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Actor Alexander Skarsgard
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 1, 1976
Age 34
Nationality American
Country USA
Occupation Lawyer
Marital Status Single
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Height 6'4"
Weight 180 lbs



+bg/add 1=I was fated to have an extraordinary life, but I kicked fate's ass and opted to be normal. As the eldest son in a ridiculously large family, I normally would have the pleasure of being the responsible one, the one that everyone could count on, the one everyone would go to for help. Well, all of those things happened, not thanks to my parents. I guess I should start from the beginning. That's always the place to start.

+bg/add 2=I was born on September 1, 1976. It was a normal enough day in the seventies. Nothing exciting was happening. Not in the world, anyways. My family? Well, that's a different story. My mother doesn't believe in modern medicine. Not even now. She had this doula do her thing and deliver me. Being the firstborn son, I was graced with the name Principle. It's terrible. To match that terrible first name, I was given the middle name Investigator because my father has a sick sense of humour and didn't think his son would want something like Timothy that he could use as a pseudonym later in life. So there you have it. If you wondered why I go by P.I., it's pretty obvious.

+bg/add 3=With a name like Principle Investigator, I was destined to get beat up at school. It's probably a good thing mom and dad wanted to homeschool me, and it would've been smart for me to agree, but I desperately wanted to get out of the funny farm that is my parents' house. All the kids, of course, felt the need to call me Principal. Yup. Principal. Like the guy in charge of the school. It was horrible. I may be scarred for life. On the plus side, I developed a biting sarcasm and a responsibility to get everything done early, lest I bring undue attention to myself. I learned organization, a hardwork ethic, and a great way to meet girls — I essentially taught myself to be dull (aside from that sarcasm that I loved and my parents literally washed my mouth of).

+bg/add 4=In high school there were girlfriends, friends, all the normal things a guy could ask for. What I didn't bargain for? The pot-smoking parents who got busted for having a grow op in our house, effectively leaving me and Ginny (my elder sister) to fend for our siblings. Oh the joys of life! Every sixteen year old's favourite dream come true! My siblings? Well, they liked the unconventional better than I did. All of them liked it better than I did.

+bg/add 5=The good news is, in my quest for normalcy, I got really good grades. We're talking PHENOMENAL grades. College was in the cards. Linguistics, specifically. And from there? Law school.

+bg/add 6=I was determined to study tax law, but fate, probably because of the ass kicking I gave it early on, had other ideas. I ended up being a defense attorney. And a damn good one at that. I specialized in International Law. Thanks to taking linguistics, I was fluent in a number of languages and capable of comprehending other countries' laws. It seemed I was well on my way. In my late twenties I got my first job at Wright, Jamieson, and Penn; best in the business.

+bg/add 7=I met Carrie Jane Wright when I was in law school and she keeps telling people we're dating, but ehn. I don't know. Ten years later and I can count the kisses on both hands, although I think she'd like more. The only thing is her family has a lot of influence and could help me gain that position in the UN I've been dying for. So I haven't exactly told her to take a hike. Not recently, anyways. And her dad? Well he's like the boss man of the practice I work for. Not exactly a good career move to break her heart. Not until I make partner. That will happen soon, hopefully. I'm up for review. And considering my billable hours this year, it seems likely. %r%rOther than that? %r%rWell I live the high life. I am wealthy thanks to a job that pays me very well. I live in a penthouse apartment. I have an awesome car. And I have tons of money in savings. Why wouldn't I be happy?


+pers/add 1=Snarky - Thanks to some teasing and an already warped sense of humour, Cross is extremely sarcastic. His lawyering has only heightened this about him. His replies are often spoken in a deadpan way, making it nearly impossible to know if he's being sarcastic or honest.

+pers/add 2=Normal - Cross wants to be normal. Everything about him wants to be normal. He wants to pursue normal goals and lead a normal life. Ironically this is exactly what makes him extraordinary. In his pursuit of normal he rejected so many of his family's ideals that he ended up becoming an incredible lawyer.

+pers/add 3=Argumentative - Thanks to his training and his defensiveness about the way he lives his life, much of what Cross says comes out argumentative, even when he's not arguing.

