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With a peaches and cream complexion, Delia's iridescent blue eyes (accented by dark eyebrows and eyelashes) and red hair are her most striking features. Her red tresses cascade midback in a mess of loosely tamed curls. Light freckles dust her nose and cheeks. Her pillowed pink lips curl upwards into a kind of omnipresent smile. She easily stands at 5'10" and though she's not exactly a willowy model type, it is plain to see that she doesn't have too much fat on her.

She's a casual dresser, usually found in jeans and a t-shirt when she's not working. Otherwise it's the uniform of the job. One commonality is that she always wears a thin chain with a tiny, golden crucifix.



CHAPTER 1: The Formative Years

March 8th, 1990. A star is born! That's how Delia's story would have been written, if things had turned out the way they were supposed to, instead of how they did. Born the youngest daughter to Benjamin and Mary Ryans, she was the unfortunate recipient of her great grandmother's moniker, not her full name… Which Lia will always be thankful for, because it's worse.

In her younger years, Lia worshiped the ground that Lulu walked on. If Lulu got something, Lia wanted the exact same thing in the exact same color. Unfortunately, being the youngest, she often felt that life was just unfair. Whenever she wasn't allowed to do something that Lulu got to do (like riding the bumper cars at Coney Island because she wasn't tall enough yet) Benjamin would always be tortured with the melodramatic tears and the snotty little nose of a little drama princess.

Things changed somewhat when Delia started school. Lulu wasn't as great as the little redhead thought she was, at least in the social pecking order. Her sister was often ridiculed and put down for being quiet and reading instead of playing. Delia was her exact opposite, always outgoing, always popular with the girls and always had little boyfriends tagging behind her. Thanks to her popularity at school, a rift formed between the two girls and Lulu often found that her treatment at school was mimicked when the girls fought at home.

As the girls moved into high school the pecking order changed. The bookish Lulu transformed into a beauty queen and again Lia was left behind. A queen bee in her own right, Delia ruled the cheer set and excelled at sports. She never received the good marks that her older sister got and when Lucille got a contract with a prestigious modeling agency it only fueled the jealousy that Delia felt. Within a month of being signed, Lucille moved to Paris and was deeply entrenched in the fashion circuit. Life really wasn't fair.

CHAPTER 2: The Bomb

November 8, 2006. The day Delia's life would change forever and not in a good way. Benjamin was off on a business trip, leaving the volatile teen and her mother at home. After a colossal fight, Mary had finally agreed to help Lia pay for a pair of jeans that were going to be introduced. Mary didn't think it was necessary for a girl Lia's age to own a pair of pants worth more than the family's grocery bill in a week. The teen kept insisting that she would die if she didn't have them. The endless struggle between teen and mother, shouts of "You just don't get it!", "You always loved Lulu more!", and "Why do you hate me?!" permeated the house. It wasn't an easy face-off, but eventually Delia won.

After happily kissing her mother's cheek and telling her exactly how much she loved her, Delia pranced off to school for the day. She was looking forward to coming home and going into the city for the shopping trip, even if it was with her mother and not her friends. Not that Mary was embarrassing, she was pretty cool for a 'mom', it's just that she was so mom'ish.

The world changed at noon, just when Lia was biting into an apple for lunch. There was a flash in the sky and everything was silent for what seemed like forever though it was only a split second before a quake shook almost everyone in the quad off their feet. Sounds of sirens from the rush of emergency vehicles erupted from all over and screaming as the news spread throughout the school, New York City was hit by terrorists. Classes were canceled and the students were all sent home for the rest of the day, those who had too far to walk home were ferried by other parents and teachers.

CHAPTER 3: The Aftermath

The Ryans house was empty when Delia got home. A note left on the counter explaining Mary's absence was the herald of the Armageddon that would soon become the young teen's world. Hour after hour passed and there was still no sign of Mary. If it had been an option to call, it's likely Delia would have contacted Benjamin sooner. Unfortunately the phones were jammed when they did work and the rare times the girl could get through, she was calling her mother. It was around 9pm pacific when her father got a hysterical phone call, midnight in New York. Mary had been missing for 12 hours already and Delia was all alone.

If Benjamin could be called anything, it would be 'dedicated father'. It wasn't more than 9 hours later that he was walking through the front door of their house and Delia was sobbing in his arms. Later that night, Lucille managed to find her way home as well. For the first time since they were toddlers, Lulu and Delia didn't get into an argument or even yell at each other. No one laid more blame on the redhead than she did herself. Delia was more than aware that it was all her fault that Mary wasn't home.

For months the government scoured for terrorists, in the meantime Benjamin was at home. Retired. While most girls would deem this as the worst torture on earth to endure, it didn't actually phase Delia in the slightest. After getting used to his presence, they settled into a routine; one where she wouldn't answer the questions he asked her over dinner and then she would go lock herself in her room for the rest of the night.

Lucille was a mess. Whatever attention Delia wasn't getting from their father was eaten up by the former model's panic attacks and fits of depression. Whether it was guilt for not being around for the months predating their mother's death or the fact that the two girls drifted apart again only Lulu would be able to answer. For Delia's part, she kept to herself. Locked away in her room, she studied and alternately buried her head under her pillow whenever her sleep was interrupted by the screams of her older sister.

