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@desc me=Standing a few inches shy of six feet, Edgar appears quite muscular and athletic. His strong jaw, lined with a patchy but well kept reddish beard, has an almost square edge. His dark blue eyes are lined with crows feet, visible when he squints in the light and especially when he flashes his brilliant smile. Dark hair, cut and styled into a faux hawk, highlights red under the sun. His skin is lightly tanned and weathered looking, thanks to all of the time he spends outdoors. His hands are calloused from years of hard use, though his fingers seem very dextrous and nimble.%r%rOn his upper left shoulder he has a tattoo fashioned into the shape of a Q that's built of glyphs. Edgar can usually be found wearing jeans, tight fitting shirts, and worn leather work boots. His clothing style is very relaxed, though his posture normally tense when around strangers.


Chapter 1 In the Beginning

My life hasn't always been about the Sullivans, the Carnival, or even knives. Once upon a time, I was a normal lad growin' up in a normal home. I had a dad an' a mum, I even had a brother. I attended school every day, had lessons and played games. I shared a bedroom with my brother on the second floor of a townhouse in the middle of Bradford. It was painted blue.

I was three when I discovered kickball, five when my parents first got me into Wushu (it's a form of Kung Fu), and seven when I got my first football (that's soccer to you Yanks). Oh how I loved football, my room was decorated with posters of all the best players, didn't matter which team they played for, I had a list of my own that I'd have put all on the same team. Their colors'd be green and orange, just like shamrocks an' tangerines.

It was right between my brother's an' my birthdays, I was about thirteen. We'd gotten excellent marks on our cards an' as a special outing, dad had got the whole family tickets to the football game. We were so excited, I don't think there were two boys with bigger smiles than us. There's not much else I want to say about it, just that it was the day my dad told me to run as fast as I could. I did. It was the last time I ever saw any of 'em.

They died in a fire caused by some faulty wiring in a crisp fryer. I don't like fire an' I don't like crisps. Go figure, eh?

Chapter 2 The Carnival

I ran, I ran far an' I ran fast. I ran until my legs felt like jelly an' then I ran some more. I didn't know where I was, out in the country somewhere because there was piles of hay everywhere. I just collapsed in one an' slept like I was one o' the dead.

If you've ever seen an English mornin' you know how gray an' dismal it is until the sun rises. It was just before that time, when the air looks purple from the mist mixed with the bit of light from pre-dawn. It was cold, so cold that I could feel the chill right down to my bones. I felt like I couldn't move an' I certainly couldn't move very fast. So I walked.

Now my shoes hadn't been too old, they were the new pair mum had bought for school. Leather an' unsuited for any kind of running but it seemed like whatever I did, it broke 'em. The leather was soft like a running shoe an' my feet, though blistered, felt like they were only in socks. It was in a hilly region, so the shoes were nice for climbin'. I might've only walked for about an hour when I crested the hill to see my first glimpse of it.

It was a whole village of tents, an' rides, I'd never seen anything so grand in my entire life. The sign read 'Sullivan Bros. Carnival', not brothers, bros. an' it was drawn like a compass. From the northern end I could smell somethin' completely heavenly. Since I hadn't had anythin' since before the fire, I thought maybe I could sneak away wi' some. It was sausage an' blueberry waffles, an' I was about to help myself to some when felt a hand come down on my shoulder. When I turned around, I saw Joseph Sullivan for the the first time with his brother Samuel right behind him.

Chapter 3 Lydia

I never left since that first mornin' an' four years later we found a new addition to the family. By that time Joseph had become a father to me an' Samuel somethin' between an uncle an' a brother. It was evenin' an' the rides were just fillin' up. She'd been with us for a few days, but Samuel'd been keepin' me so busy I hadn't had time to welcome her.

By this time I was pretty good at throwin' knives. I'd learn't from one of the best, but he'd retired to make room for me. Samuel said there's something about me that drew a crowd in, I never noticed. My act was over, an' it was time for the fire breathin' to start. I never stayed for those two, they made me nervous though I'd never say it aloud.

