I Win

So this is what the inside of Hallis' apartment looks like. Not bad. Granted, someone like Jaden Cain isn't really impressed easily, considering that he can do pretty much anything he wants to with a promise to pay… or flashing of the cash.

He's not saying a word, right now, though, as he's much too busy trying to make sure that everything gets hooked up fairly easily. He's halfway behind the TV, hands all over cords and screwing whatever he needs to screw in order to get the picture back on the screen. He's trying to be as quiet as he can, what with Hallis sleeping or gone or whatever. He has no idea where she is. It doesn't matter. He's got work to do.

Yes. Jaden. Work. It's a stretch, but hey. There are video game scores at stake here…

Since her myriad of room mates found their own places to live Hallis has taken to leaving her apartment a little unedited, much to the chagrin of her housekeeper, Mister E. It's much too early for decent folk to be awake and much much too early for him to be here; on top of that fact, whoever is in her apartment doesn't seem to have any culinary prowess. So there's noise without the delicious smell of breakfast.

Dressed in only an oversized Scooby Doo t-shirt that was stolen from some closet somewhere, she pads out into the living room with her eyes still closed. Because she's memorized every stick of furniture in the apartment, she doesn't need to see to avoid stubbing her toes. "Mister E… what is going on?" she grumbles in a low tone as she shuffles toward one of her chaise lounges and flops down. "I had a really long night, do you need to make so much noise?" The whiny complaints are something akin to how a child would address a parent, she's still half asleep.

Oh Jaden. He just kind of peeks over his shoulder, spotting Hallis and then just shakes his head. "Somethin' tells me Mister E's got the day off." comes out in his classically distinctive, but oh so cute, voice. That's right, the Jaden is announcing his presence. There's a twist of something behind the television and suddenly the blank picture has turned into something a bit more cartoonish. Something about a Sponged named Bob. Whatever. Jaden's a little excited about that. "Ha! Thought that would work!" That's the ninth thing he's tried. "Sorry, Miss. I'll try to keep it down." Snicker.

The blonde's eyes fly open and she sits straight up on the couch and pulls the hem of the shirt modestly over her knees at the sound of the voice. "Wha- Who- Jaden?!" She's not naked this time though. "What are you doing in my apa — Hey! You can't hang that up there! Oh my god, did you put a screw in the wall? I didn't clear it with the super! Did you have professionals come and do this?" She's up and racing across the room to examine the multi-gazillionaire's handiwork. "Oh god, it's mounted?!"

"Relax. Article 4B talks all about mounting things, walls and other possible issues with decorating the rental space. As far as of what I'm doing here, I came to install this hear TV and video game system. That way you can stop messing up /my/ high scores." With that said, Jaden is already sliding back to check on the game and grabs the television remote. A few presses of the input button and bam! Game's on. "Booyah! I rock!"

"Wait.. what.. You…" Hallis shakes her head and follows Jaden around, her bare feet tapping across the bare floor until she hits the zebra skin rug where they go silent. "You read my lease?! I didn't even read my lease!" She doesn't sound angry, incredulous and confused but not angry. Then it dawns on her. "Wait a minute, how did you get into my apartment? I didn't give you a key yet. Did the super let you in? Did George let you in?! He should have dropped tha tkey off ages ago! I'm going to kill him!"

The mini rant might have continued except for the colorful game on the television. She pauses, like a deer stuck in headlights before she turns toward the screen and then backs up a few steps to take a seat back down on the chaise. "Is this the game with the little men that turn red and fall down?"

"Babe. Relax. I bought the building." Jaden is already snatching up the controller off the table and moving to flop himself down on something soft. He yawns a little bit and proceeds to load up the video game, since that's exactly what's going to be needed to play right now. "Yes. It is. You in?" And he's holding up the second controller, trying to make sure that she's enticed enough to go a few rounds.

Enticed? Entranced. Enthralled. Grabbing the controller, Hallis shuffles next to Jaden and eyes his fingers, trying to mimic where he's got them placed on the buttons. "You bought the building to get into my apartment? That's so … sweet… and creepy… but really sweet." She tries to stifle the yawn that's coming to her lips but she doesn't quite manage and ends up letting off a long soft sigh while blinking and shaking her head to wake up. "Okay, I think I got it."

As the game starts up, she races her little avatar around, actually leaning where she wants him to run. Like it's going to help him turn, she finds another little on screen man and hers jerks and twitches before her side of the screen goes red. "Oh! Oh my god! I won!" She jumps up and begins hopping up and down. "I beat you on my first try! I won!"

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