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Manhattan says, “If we want to turn something with an slightly fantasy bend to it into a more sci-fi element, we change around the particulars of this ability and instead create something more unique.

Instead of being a reflection, what if we went with a variation of the same effect that Clara Francis takes advantage of, the Quantum Zeno effect. This works along the ideas of the observer effect and the concept of Shroedinger's Cat, that something unobserved may not exist in the simplest of explanations. Let's take that a step further and change the nature of her ability. I have not read her App so I do not know how she died, but a safe guess for me would be in the bomb.

Imagine a reflexive ability that put Samara "out of phase" with the rest of the world, like Noriko's plot she never ever ran (and we could maybe recycle for this character). There's an atomic flash, the blast wave comes, and survival instinct kicks in and Samara is literally blown apart into finite molecules. In reality, she is phased just a step out of "synch" with the world everyone else sees.

However (and this is where the sci-fi elements really come in) areas of refracting light are her window into the real world. Light in general is about the reflection of photons against any one particular surface including solid objects exhibiting specular reflection.

In layman's terms, Samara is such a phased object that light does not reflect off of her and thus she is not observable and also intangible. She exists like a nearly literal ghost, she can pass through solid objects and needn't adhere to gravity since she is no longer beholden to it, able to move up and down through objects as well at a pace no faster than a person could run in real life (about 5 to 10 mph). Movement would be a wholly mental exercise, so she could still get "fatigued" like a normal person from the mental strain of needing to move around and be locomotive.

Samara only becomes visible under specific conditions. Since her body is out of phase she is a trick of the eye requiring Specular Reflection to be seen, just like the player wishes. Since she is an intangible physical force, we needn't decide how fast she can move from mirror to mirror since she basically behaves like an ordinary (unseen and unfelt) person in movement.

Furthermore, since she is defined by specular reflection and viewing surfaces, this allows for technological viewing devices to interface with her like analogue and digital cameras as well as photokinetics, who — at least Colette — could define her body by creating specular reflection around where she physically is (or virtual mirror surfaces to show her in).

Also characters like Jonas (with his spectrum vision) could perceive her on some far removed frequency, etc.

On to telekinesis! Or— not!

It's not telekinesis, it's ~effort~.

Like how movement is a concerted physical effort, so too can Samara exert her will on the physical world by trying to will herself back into corporeality. By concentrating and focusing herself and also putting some wear and tear on her mind, Samara could become slightly more corporeal (but still not visible to the naked eye) and exert enough force to move objects that weigh less than one pound. Therefore she could open and close doors, move papers, maybe lift a pencil and ghost it around a room. But she could not lift a gun and fire it, or likewise things.

Furthermore, straining to do this should be extremely taxing on her, something that she only does once a day without making herself useless. Also, since she can be mentally fatigued, Samara would still need a sleep cycle, possibly sometimes "drifting" or floating away from where she sleeps since she isn't corporeal, which gives her whole new options for RP that allow her to unexpectedly be anywhere in the city when she wakes up. "Oh god where am I!?"

In review:

In this design of the ability she's a type of phaser who pushed herself too far and now can't get solid again. It's literally too much effort to phase back, and since she's out of phase she can't take something like Amp or benefit from augmentation to give her that extra kick to get her corporeal again. So in order to get her body back, she would need to be brought back from where she is. Someone would need to go get her.

I also would imagine her ability interacts well with other phasers. When phasing they can see her like a ghost-like figure, since most phasers are still visible. So they're "half" in synch with her, and could manhandle her as well as an ordinary person could manhandle a bowl of jello.”
Manhattan says, “take in mind that I have not read the rest of Samara's stuff, so I don't know what her manifestation moment was, which may color some of my choices. But we can discuss that after you've read.”
Manhattan says, “also one of the terms I mentioned:
You say, “That is like perfect!”
You say, “I figured she never really died, it's just her ability kicked in and she thought she died.”
Manhattan laughs!
Manhattan slouch back, wipe sweat off of forehead
Lydia :D
You say, “I seriously love it! And I was aiming to be able to interact with others — I love the bit about waking up elsewhere!”
Manhattan says, “Now I just kind've did some poking at the background, and noticed you had Samara's manifestation moment come after a tragic fall. It would be hard to relate her disappearance into death there, in Lanny's eyes, with an obvious lack of body. I don't know what timetable you guys had, but if you moved her "death" up to the november 8 2006 explosion”
Manhattan says, “You could have her be one of the many bomb victims who, rather obviously, don't have much in the line of remains left to scrape together”
Manhattan says, “Maybe she was on the phone with lanny, talking to her in Times Square, then FOOF.”
Manhattan says, “That's /one/ idea at least, I'm sure you and Lanny can come up with an alternative too”
You say, “Hmmm. The only thing is do I need to come up with a reason why Lanny can see her, etc? Otherwise the bomb is good.”
Manhattan says, “Well, given the writeup on here, Samara could technically allow anyone to see and hear her, since she is always visible in reflections. Unless Lanny was supposed to be able to see and hear her /regardless/ of reflections.”
Manhattan says, “In which case, one idea might be having Lanny present with her at the explosion in Midtown and Samara basically tried to throw herself around her friend to protect her, and wound up dragging her with her with her phasing. It only lasted briefly and maybe Lanny lost conscious from shock and was found by rescue crews, spent some time in the hospital recovering from radiation sickness and stuff and was a miraculous case of survival. If you go that route it would be good to move it a little bit further away from Times Square so rescue workers could get to her on day 1.”
Manhattan says, “Then ever since that exposure to Samara's power, something about Lanny has been "out of synch" and she can see Lanny.”
Manhattan says, “or something? I'm not sure exactly how that would fly, of course, of if that's exactly what you want.”

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