Healing, also called Restoration or Restore is the ability to mend the damaged anatomy in subjects. This is usually accomplished by use of psychic energy, the user's life force, or even via blood transfusion between a superhuman who can regenerate and the subject that needs to be healed. Either version can be used to cure anywhere from paper cuts or broken bones to diseases that supposedly have no cure and otherwise-irreparable injury. A variation of this ability can even heal psychological damage/trauma, improve mental (and emotional) wellness, and return lost memories (called Psychic Healing, Mental Healing, or Mental Awakening).

Another faculty of this ability, called Purification or Cleansing is the ability to expunge poisons and toxins from the bodies of affected subjects. This ability does not undo damage done by poisons, toxins and pathogens; it only gets rid of (or negates the effects of) the pathogens, preventing the start of damage (or preventing further damage). This faculty may accompany or occur separately from Healing.


Faith Healing is a version of Healing in which the user must pray over the subject that one wishes to heal and have faith for that subject to be healed. One with this ability can (simply by praying) will the faster recovery of an ally’s broken bones, or the quick recovery of an ally from a sickness. The user need only pray to their presiding deity, and the afflicted (perhaps even the user, if he uses it on himself) can even be released from normally-terminal illness, heal normally-permanent wounds and scars or the like.

Supernatural Healing, also more colloquially called LPSM (Logopsychosomatic Medicine) is a variation of Healing in which the user can use scriptures from their holy books to help heal them and ease their stress. One with this superhuman ability needs only to read or recite from their holy book, such as the Bible, and whomever shares their beliefs in the immediate area (even the user himself), and hears the message, will be healed and temporarily cured of stresses. Their morale will also be boosted and they will feel empowered.

Viral Suppression, also called Disease or Virus Alleviation/Eradication/Negation is the ability to quell (or cure) the symptoms/effects of viruses/disease/infection. This ability comes from either a psychic aura which is strong enough to overwhelm the virus (this faculty is called Antibacterial Aura or Antiviral Aura), the generation of an antivirus or vaccine (this faculty is called Vaccine Emission), or the literal absorption of said virus/disease into the user's body, which exterminates it (this faculty is called Sickness/Virus/Disease Absorption).

  • The normal Viral Suppression implies the mental repulsion, suppression or eradication of viruses or bacteria without employing any of the above means (using only mental contact and/or a touch).

Note: This ability could easily counteract a foe with the power of Nosokinesis; however, it may be designed to work on only one type of virus (but only viruses or diseases, not wounds).

Wound Licking or Licking is a faculty of Healing in which the user can heal wounds (his own and those of others), by licking them. The user can heal broken bones and perhaps even tumors or ulcers (or sometimes only minor wounds), but the illnesses must be of a physical nature. The user often produces an excess of saliva when using this ability and their tastes may be different than normal humans, so they would not mind licking wounds. Not to mention, this ability (common among vampires and therianthropes) is often accompanied by Asepsis.

  • If this ability is used when no wound or injury is present, the subject will take a painfully jolting biological backlash that may result in temporary paralysis if powerful enough or used often enough.

Healing should not be confused with Rapid Regeneration.

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