In Dreams


Premise — While dream walking, Delia gets ripped away from her body/anchor. Since her radius is only a half a mile, she can't automatically get back and wake up the way she would normally. Chaos ensues while she is on her little walkabout.

Time Limit — 1 month, starting November 14th


Name Residence Name Residence
Corbin Ayers Gun Hill Bella
Lashirah Lee Gun Hill Griffin
Lynette Gun Hill Huruma
Russo Dorchester Towers Eileen
Tess Speakeasy Cardinal
Logan Dorchester Towers Danko
Barbara The Verb Jaiden
Dante Hamilton Heights Cat
Abby Ryans
Toru Smedley
Nick Matt


Hokuto - The mentor and guide
Kaylee - The test
Aric - Another test


  1. The Advocate
  2. Ferry Meeting
  3. Company Meeting

Plot Hooks:

  1. The Institute
  2. The Ferry
  3. Endgame
  4. Linderman Group

The Setup:

  1. Delia is found unresponsive and can't be woken up. Testing via telepath reveals that her body is nothing but an empty shell, she has autonomic nervous functions but that's all, no capability of conscious thought.
  2. Hokuto will confirm that Delia is gone/lost and allude that she can't find her. This leaves Ryans or whoever finds her to find a way to keep her body alive until she's found. Either in the hospital or in a private clinic… body must/will be moved.
  3. Normal and Evolved people begin seeing her in their dreams, including Russo who makes a note of it on The Advocate asking 'has anyone else seen this woman?' By this time they will know that they are related but it won't be public knowledge for his own and Ben/Delia's safety. Delia sightings are recorded and tracked to see if there's a pattern or map that she's following.
  4. After the announcement the Institute perks up and takes notice. They know that Delia is Ryans' daughter and make plans to use her to capture him. Dema (their own dreamwalker) is called up and sent out into the field (of dreams) to retrieve Delia's body. Once he locates it, he can either alert them for retrieval, or try to puppet it himself to bring it back.
  5. Delia and Dema spot each other in an innocent person's dream and he manages to pick out images of the inside of her room from her mind. This presents a little bit of real life danger to all of those living at whatever safe house she's living in. Should Dema be able to locate her residence, the Institute might issue a raid in order to find Ryans.
  6. Instead of simply affecting their dreams, people start reporting seeing her while they're awake. These are after effects or hallucinations, she isn't actually there but seems to be able to leave a residual image in a person's brain that they will see for a few hours after waking up. For example: A person in a cafe would see Delia in a booth, or someone driving a car would see Delia as a passenger. (note: This is not a permanent development, it is a hallucination of impressionable individuals)
  7. Delia meets Kaylee or Aric in the mind of a comatose patient and learns about the search for her body. She tells them about Dema and her fear about being trapped in a body when someone wakes up (thus leading to her own death). Before they are able to get her body within range, Delia disappears. (Either the coma patient wakes up or Dema arrives. If it's Dema he will be in place to find Delia's body when it arrives.)
  8. Dreams turn to nightmares as Delia gets more anxious; children are afraid to go to sleep, generally people are distracted when awake due to listless nights. By jumping from head to head, Delia manages to visit up to 20-25 people a night (npc's mostly). Reported sightings are tracked by both the Institution and Ferry/Endgame, while the Institution has Dema on the case, the Ferry learn that Kaylee and Aric are able to detect Delia's presence in sleeping people.
  9. The Ferry being herding Delia toward her body by memorizing a phrase that's repeated in dreams. This gives her a map to follow as her power develops a little more to allow her to 'listen' to someone else's dream while already in one. (note: This will allow two participants in one scene. Delia and one participant can pose while the second participant is only able to emit verbal. For example: Kristen's part in On Air)
  10. Delia is finally reunited with her body, but Dema is also there… having led the Institute toward her physical form there's a fight/flight in the real world as well as in dreams. Hokuto may be required…
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