Her name was Lydia, an' she might have been the prettiest girl I ever saw in my life. She was sittin' by herself outside the wild little people exhibit. Now before I get into it, the thing you gotta understand about this one is that they aren't really wild but they are little. Most people don't understand, they think we're bein' cruel but we're not, we're just tryin' to make a livin' the best we we know how. Anyways, she had this really long hair the color of gold. In all the world I hadn't ever seen anyone as pretty as she was. I had to do somethin' right?

I guess she must'a liked the orange soda I shared with her, because she smiled. Then she thanked me for showin' her how to smile again, I didn't think she could ever forget. I told her the world'd be a sadder place if it were deprived of a smile such as hers. I meant it too. We stole the old hag's crystal ball that night an' rode the ferris wheel. I knew that night she'd be the one for me, I saw it in the future. I saw us.

It was soon after that she became my assistant and we were practically inseperable. We sat beside each other at breakfast, worked all day together. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Chapter 4 The Bomb

Life went on, it was ducky for the longest time. Lydia an' I grew up, she graduated from bein' my wheel girl to the new fortune teller. Again, Samuel'd made the decision, he said she was a draw for the young men. I didn't like that so much, but there's nothin' I could do about it. She couldn't be my assistant forever now, could she?

It was in November, though at the time I wasn't sure exactly what day it was. Could have been the first for all I knew, I never paid attention to calenders back then. Didn't have a need to. About a week after Halloween, because all the kids still had tons of candy they were tryin' to trade and pawn on each other. Remember when I was tellin' you about the Wild Little People? It was one of them that felt it. Amazin' thing she could do. I remember seein' a space movie when I was a lad and there was an old guy that felt a whole planet explode. I s'pose it was somethin' a lot like that.

I didn't care so much, you know? I had my family an' I didn't care so much for people on the outside. They weren't us, they weren't mine. I s'pose I should've cared or at least shown somethin' 'cause a while after that it really did start affectin' us.

Chapter 5 The Betrayal

It all started with something called the Linderman Act, again, I didn't pay it any mind. I wasn't plannin' on registerin' and if I'd known, I'd've done things much different. Samuel started gettin' agitated an' with good reason. You can't trust them out there, we were family, they didn't have anythin' to do with us. But when Samuel gets agitated, Joseph gets worried. I s'pose that's what started it all, Joseph couldn't tame the beast.

Joseph decided, against my better judgement, to go to DHS an' turn Samuel in. He said Sam was dangerous an' would get us all caught but you can't trust them, I told him. They don't care about the family. I should'a stopped him, I should'a warned Samuel but I didn't, I stayed quiet about it and minded my own business. I s'pose I got my penance when they came down.

It wasn't just Samuel they came to get, it was all of us. If there'd been a fire it'd be just like the football game all over again. This time I wasn't runnin' from anythin' I was runnin' to. I tried to save as many as I could, the children and the little people were the easiest, but I was lookin' for Lydia. She was the most important one.

DHS, if there's one thing I hate in this world, it's them. They treated us like animals, the unconscious were put in vans with caged windows, the dead were piled up. Somethin' in me broke. I wasn't holdin' back, not when Lydia could've been in one of them vans. I killed as many of them bastards as I could before they finally got me.

Chapter 6 Moab

There's no trial for people like us. No reason of self defense or what have you. I still didn't know if Lydia was among the ones that got snagged. They registered me an' put in a jail in this place called Moab. It was hell, torture. I was injected every mornin' with these chemicals that stopped me from runnin', the very thing my dad had told me to do. I started to hate.

I hated DHS, I hated this place they put me in, I hated the guards, I hated Joseph… I still hate Joseph. This was all his fault, it couldn've all been avoided. If he'd listened to what Samuel had to say, if he'd took a look at what they did to us. We aren't animals. I'm not an animal. I never wanted to be a killer, I was defendin' my family.

