Fun In The Zon

The reason Dee went to the nearby pond near camp was to collect some water for the others, and then maybe wash her clothes. With the water collected in a handful of bottles they managed to take from the wreckage, Dee took off her shirt and threw it into the water.

She turned her back for maybe ten seconds to fish through her bag for a bar of soap. Somehow, someway, in that ten seconds, some sort of giant fish mistook her shirt for something to eat, and, long story short, it's hooked in its mouth like some eerie underwater ghost, and Dee is standing in the pond with the sharpest stick she can find, trying to spear it. For a giant-ass fish, it sure is fast, and resiliant to spearing.

Meanwhile, Dee's clothed in nothing but a sports bra and cutoff jean shorts. Her knee's wrapped tightly, which minimises the pain. It leaves a lot of scarring visible, both on the leg and across her belly, but that doesn't seem to bother her. What bothers her is that a god-damned carp stole her god-damned shirt.

She readies another stab, there's a huge splash, and the 'spear' once more comes up empty. The fish swims further into the pond.


"Nice look!" comes the call from the trees. It's a little husky but not as deep as Mark's, also there's no accent so it can't be Poco.

From a large frond of leaves steps Cody, dressed in similar attire and carrying a thin spear. Her bright orange bikini top has become muddied and faded over their small stretch of time and her cargo shorts have taken on a dingy palor. To protect her precious feet, she's still in her wool/cotton sock combo and combat boots. "Hey look, there's a fish wearing a shirt!"

She angles the makeshift weapon in her hand and lets it fly. It arcs in an elegant arch before whistling down and…


"Shit, missed…" she says in a jovial tone. As she pulls the boots and socks off her feet, she keeps a sharp eye on her floating stick. "Nice place you got here."


"It's not wearin' it, it's tryna eat it!" Dee laments. "An' I'm attached to that one, too. Stole it fair an' square from someone else when th' plane went down. An' I want it back." Really, it's just the principle of the thing. She's not going to walk back to camp and tell everyone that she needs another shirt, because hers was stolen by a fish.

Suddenly, INCOMING SPEAR. Also suddenly, KERSPLASH, Dee is in the water up to her shoulders.

"JESUS. JESUS," I'm standin' right here! At least gimme a warnin' before you— were you aimin' for the fish, or me?" She pushes herself back to her feet before she gets more leeches where she doesn't want them, and eyes Cody's floating stick. "This thing is smart. I can almost make sense of what's goin' on in its 'ead. But it's got me shirt and it won't give the bloody thing — BACK." Using her own makeshift spear, she slams it down on the surface of the water as the fish swims closer… Then retreats again. It's teasing her.

Dee would be glad to ask nicely if she spoke Fish. Perhaps after this trip, she'll start the slow, arduous process of communicating with them, like she learned to talk to reptiles. Then again, what would she talk to a fish about? Water temperatures?


"Calm down Doctor Dolittle, I was aiming for the fish." Cody's good natured ribbing may or may not have come at a good time to the woman who just might be stuck wearing a bra for the rest of the trip. Stripping off her shorts, it's plain to see that her entire ensemble has definitely seen better days. The once cheerful bikini bottoms have faded from too much exposure and the material has started pilling on her rear.


The soldier makes her dive into the water and resurfaces about ten feet away from the shirt eating fish. "If I had some food I could make a net… but food's pretty scarce nowadays." She's been going hungry to save for everyone else. On Cody it's more than noticeable. Not only has her stomach been growling nonstop, she hasn't grown a wisp of hair in days.

"So what else did you scavenge from the crash? You're not wearing one of Poco's thongs, are you?" The way Cody's got one of her brows quirked can be construed as the woman not knowing entirely which way to guess. It's true, they're all a little short on clothing but could anyone share a thong with Poco?


Well, Dee has a couple more shirts in her pack, but only that. Most of the space is reserved for their medical supplies. It's practical - no one should wear wet clothes if they can help it, not in the rainforest. There's just too much of a chance for fungal rot to set in to take a chance like that. Still, losing one of the only articles of clothing she has would be kind of a tragedy. As it is, she often wears layers to save room in her pack, despite the heat.

"Yeah, sorry. Bit of a Catch-22, in a way. If we had the fish, we'd 'ave food. But to catch the fish, we need a net. And to make a net, we need your hair." That's not odd to say at all. Some people have just come to accept the weird as normal. In Dee's opinion, the quicker you get used to the fact that people can and will have strange talents, the better. Hefting her stick again, and waiting for the mud to clear, she takes aim again, but the fish darts right between her legs, and she — once more — finds herself in the water. "Bloody thing is hearin' my thoughts," she mutters. Or it's seeing pictures in her head of what she's intending to do. Some animals seem to communicate better that way. "It knows. Either that or it's the smartest god-damned fish on the whole god-damned planet. Give me my shirt!"

