Dun Dun Dunnnn again.

(schematics included)

  • The schematics reveal a two customized collar designs for humans, outfitted with tracking, and an explosive charge that will employ if the collar is removed without being deactivated. One collar type (DELTA DRUG COLLAR) is built to deliver a periodic dosage of drugs.
  • There's also a copy of the original order signed by the client who contracted Lane Industries: Marilyn de Souza/Department of Homeland Security, back in 2009 (not long after Marilyn became Secretary of Homeland Security).
  • Under the same contract are designs for tasers recognizable as those carried by AP agents, body armour, gloves (to be resistant to various things: ice, fire, acid, etc.) and gas masks. Also, intense security systems.
  • All jobs are complete. All were approved and followed through on by Marcus Thomas Lane II. Dr. Raymond Walken's name is attached to these projects.
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