Days turned to months turned to years. I don't know exactly how long I was in there before the day came that I knew for sure that I'd found redemption for everythin' I'd done. Some of the guards would bring magazines in, little bits of fluff to read to keep us busy an' entertained. I hated readin' but I needed somethin' to do to keep me busy else I go completely mad.

I didn't read. Didn't care to. I did juggle though, I'd rip out the pages and crumple them up into balls and toss 'em. Times like that, I could close my eyes and feel like I was back with my family. I don't know what made me pick that particular magazine up, but I was tearin' through the back pages when I saw it. This little picture maybe two by two inches of a woman's back in black an' white. There she was, Lydia, my Lydia. I couldn't see her face, but I knew it was her. She was safe, she hadn't been captured.

After that, the time became a little more bearable. I tore out the page, just like all the rest, but that little tattoo advert, I picked that part out and I kept it. I still have it, it's old, faded, but I can see her clear, like the time I saw her.

Chapter 7 The Escape

If you were to ask me now, how long I spent in that place, I still wouldn't be able to say. At the time, it felt like a lifetime. I was penned up like an animal, like one of the wild little people during their act. If the family ever comes together again, you can be sure I won't be makin' fun of 'em sittin' in a cage all day.

I don't know how it started, but it was in the middle of the night. At first I thought Samuel was comin' to get me, but it'd been too long. I'm fairly sure they'd all believed me dead. Back to it though, like I said, at first I thought it was Samuel but then all these strangers started pourin' in. They were fightin' with the guards an' settin' all of us free. Because of the drugs, I still couldn't run but there was somethin' wrong. I was in my cell yellin' at someone to get me out an' the next thing I know, I was in the middle of nowhere.

If you notice a recurrin' theme, it's that I don't know what day or even time it is. I can tell you if it's mornin', noon, or night, time for meals because it's when I get hungry. I wasn't hungry, so it couldn't have been a mealtime. The sun was high in the sky, so it was midday. I had my jumper from Moab on, the picture of Lydia was still in my pocket. That's the only thing I was concerned about.

Chapter 8 What Now Then?

I didn't know when or where I woke up, I thought it was night when all hell broke lose in there. It was day now and it was hot. I still couldn't run, so the chemicals hadn't worn off yet. The scar on my neck is going to be there forever, always remindin' me of where I was.

Turns out, I was in Mexico. Don't drink the water, a lesson learned an' understood a little too late. I was finally free an' I could feel the injections wearin' off. Everythin' in me ached to run as far and as fast as I could an' not look back. It took two days from the minute I woke up to be runnin'. I ran across the border, I ran up to Canada, I ran everywhere. I was lookin' for Lydia an' I wasn't bein' too smart about it.

I was in Florida for some reason or another. I like Florida, nice an' warm without bein' too hot. Lots of fool people willin' to give away their money for a chance to strike it rich. I got myself some fake identification, kept them uniforms off my back. They caught me once, they could catch me again, I had to be careful if I ever wanted to see Lydia again. They have these things called social security numbers, jus' like social identification numbers, I s'pose. The man I bought it from wasn't brighter than a burnt bulb. He gave me papers for Augusto Hernandez, I don' even look Hispanic.

He said it was fine, to keep my head down an' no one'll even check. Problem with that is, the first job I got was with this baseball team. I was jus' lookin' to pick up towels or whatever the assistant coach does. Then they saw me play an' put me in as a sub. Next thing I know I'm playin' on the regular. Outfield though, an' I'm not talkin' to no one tryin' to make a deal an' no cameras please.


+skills/set 1=%r[ansi(y,Knife Throwing -)] Edgar had a knife throwing act at the Sullivan Bros Carnival. Over the course of years traveling with them he became an expert and wielding those weapons towards various targets. He is proficient to the point where he can hit a lime-sized target from twenty feet away.

+skills/set 2=%r[ansi(y,Fighting -)] His parents saw him as athletic and needing an outlet so at age five they signed him up to learn Wushu, a form of martial combat. He never perfected the art, but managed to earn his brown belt before losing his family to the fire.

