  • Speaks Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, French, and English.
  • Will never admit to what her two middle names are. Don't even try to find out or guess.
  • Doesn't own a car, never has and probably never will.
  • Rides a bicycle everywhere she goes in the summer, uses the subway or the bus in the winter.
  • LOVES any kind of sport…. except the wussy ones like figure skating and gymnastics.
  • Doesn't think chess is a real sport either.



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