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@lock/user:Use Hallis=me
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@ALIAS Hallis=Hal
@set Hallis/ALIAS=no_command visual prefixmatch
&ALIGNMENT Hallis=Gray
&BACKGROUND#1 Hallis=Hallis is your stereotypical Poor Little Rich Girl. Born in July 1987, she was to be the only child of James Van Cortlandt and Katherine (Kitty) Reed-Van Cortlandt. Though James yearned for more children She spent the first few years of her life with her parents in their penthouse on the upper East side of Manhattan. Summers and weekends were spent in Westchester where her grandmother owned a large estate in Purchase, NY.
&BACKGROUND#2 Hallis=Her travails in life began when Hallis was 3. To correct a lisp, her parents hired a private tutor and the little girl began learning French. At the age of five, Hallis began her formal education at the Spence School in New York City, a prestigious academy that caters to the upper crust of America. It was a hard life. For instance, Hallis became fast friends with many of the other girls but it became quickly apparent that Cecily Thorpe was top dog in their social circle, courtesy of her father's larger bank account. But Hallis didn't let that bother her too much. She recognized that sometimes in life there must be sacrifices, and she was better than the *other* girls, after all.
&BACKGROUND#3 Hallis=In junior high, further disruptions arrived, proving to Hallis that hers was not to be an easy existence. Enter Soleil, a popular teen movie star, newly arrived at the school who displaced even Cecily from her place in the social pecking order. Hallis had no other choice but to turn to drugs and alcohol to soothe her aching heart. It was fortunate for her that Soleil had introduced the social set to the substances, it meant that everyone else was picking up those habits too. There was peace for a time, but when Soleil was suddenly busted by the paparazzi and sent to rehab, everyone's parents were on the look-out for signs of substance abuse amongst the princesses. No one was spared and Hallis was subjected to the humiliation of a private therapist. Even he didn't understand.
&BACKGROUND#4 Hallis=The lack of sympathy for her plight forced Hallis's hand. As the clique moved into their late teens, pain pills and Dom Perignon became hard liquor and heroine. The only bright spot in the wasted plane of early adulthood was that it was no longer chic to have a child in therapy; the regular visits with the dour Doctor Reynolds ended and the princess' parents once more turned a blind eye to their carousing.
&BACKGROUND#5 Hallis=It was unfortunate that the heavy hand of malicious fate hovered over her, and it was only a matter of time before bad went to truly bad…or maybe not as bad as it could have been but still pretty terrible. It's true, Hallis could have had her driver take her to the club that night, but chauffeurs were so last year. It is also true that she'd had a little pick me up before getting behind the wheel, but what girl didn't? The party was going to be /huge/ and she'd slept badly the night before! Honestly, she felt horrible when she struck and killed that dark haired boy. Discovering that he was a Latino from Yonkers alleviated some of her guilt, and it was a puzzle to her that others didn't seem to feel the same way. After all, there's always another poor person to take his place, right?
&BACKGROUND#6 Hallis=Truly, it was her lot in life to be misunderstood and to be taken advantage of. Naturally, Daddy's money was enough to make certain all charges were brought against Hallis were acquitted but then he had the gall to inform her that he was cutting back her allowance. Over a little brown boy from /Yonkers/! Showing himself to be a heartless creature, Daddy insisted: she would be allowed a small apartment in Greenwich Village and would be expected to find employment to finance the other aspects of her life.
&BACKGROUND#7 Hallis=It was a horror. But Hallis was a fighter. She dragged herself up by the Jimmy Choos to dabble in modeling, acting, designing, and was even courted for her own reality show. It was hard going though; in her heart of hearts, she knew Daddy had never intended for her to even consider becoming "hired help", which limited the options open to her. Of all the people in her life, only her Grandmother still seemed to have any love for poor put-upon Hallis. An open heart and an open wallet. It's true, it wasn't as much as Hallis was accustomed to but beggars certainly can't be choosers. Right?
&BB_READ Hallis=28I 29C 29L 2AF 2B0 2B8 2BM 2C3 2C8 2CR 2CV 2CX 2CY 2G3 2JL 2LB 2LH 2LS 2LT 2NJ 2OY 2Q9 2QF 2S6 2S7 2SA 2SD 2SE 2SF 2SH 2SL 2SM 2SO 2SR 2SS 2SU 2SW 2SX 2SY 2SZ 2T0 2T5 2T6 2T7 2T8 2T9 2TA 2TE 2TF 2TG 2TH 2TI 2TM 2TN 2TP 2TT 2TU 2TV 2TW 2U0 2U2 2UA 2UI 2UJ 2UO 2UR 2US 2UV 2UW 2UX 2UY 2V1 2V3 2V4 2V6 2V7 2V8 2VA 2VB 2VI 2VN 2VU 2W0 2W1 2W2 2W5 2W6 2W7 2W8 2W9 2WA 2WB 2WC 2WD 2WE 2WF 2WG 2WH 2WI 2WJ 2WK 2WL 2WM 2WN 2WO 2WP 2WQ 2WR 2WS 2WT 2WU 2WV 2WW 2WX 2WY 2WZ 2X0 2X1 2X2 2X3 2X4 2X5 2X6 2X7 2X8 2X9 2XA 2XB 2XC 2XD 2XE 2XF 2XG 2XH 2XI 2XJ 2XK 2XL 2XM 2XN 2XO 2XP 2XQ 2XR 2XS 2XT 2XU 2XV 2XW 2XX 2XY 2XZ 2Y0 2Y1 2Y2 2Y3 2Y4 2Y5 2Y6 2Y7 2Y8 2Y9 2YA 2YB 2YC 2YD 2YE 2YF 2YG 2YH 2YI 2YJ 2YK 2YL 2YM 2YN 2YO 2YP 2YQ 2YR 2YS 2YT 2YU 2YV 2YW 2YX 2YY 2YZ 2Z0 2Z1 2Z2 2Z3 2Z6 2Z7 2Z8 2Z9 2ZD 2ZG 2ZH 2ZI 2ZL 2ZM 2ZO 2ZP 2ZQ 2ZS 2ZT 2ZW
@set Hallis/BB_READ=no_command
&CMD_FAKEROLL Hallis=$+fakeroll */*:@emit [ansi(hy,GAME:)] %n has rolled [ansi(hb,ucstr(%0))] and got a result of [ansi(hr,ucstr(%1))]
@DESCRIBE Hallis=Soft champagne colored hair falls loosely like a torrent of rapids to the middle of her back. Waif thin arms lead to silky hands which often move with the grace of a dancer. Perfectly shaped eyebrows playfully arch over thick lashes that frame her dark blue eyes. She wears her mood in those eyes and they are as cold as Arctic ice. Delicate and willowy, her diminutive frame stretches just a little over five feet tall and usually fitted with the latest in designer styles. Not a blemish can be seen on her flawless alabaster skin, save a beauty mark on her right cheek. Like a white moth against a starlit sky, her skin seems to glow against whatever backdrop she is near. Her full lips are always painted in a neutral tone, offsetting the dark liner around her eyes.