+skills/set 3=%r[ansi(y,Grifting -)] Living at a Carnival is a tricky business. Running games that are essentially unwinnable while making it fun and exciting is even trickier. Through this life, Edgar learned to essentially talk out of both sides of his mouth, living and thriving in dishonesty where necessary.

+skills/set 4=%r[ansi(y,Athletics -)] Edgar is strong, something that doesn't come from his ability. Because of his ability he has been able to pick up quite a few sports and be rather good at them, particularly fastball. The list of sports he has picked up include (but not inclusive) are: baseball, football, basketball, soccer, rugby, cricket, and running/sprinting (of course).

+skills/set 5=%r[ansi(y,Hand Eye Coordination -)] Knife throwing, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, rugby, and cricket all have a key component in common: hand-eye coordination. Edgar was born with incredibly accurate coordination in this way. He has excellent aim and can successfully hit targets from a fair way's away.

+skills/set 6=%r[ansi(y,Knife Fighting -)] Thanks to his experience around knives, his Wushu training, and his ability, Edgar is adept at fighting with knives. When necessary he will use this particular skill to the detriment of others. His precision is to the millimeter when it comes to cutting things up. He knows how deep and how long a cut can be before it will kill a person. He also knows where to cut when he wants to kill someone quickly.

+skills/set 7=%r[ansi(y,Juggling -)] Living at a Carnival so long meant picking up even more talents. Early on Edgar learned to juggle with fruit. Once he'd perfected that, he moved onto scarves, and eventually once he'd become an experienced knife thrower, he learned to juggle with knives. When the Carnival had been broken up, he was practicing juggling axes.

+skills/set 8=%r[ansi(y,Thievery -)] Slick hands, a survivor attitude, general quickness, and his sly demeanor make Edgar an ideal thief. He can easily take things without being detected or complete tasks like he was never really there. This is all thanks to years of practicing with his ability.


+personality/set 1=%r[ansi(y,Loyal -)] Edgar might be considered loyal to a fault, standing beside his family especially in complete turmoil. While he sticks behind those he's loyal to, he also has limits once he feels too many lines have been crossed. The problem? He's usually compromised too much of himself before he realizes that the very lines he set have already been crossed.

+personality/set 2=%r[ansi(y,Obedient -)] Thanks to his loyalty, Edgar is very obedient. Though a particular order might be met with a question or two, that is usually to garner the wisdom behind the decision. He only follows the order of those he has put in a position of trust. As a child, it was his father and mother. When he was found by the carnival, it was Joseph and Samuel. After he met Lydia, she was added to the list. At one point in time or another, he has trusted each of those people with his life and the life of his family. Lesser men might question why.

+personality/set 3=%r[ansi(y,Stubborn -)] Where many would waver and wilt, Edgar is steadfast. When he is set on a course, it takes something fairly extreme to change his mind. His stubborn nature is a great attributing factor to most of his personality aspects. Edgar would not be as steadfast or as loyal of a companion were he not so driven to keep things to his own status quo.

+personality/set 4=%r[ansi(y,Mistrust of Strangers -)] Even before the Carnival broke up, Edgar was wary around anyone new. It takes him a while to warm up to a stranger, even when they are close with family. This could stem from his extreme loyalty and over protective nature. Due to this, Edgar gives off a very surly impression to those he first meets.

+personality/set 5=%r[ansi(y,Distrust of Legal Authority -)] The law hasn’t been good to Edgar. He regards them like a hillbilly regards the internet, they're the devil. Because of a deal with DHS, his family was broken up and he, along with a few other members, went to prison. Thanks to the PHEONIX raid on MoaB, he was set free along with quite a number of other evolveds. Consequently, he doesn't warm up to anyone in a suit, holding a badge, and/or holding a gun or taser. He won't even talk around them.

