Chaetokinesis, also known as Trichokinesis is the ability to psychically manipulate hair. One with this ability has the ability to animate his or her hair as well as the hair of others. One possessing this ability could control the growth, length, texture, width and strength of the hair of any creature with which the user comes in contact. One with this ability could not grow hair on a naturally hairless animal, but he could cause hair to fall off of a creature that normally has hair.

Cody's abilities utilize a combination of physical and psionic ability. It is a form of telekinesis that allows her to move her hair, but growing it quickly is a physical manifestation. Any rigidity that the hairs gain from a stunt are based on her telekinesis passed through physical touch. Should she lose physical contact with the hair, it goes back to its normal state, though it retains any added thickness it gained during growth. Furthermore, the ability is linked to her mental state. The happier she is, the easier it is for her to exercise her potential. If she is unhappy or stressed, it is nearly impossible to do anything aside from lose her hair or cause someone else to lose theirs.

The concentration that she requires to manipulate her hair directly affects what she can do outside of using her power. For the most part, she needs to keep completely still and in a serene state of mind in order to successfully use her stunts, aside from chemo which is her natural state of being. It is because her hair will always fall out if she is stressed or unhappy that Cody has become so easy going. She tries not to let anything bother her and practices meditation on a regular basis.

Though it is not directly a side effect of her ability, meditation and the fact that is necessary for her to control her emotional state, Cody has a certain degree of immunity to the effect of physical pain. This isn't because of any sort of heightenned sense but simply because physical pain is the easiest to control and dull. Simple cuts, bruises and scrapes have little to no effect on her it is only in the case of a more severe trauma that she will stop and notice that she is actually hurt.

Cody has a voracious appetite and will eat just about anything that moves (or doesn't). This is because her body requires a lot of junk to keep up with her ability. She is addicted to chocolate, candy, coffee, anything food or drink that is 'bad' for her. The more preservatives and artificial ingredients in her food, the better it is for her ability. To this end, she always has pockets full of candy bars or the most unhealthy power bars in her possession.

Though Cody has known about her ability for over 14 years, she has only been practicing with it for about 10 and has become proficient with a small handful of what she's practiced in the last 5. At present time she has limited ability to affect another person's hair but a great ability to control her own.


+stunt/add GARBAGE=Since hair is made of cellular garbage, Cody requires a lot of food to keep up with what she can do. Should she not have enough, she will go bald until her body has enough to sustain minimal growth.

+stunt/add CHEMO=It doesn't take much concentration to use this power, Cody merely needs to make brief physical contact with her target to begin the process. Victims will lose their hair by the handful over a span of hours until they are completely bald.

+stunt/add COUSIN ITT=A victim's hair will grow at a rate of 1" every four seconds until Cody's physical contact is broken. It doesn't work if she's not touching the victim for the duration of the growth. This ability takes less effort for Cody to use on herself and she is able to grow her hair out at a rate of 1" every 2 seconds.

+stunt/add NEW CURTAIN=Cody can change her hair color! Cody's hair must first fall out compltely to let the new growth come in a different shade. She is limited to natural hair color, anything from white to black and everything in between.

+stunt/add SPIDER SILK=Cody can grow hair to be as strong as wire or weak as a spider web. To make her hair stronger it takes a little more concentration so the hair will grow more slowly proportionately to how strong she wants it. If she wants cornsilk/brittle hair it grows much more quickly.

+stunt/add GORGON=Like Medusa with her snakes, Cody can animate her hair to make it do whatever she wants. In order to do this, she must remain stationary because it takes a great amount of concentration to move the hair. The hair will grow as long as she needs it to be to complete whatever task she needs it to do, though it will fall out after its task is finished. Using this power the hair can lift objects up to 20lbs. Anything heavier risks lesions on her scalp which are quite difficult to heal from without proper medical treatment.

+stunt/add SYBROW=Cody's eyebrows can turn into needles about 1 1/2" long and strong enough to penetrate bone. It makes for a deadly headbutt. Once the needles have been embedded, if Cody tries to pull away they will fall out and revert back to the texture of normal hair.

+stunt/add DEVO=Cody is able to grow up to six bullwhips of braided hair from her scalp. They have the same texture and consistency of leather whips, measuring 1" in diameter at the base and tapering off at the ends. Each whip can measure between 5 and 10 feet long. Cody can use them by either swinging her head or holding them in her hand and using them that way.

+stunt/add QUILL=Cody can turn the fine hairs on her arms into razor sharp, 3" long quills. Though the quills are very sharp, they are not very durable due to the fact that they would likely shred Cody's arms. With the quills, she is able to cut through paper, skin or cloth, anything thicker than that causes them to break off. If the quills break off they will become pliable like normal hair but retain their thickness.

+stunt/add COCOON=By keeping physical contact with her victim, Cody is able to use their own body hair to envelope them in a cocoon. Victims are able to breath, talk, scream, they are just unable to see or move until they break out. Since the cocoon is made from their own hair, breaking out can be quite painful. It takes at least five minutes to wrap someone up completely and Cody is only able to envelope a maximum of two people before she needs to fully replete her body garbage.

+stunt/add RAPUNZEL=Cody is able to grow a single 2" thick rope of hair from her scalp, unlike the fairy tale, people cannot climb up the hair unless it has been cut off from her head or she has tied it off onto something much stronger than herself. Even if the hair is tied off, she risks getting scalped if the rope slips or there is more than 35-40lbs of pull on her head.

+stunt/add ANACONDA=Cody's hair will twist itself into a rope and snake around whatever she wills it and squeeze. The action puts no pressure on her head unless whatever it is she is strangling struggles too much. The coils retracts against themselves much like a tightening spring. She can hold this action for about 30 minutes, as long as she is focused on it, though she's never needed it for that long.

+stunt/add SCORPION=Like the tail of the predatory arthropod, Cody's hair forms into a long appendage at the back of her head with a hard (and quite sharp) end. This 'tail' can be used to stab and pierce things and, depending on the speed of the strike, it can possibly kill. The tail runs on pure instinct, pointing only at Cody where is looking and will strike only whatever it is she is looking at. Unlike most of her powers which rely on a calm meditative state, this one relies on anger.

+stunt/add FIBER FINGERS=Quite simply, Cody can literally feel everything her hair is touching as though she is grabbing or touching it with her hands. It takes a great level of concentration to do this and as such, Cody will also feel any damage done to her hair as though it was done to her fingers.

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