@set Hallis/DESCRIBE=no_command visual prefixmatch public nearby
&FINGER_POWER Hallis=Pradakinesis
&FING_ACTOR Hallis=Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen
&FING_AGE Hallis=20
&FING_FULLNAME Hallis=Hallis Lizette Van Cortlandt
&FING_POWER Hallis=Pradakinesis
&FING_PROFILE Hallis=Hallis is a spoiled trust fund baby who's been cut off by her father for reasons that still anger the general populace. She has no motives other than a good time or to keep herself in good fashion. Wherever there's a hot party, she will likely be found… usually at the bottom of a bottle or the end of a white line. She is everything one would expect of a girl raised with a silver spoon in her mouth.
&FING_QUOTE Hallis="Everyone knows that it's not addiction if it's prescription."
&FING_SPECIES Hallis=Human
&FING_THEMESONG Hallis=Electric Barbarella
&FING_WIKI Hallis=http://heroesmush.wikidot.com/hallis
&IC-OOC Hallis=OOC
@LAST Hallis=Sun Dec 13 10:56:51 2009
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@MAILCURF Hallis=0
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&OOCCOLOR1 Hallis=hb
&OOCCOLOR2 Hallis=hb
&PERSONALITY#1 Hallis=A spoiled child in the body of a young woman, Hallis is the very essence of hedonism. If one was to say she was brought up, they would be using the term loosely due to the fact that the girl spent less time in the care of her parents than in the bottom of a bottle or at the end of a white line. She is vapid, self-involved, pleasure-seeking, shallow but most of all pitiable. For over the years, she has developed a sense of self that borders on tragic. Nothing could ever be her fault.
&PERSONALITY#2 Hallis=The friends that Hallis has are the same ones she's had since her earliest recollections. Those long lived bonds are still quite loose and based on the worth of the family rather than personality or anything substantial. Though Hallis has been seen with her same clique from her school years, her popularity is waning because of a five minute accident that will impact the girl for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, the young woman feels more sorry for herself than for the crime she committed that night she hit and killed a young boy in an impaired moment behind the wheel.
&PERSONALITY#3 Hallis=Unfortunately, Hallis has yet learned nothing from the tragedy and is likely never to care. Unless, that is, it affects her personal gain or wealth. She is quick to throw money at a situation, when she has it, and when she doesn't she will avoid her problems at all costs. Her obsessions include clothing, fragrance, make-up, shoes, accessories, anything that makes her look good. While this sort of existence quickly grows old for most, it is the only one she knows.
&REG_AGE Hallis=Over 18
&REG_EMAIL Hallis=moc.liamg|azeehcyrrem#moc.liamg|azeehcyrrem
&RP_STATUS Hallis=searching
@SEX Hallis=Female
@set Hallis/SEX=no_command visual prefixmatch
&WAFFLES Hallis=
&WAFFLES‘FRI_NOV_06_19-23-32_2009 Hallis=Serotonin|OMG Shoes.
&WAFFLES`SAT_DEC_12_19-56-43_2009 Hallis=Sydney|For awesome broom moves and KICKIN ASS! <3
&WAFFLES`SAT_NOV_21_20-45-15_2009 Hallis=Tracy|Ow! (Yay connectionz.)
&WAFFLES`SUN_DEC_06_22-57-48_2009 Hallis=Nathan|For keeping the drinks flowing! <3
&WAFFLES`SUN_NOV_01_18-44-00_2009 Hallis=Noah|For showing Claire what happens when you’re not a 'Straight A student'
&WAFFLES`SUN_NOV_01_19-52-37_2009 Hallis=Randall|For a memorable first appearance.
&WAFFLES`SUN_NOV_15_21-05-27_2009 Hallis=Sydney|For the shirt!
&WAFFLES`THU_NOV_12_21-29-38_2009 Hallis=Nathan|For buying Brayden a suit!
&WAFFLES`THU_NOV_19_19-41-42_2009 Hallis=Gene|For Being Awesome Enouth to Talk to the Grumpy Gus.
&WAFFLES`THU_NOV_19_22-31-19_2009 Hallis=Sydney|For being hilarious enough to order a drink while underaged. XD
&WAFFLES`WED_NOV_18_19-09-01_2009 Hallis=Micah|For a magnificent breakthrough and revelation. XD
&_XP_CURRENT Hallis=0
&_XP_TOTAL Hallis=0

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