CHAPTER 4: The Linderman Act

February 18th, 2007. Benjamin, Lucille, and Delia were all gathered in the living room, watching the speech on television when the blame for the bomb was laid squarely on an evolved individual named Sylar. Delia's eyes lit up with fire as her small world changed yet again. How many of these people were there? Were they all so dangerous?

In the months following the broadcast, Delia actually started venturing out of the house again. No longer simply locking herself in her room for the night, she made plans and attended events. What Benjamin may have thought were normal dates for a teen girl were anything but. There were rallies, marches and speeches all surrounding the topic of the evolved popping up all over the city. Delia attended nearly every one of them. An evolved killed her mother, it wasn't all her fault.

None of these events were divulged to Benjamin, though Delia did bring home plenty of reading material which she stuffed through the mail slot. Thinking it just another canvasser, the literature was usually deposited in the trash but Delia kept believing that someday she would get through to her father and sister. Evolved were dangerous and must be stopped from hurting other people.

CHAPTER 5: Graduation

By graduation, Delia's popularity in school soared again. Lucille had been out of the picture for a year and it allowed the young redhead to prosper in ways no one could have expected. It came as quite a surprise to her father and her sister both when Lia came home one day and announced that she was in the running for valedictorian. She had never been that studious a girl and though she had spent so much time in her room, it was thought she was on the phone with friends or watching television.

The race was a close one, there were four students with their eye on the prize and it would all come down to a few final exams. With only days before the ceremony, the announcement was made about who would be making the speech. It wasn't Delia. She'd missed the appointment by less than a hair but she wasn't going to let it phase her. She still managed to pull her marks so high that any school in the country would take her. If it weren't for tuition and living expenses.

Over the summer, Delia made all sorts of plans to get her own apartment and finally be out on her own. In August, she actually had a small room rented and with the help of her father and sister, she moved in. She spent and entire day painting, decorating, and unpacking her few boxes. It was a small space but it was all hers with no rules or boundaries. With a smile and a wave, she bid Benjamin and Lucille goodbye. Then, when she was finally settled and alone… it hit her.

It was midnight when Benjamin received the hysterical phone call and by 1am, Delia was back in her old room, crying herself to sleep.

CHAPTER 6: Freshman Again

When September came around, Delia was enrolled in the nursing program at NYU. After careful consideration of her options, she kept coming back to one small fact. She wanted to help people and save lives. Unfortunately, school is expensive and even though the Ryans lived comfortably, Delia didn't feel right about asking her father for more money. So, she did what every other student in her position would do. She got a job.

Being a bicycle courier in New York City was rather hectic work for the young woman. Before being hired on, she had to become bonded and licensed, something that wouldn't have needed to happen if she'd just started flipping burgers like one of her friends suggested. According to Delia's logic, fast food (though a respectable job) wouldn't give her the exercise she needed on a daily basis. So every evening, after class, the redhead would don a messenger uniform and bike around the city delivering packages.

All of this was well and good during the week. It kept her mind busy enough to not think about all of the horrible things that happened right in her own city. Every once in a while, she would be forced to ride somewhere close to the blast site and it would cripple her for a few minutes as she would have to stop to avoid a panic attack. Try as she might to ignore what had happened, faced with the reality of the blast she couldn't deny it and move on.

CHAPTER 7: The Now

For the first year, things went exactly like that. School by day, work in the evening, homework and study on the weekends. Lucille even managed to get herself a position at a local bar called Old Lucy's. It was a job that Delia took no small amount of pleasure teasing her older sister about. As far as she was concerned, Lulu was wasting her life away slinging drinks when she could be doing so much more. Not that Delia didn't value her sister being around, far from it, she just wished that Lulu would do something more than shake her assets for tips.

Sophomore year at NYU brought clinicals into Delia's life. Unlike most of her fellow nursing students, she didn't have the time to attend the seminars and extra classes being held in the evening. Not if she wanted to keep her job. So, to the young woman's already busy schedule, a volunteer position was added. Working in the hospital for a few hours every weekend provided the young woman with the hands on learning experience she needed. As she was always willing and ready to help in any situation, she quickly became one of the favorites in the ER.

Her experiences there have dulled the anger she felt so strongly against the evolved but it has far from abated. When they come in injured or ill, she treats them as though she would someone normal, there's just always that nagging question in her mind. Could this one be the one that will kill my father? Or my sister?


+skills/set 1=Bike Riding - It's a skill! Delia is a master at dodging city traffic on a ten speed bicycle. She can hop curbs, weave between cars and pedestrians and even stop on a dime without tipping over. While she's not exactly X-Treme sports material, she can hold her own against the perils of New York City traffic.

+skills/set 2=First Aid - Being a nursing student with aspirations toward becoming a doctor, Delia takes as many courses in first aid as she can find. From babysitting first aid to how to field dress a sucking chest wound, Delia is the MacGuyver of roadside doctoring.