Submerging for a moment, she decides to try an underwater attack. It's big askew eyes stare at her, deeply into her very soul. Or not.

When she surfaces, she pushes her hair out of her face and looks at Cody. "Dear god, man. I'm no' that desperate. I wouldnae wish that on my worst enemy." She pauses, looks at Cody's outfit, and a smile quirks at the corner of her mouth. "Are you? I could see 'im in that."


"I've been sharing a bunk with Jo, trying to keep her dry. So no, Poco hasn't had a chance to get into my shorts yet." Cody says rather seriously. The woman's fever finally broke and the antibiotics seemed to be doing the trick, for now. Hopefully they'll last through to when they finally hit civilization.

Swimming over to her makeshift spear, the bald woman picks it up and hefts it to her shoulder. Using a technique she's only seen in National Geographic, she waits and waits and waits until she spies a rather large bass headed in her direction. At least she thinks it's a bass.

With great care, she waits until it's almost between her legs before she stabs downward with the spear and then she lets out a yelp of surprise. "Oh crap! I almost got my foot!!"


"I meant are you wearin' one of 'is thongs, woman." Dee laughs, shaking her head. Through the whole conversation, she's keeping her eye on that large fish with her shirt. She wants it back, dammit! "Look, y'won't way anythin' to the others if I can't get this shirt back, yeah? We can make something up, like I gave it to a passin' … monk." There are monks in the Amazon. Really.

When Cody hefts the spear, the word 'wait' is on the tip of her tongue, but it's too late. "Hey!" Dee yells after the splash. Unfortunately for her, this means that her shirt-stealing carp-bass-whatever is spooked into swimming further away. She gives it a narrow-eyed glare. "Yeh, careful. I find holdin' it underwater an' waitin' for the fish to swim close— Well, I guess that 'asn't gotten me better results at all, has it? I'm still oh-for… A hundred now?" Frustrated, she plunks her spear down to the bottom of the pond, makes a face, and then pulls it up.

There's a fish stuck to the end of it.

Dee seems torn between screaming in frustration and laughing in amazement, because she didn't want this one. "Well you didn't steal my shirt!" she finally manages as she stares into the dying eyes of the rapidly expiring creature. Almost angrily, she holds the whole stick out to Cody. "'Ere. Have some sushi. Lots of bloody protein. See if you can make that net you were talkin' about earlier."

Of course, she's not entirely serious. But with all she's seen Cody wolf down these past few days, she honestly wouldn't e surprised.


Taking the dead fish in hand, Cody gives it a rather dubious look before glancing up at Dee. "I could get some kind of parasite, at least with spiders and bugs you know you're not going to get worms crawling out of your ass a few days later. While I normally wouldn't have a problem with it… I kind of do without a drug store around."

The fish though, it's brought back to shore and laid out on a flat rock for later.

Upon wading back into the shallows, Cody's sharp eyes spot a bit of white darting through the water. "Hey there it is!!" She makes her dive and with a fantastic belly flop comes up with a struggling fish in her arms. "I go — Oooo!!!" The shirt tears and the fish lands back in the water leaving half of it in Cody's hand. "Oops?"


"Hey, mosquitoes can carry worms," Dee points out helpfully, though she doesn't press the point, as she wouldn't eat a raw fish out here, either. Or anywhere. Ew.

Cody spots the huge fish before Dee does, but before she can ask how the hell it managed to get behind her without her seeing it, Cody's diving under the water to get it. Though not too hopeful about the outcome of this endeavor, Dee is hopeful, at least. The pond isn't that huge. The fish can't get away. They'll get the shirt one way or another … !

Or, you know, half of it. Dee's shoulders slump, and she brings her hand to her forehead. Wonderful; now she's down a shirt. "I think I'd be angrier if tha' weren't so incredible," she says. "That bastard is fast. I'm honestly surprised you caught 'im at all." Maybe he was too busy paying attention to Dee to notice the hairless woman creeping up behind him. "Ah, well. Just clothing, aye? At least it didn't get the soap."


Holding the raggy piece of cloth out to Dee, Cody gives her a lopsided smile and shrugs. "I wasn't aiming for the fish, I was just trying to catch the shirt." The rest of the shirt and the fish are quickly streaking away to deeper parts of the pond. "Well the good news is, you could use it as a bandage or something."

Picking up her spear again, the bald woman stakes out a piece of water that isn't so murky. "What if we used the shirt to catch minnows? I bet I could catch fish without a problem if I had bait."

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