+personality/set 6=%r[ansi(y,Over Protective -)] Along with his loyalty to his connections, Edgar is protective of those he’s closed to including friends and family. Having lost everything at a young age, he learned to protect what he does have. When he feels incapable or inadequate in this way, it results in anger. While he does have a conscience, he will do anything to protect his family, including killing. All it really takes is the right words or push in the right direction and Edgar will use his ability and skills in a very deadly manner.

+personality/set 7=%r[ansi(y,Betrayed -)] Edgar blames Joseph for everything that happened. Before the raid, Edgar was a confidant and right hand man to both Joseph and Samuel, he thought of them as brothers as they were closer than cousins or friends. After the raid resulted in Samuel's death, Edgar's imprisonment, and the loss of Lydia, Edgar couldn't find it in himself to forgive Joseph for what happened. It is very likely that he would try to kill Joseph if he ever saw him again.

+personality/set 8=%r[ansi(y,Fear of Fire -)] While it's not a phobia, Edgar doesn't feel comfortable around fire. His ability manifested during a fire that killed his family in his teens. Anything smaller than a match or lighter makes him nervous. During his time with the carnival, when it was his turn to build the fire for meals, he would gather the wood and make the stack but would always leave the actual lighting and tending to his partner. This isn't something most people noticed but Joseph and Lydia seemed to know that it made him uneasy.

+personality/set 9=%r[ansi(y,One True Love -)] Lydia, Edgar would do anything for her. Since looking into the crystal ball fourteen years ago and seeing their grown up kiss, Edgar has known that Lydia is the only woman for him. He will do everything in his power to protect her and make her happy. It was this concern for her that got him caught by DHS as he stayed behind looking for her during the raid. He never faults her for his capture, he did it to protect her and would do it again and again. Before anyone else, above everything else, it's Lydia. For Edgar, every poem, every song, and every painting, begins and ends with her.


Edgar's ability of superhuman speed isn't reduced to simply running. He is so adept at using his ability that he is capable of moving a single body part at an accelerated speed while the rest of him remains at normal. This allows him to snatch objects from the air that are traveling up to the same speed he can run (700mph)

  • Superhuman speed - Edgar completes everyday tasks in less time when compared to others. No matter what kind of activity he's doing, if it involves physical activity, he can finish it in a fraction of the time anyone else could.
  • Projectile - Edgar is able to throw objects faster than the eye can perceive them, so quickly in fact, that it's unknown anything was thrown until it hits its target.
  • Snatch - Edgar has quick hands that can pluck relatively small objects without being detected. The accuracy and speed with which he can do this varies depending on the size and weight of the object; obviously, the larger the object, the more difficult the tast.
  • Meep Meep! - Edgar can run at speeds up to 700 miles per hour. In short bursts it renders him practically invisible, such as, if he's moving a single body part. If his whole body is moving, the air is blurred in his wake along with the displacement of air.
  • I Said Brrr! - Edgar hates the cold, it slows him down in more ways than one. For his ability, the cold slows his heartrate and metabolism, which is turn affects his speed. Another thing that it affects is that he is unable to wear lightweight clothing, heavier gear that's made for cold is too bulky and uncomfortable for running. Friction in heavy clothing also runs the risk of fire.
  • STOP YIELD! - Unlike Daphne's superhuman speed, Edgar does not simply slow down if time is stopped around him. He stops as well. Should his power be negated, he moves at normal speed. Without his ability, Edgar's accuracy is actually worse because he still tries to compensate for being superfast.

Goals and RP Hooks

  • Sullivan Brothers - You may have seen his act while the carnival was still operational or maybe you were a carnie and know him personally.
  • DHS - You may be one of the people that split up his family or sent him up river.
  • MOAB - Were you a detainee there and maybe recognize him from an opposite cell. Maybe you were part of the raid that set him free.
  • Fugitive - Did he run into you (literally or not) while on the run after his escape.
  • Minor Leagues - Are you a fan of baseball? Maybe you've seen Edgar playing in the minors as the media shy outfielder, Augusto Hernandez.
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