Portrayed by Audrey Hepburn
Fullname Eliza Marie Bordelon
Birthday March 13
Species Vampire
Age 33 (27)
Height 5'2"
Weight 97lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Gambler

Claim to Fame

Eliza is a well known gambler in every casino in Shreveport. In some she has a bad reputation, in some she has a good one but all of them know that somewhere along the line her notes get picked up.

Character Details

Eliza is fairly standoffish and suspicious of strangers though she will warm up quickly should a new friend have something entertaining to offer. She will bet on anything, from cards, to dice, to how many previews are shown before a movie. She is a rather generous winner and a very poor loser, so most her friends are fair weather. This suits her just fine as she doesn't stick around anyone that she might think is bad luck. Eliza is a very private person, she doesn't divulge much of her own information, preferring to gossip about others.

Rules of Eliza

1 Know when to hold them
2 Know when to fold them
3 Know when to walk away
4 Know when to run
5 Never count your money when you're sitting at the table, there's time enough for counting when the dealings done


Name Relation Notes
randy.jpg Randy Pearson Friendly Though she hasn't signed a contract, Randy is Eliza's personal trainer. She doesn't know what she'll get out of it yet, but he's entertaining enough. She probably owes him a beer or two.
matilda.jpg Matilda Marsh Friendly The two met in the lobby of the Strand one night when Eliza was stood up for a date. Rather than stand around alone, the pair struck up a conversation and ended up watching the movie together.
ivy.jpg Ivy_Greenwood Friendly Ivy was almost eaten by a bear and Eliza was a hero, they have been meeting in different bars ever since. The flighty doctor is nice enough, but she talks all funny.

Additional Photos

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Personal Logs

Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Strippers and Vampires and Bears, oh my! April 23, 2004 August 18, 2009 Eliza is judging the horse and pony show when Hyde enters the fray.
Hold the Onions April 26, 2004 August 23, 2009 Eliza meets Randy for a late dinner or is it an early morning snack?
The Shreveport Fangers vs. The Bayou Bears May 15, 2004 September 4, 2009 An innocent basketball game between Hyde and Eliza is ruined when someone unwittingly invites a mascot that seems more hell bent on destruction than cheering the home team on. Poor Ivy gets caught in the middle.
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