+skills/set 3=Endurance - Due to the amount of exercise Delia gets from her job as a messenger and from working out every night, she has an incredible amount of stamina. It comes in handy when you're trying to beat the light at an intersection when you only have 5 minutes left to deliver a package. Sometimes people send time sensitive stuff!

+skills/set 4=Education - This young woman takes her school -very- seriously. It doesn't come easy to her, though, so she has to study quite hard to get a good mark on her exams. She is much better at hands on learning which is how her GPA stays quite high.

+skills/set 5=Fangirl - Delia has quite a few celebrity crushes and would likely scream, faint, or worse if she met one of them. She is fairly shameless about asking for an autograph from someone she recognizes and has albums full of memorabilia that she treasures. While not a flaw in itself, it could get embarrassing or distracting.

+skills/set 6=Bonded - Delia is bonded and insured. Since she sometimes has to deliver valuable items or papers, she's made sure that she's the most trustworthy that she can be. It really helps put customers at ease to know that their valuables aren't in the hands of a punk that might just ride away.

+skills/set 7=Hip Hop Dancing - Hours spent in front of instructional videos and youtube (not to mention VH1, MTV2, MTV3, and Fuse when they play videos at all) has Delia pretty good at hip hop dance moves. At one time she was angling for commercial success as a performer, so she spent most of her time trying to learn every choreographed dance she could. Now it's almost like a second nature. From Miley Cyrus' HoeDown Throwdown to Michael Jackson's Thriller, she's worked her way through them, memorizing and jiving… one by one.

+skills/set 8=Iron will - When Delia is determined and her mind is set, there is nothing that can dissuade her from her goals. This can work to her advantage in many situations, giving her a compulsion to keep going when all others have long given up.

+skills/set 9=Common sense - Delia has a significant amount of practical wisdom. Stemming from having to grow up a little too quickly and realize how life can change at the drop of a hat. She doesn't take much for granted anymore. She strives to make her father proud and tries to temper her actions with a thought of what he or her mother would want her to do. Not that it always works, especially where her sister is concerned.


+personality/set 1=Impatient - While she doesn't give an outward display (anymore), Delia fidgets and twitches if she has to wait for an extended period of time for anything. Before her mother died, Delia's impatience took the form of whining, temper tantrums, and drama fits.

+personality/set 2=Guilt wracked - If it weren't for a pair of jeans that Delia just had to have on the day of the bomb, her mother might still be alive. Delia still blames herself for the errand that her mother never returned from.

+personality/set 3=Family - Before the bomb, Delia loved her family like every other teenage girl on the planet. Daddy and Mom were totally embarrassing if they sang in public and Lulu always got everything. After the bomb the dynamic changed quite a bit, Delia became completely dependent on her father just to be there.

+personality/set 4=Fear of abandoment - Coming home to an empty house on the day of the bomb affected Delia more than she will ever let on. She was all alone for what seemed like forever, until her father got back from Seattle. Though she spent a few months hiding away in her room, she would panic if her father left the house without telling her.

+personality/set 5=Shoulder to cry on - Delia is very good at being a confidant and a friend to those in need. She's been on the short end of the stick and sympathizes with others when they feel like the weight of the world is wearing on them. She is a true friend once people take the time to get to know her.

+personality/set 6=Friends - Delia values every one of her friends, old and new. At times, she will go out of her way to make sure that everyone in her life knows exactly how much they mean to her. The greeting card business has never had it so good.

+personality/set 7=Charisma - Delia is very good at getting people to like her. She is genuinely friendly and nice and will go out of her way to try to make someone else feel good. While this wasn't always the case, Delia has learned that you gather more flies with honey than vinegar.

+personality/set 8=Competitive - All of her life Delia's been in competition with her older sister Lucille. She's always felt that she's been in Lucille's shadow; either not smart enough, not popular enough, not pretty enough. It only got worse when Lucille got a modeling contract and left for Paris.

+personality/set 9=Evolved - Fear/Somewhat intolerant, blames her mother's death on all evolved. This is an aspect of her personality that is hidden from most people, especially her father and sister, who are supportive of the evolved.

+personality/set 10=Denial - Not just a river in Egypt but a state that Delia lives in 24/7. The young woman is convinced that she's absolutely fine and has adjusted well to the loss of her mother. She's nothing like the mess her sister's become. While outwardly she may seem alright, there are still very visible signs that she's not and her suppression of the pain isn't really helping her to cope.



Goals and RP Hooks

  • Bike messenger - Fully bonded and licensed, Delia will deliver packages at a nominal fee. She works every evening Monday through Friday between the hours of 4pm and 9pm. The rate is a bit higher if you need her at other times.
  • Nursing student - Delia is a full time student at NYU, if you are a professor or student, you might see her rushing between classes or in the library trying to get her homework done.
  • Gym Membership - Every night after she's done working, Delia hits the weights to keep fit and trim. If you have one too, they could fight over an eliptical or stairmaster. Maybe chat over a juice.
  • Daughter of a Company man - If you know Ryans, you might know he's got two daughters. Delia is one of them!
  • ER - Delia volunteers at the hospital for a few hours every weekend. Being a student, she needs to get her clinicals done, what better way to have them signed off?
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