+pers/add 4=Logical - While he needs his life to follow certain rules, logic is the most important of all. All arguments need to be grounded in it; all thoughts need to reflect it.

+pers/add 5=Brooding - Thanks to his argumentativeness, Cross can often come off as a broodish man. His general demeanor tends to be relatively cool, particularly in his dealings with strangers. Despite this, he actually does care; somewhere in his chest there's a heart, but it takes some digging to find it.

+pers/add 6=Obsessive-Compulsive - Thanks to his disorganized life as a child, Cross is organized to a fault. He's constantly putting things together, building lists and working towards goals in a compulsive way. He's a compulsive cleaner and insists that things are dirty when they're not.


+skill/add 1=Smooth Talker - Law school does this to a fella. Thanks to much court room practice and a cavalier attitude about life, Cross is an incredibly smooth talker. He learned from his teacher and mentor Jacob Hurt that he could sell anything to anyone if he did it smoothly and believed what he was saying, even if it was a total lie.

+skill/add 2=Scrappy - With a name like Principle and his attendance of the public school system, there's no way Cross could get through his childhood without becoming a little bit of a fighter, much to his parents' chagrin. He learned from his basketball coach at school how to throw a punch and has thrown more than one in his life time.

+skill/add 3=Logic and Argumentation - Thanks to law school and a well acquired public education, Cross has become incredibly argumentative in his fare, using court lingo in and outside of the court room has become his modus operandi. "I OBJECT!"


+adv/add 1=Smooth Talker - It all started with debate club. Then it moved into simple conversation. Then the court room. Cross is a smooth talker. He talks quickly, fluidly, and his arguments are linear in nature — one flowing from the next. In a way some of it's innate. In another? He's been trained to be like this thanks to years and years of practice.

+adv/add 2=Quick - Athleticism became the rule of thumb after the first time he got beat up thanks to his moniker. Way to go mom and dad! He joined track team, soccer, baseball, and nearly any sport he could be involved in because he had to be a step ahead of the bullies lest he be pummeled. Consequently he's agile and quick on his feet.

+adv/add 3=Wealthy - Thanks to a well paying job, and a lifestyle where he spends little of it (except for the penthouse apartment in which he lives and his car which he insists is like having a child). Thanks to his many investments and his savings, he can pull resources out of thin air. Further, as an associate he has access to the company's private jet to jet-set for various court appearances in different international courts.

+adv/add 4=Well connected - Within his community and various government leaders, Cross is connected… mostly because he's gotten many out of binds. Further, his job at the practice enables him to form connections to men and women of influence and power. He does favours for people and often, he wants to cash in.


+dis/add 1=Puts People to Sleep - It's unfortunate, but Cross has an incredible love of tax law and intricacies in international law. Thanks to his many language skills and his ability to pull things together, he frequently puts people to sleep when he gets too excited about one thing or another.

+dis/add 2=Obsessive Compulsive - Everything has its place. And for Cross, this is doubly important. If things are misplaced or left out, it drives him batty and he struggles to function. Further, if something isn't within the schedule, he struggles to complete a simple task. This was bred in his childhood thanks to his hippie parents who refused to live according to any schedule. Parent-teacher conferences were destined to be nightmarish.

+dis/add 3=Competitive - Competition can be good. For Cross? It's to a fault. He obsesses over winning. When he loses a case he can't sleep for weeks, even if his client was, indeed, guilty. Thanks to an upbringing where competition was seen as something to be avoided, Cross has become obsessed with winning, especially after that first meeting of the debate club.

+dis/add 4=Arrogant - Thanks to success early in life, and having everything at his fingertips, Cross can be arrogant and cocky in his activities, making him prone to error, further complicating his life.

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IC Info

Threat Lvl: Green
Full Name: Principle Investigator Cross
Aliases: Cross, PI
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Occupation: Lawyer
Employer: Wright, Jamieson, and Penn

An international lawyer practicing out of an American firm.

"I was fated to have an extraordinary life, but I kicked fate's ass and opted to be normal."

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Actor: Alexander Skarsgard
Themesong: "Disappearing Boy" by Green Day

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