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Character Name:* Jubilation
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Mott Street NYC, July 4, 1998. A national holiday is under way. A cause for celebration and an excuse for the residents of Chinatown to celebrate by way of fireworks: A cultural past-time, and at the very least an excuse to sell them in mass quantities to the wayfaring tourist. This day, however, held an altogether different and very special new meaning to Mr. and Mrs. Lee, the husband and wife owners of a corner laundry, for it was the day that they welcomed their one and only child, the pride of their family, into the world. Having been born amidst the joy and celebration going within and without the hospital, they named the little girl Jubilation.

The Lee family wasn't wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but theirs was a comfortable existence. Little Jubilation was always pushed to do better and achieve greater things than previous generations. All parents want better for their children and the Lees were no different. She had an affinity for gymnastics and her parents encouraged the extracurricular activity with zeal. She was 3 when she was enrolled in Tiny Tot Tumbling and by the time she reached grade 2, she was already aspiring toward Olympic greatness. Her specialty was the balance beam though she enjoyed participating in every event during meets. It was a difficult road, balancing gymnastics, study, and the extra homework that her parents insisted that she complete. It didn’t leave the little girl much time to socialize with others of her age outside from school and her gymnastic classes, but all of the other girls she knew were pushed toward greatness the same way she was, so she was quite happy.

Jubilation was 10 when she and her parents had made plans to attend her first Youth Olympic tryout. Though the girl was too young to compete, they had exhibition events for her age, mostly for prospective Olympians to get noticed by top level coaches. Since the discovery of mutant-kind, the Olympic counsel had started demanding DNA tests for prospective athletes as a part of their standard drug screening. In short, if you were positive for a banned substance, or had mutant DNA, you could not compete. The Lees never thought they had anything to worry about, so they had their daughter tested as part of the standard procedure. They were wrong. It was a week before the games, the test had come back positive and even though their daughter had not shown any signs of abnormality of any kind, she was, according to the law, to be registered as a mutant.

So at age 10, Jubilation’s dream had been crushed and she was on a government list, she could possibly even end up being a danger to herself and all around her. The days that followed should have been the bleakest of her existence, but her parents wouldn’t allow her to give up so easily. They were convinced that there were alternatives for their daughter. Her life didn’t have to change, not that much. They bore the blame of her difference on their own shoulders, shielding their daughter from any self loathing. The only question was, when would their daughter mutate and what would she be?

For three and a half years the Lees watched their daughter, waiting for some sort of sign. Regular visits were made to the ancestral shrine in the little garden at the back of their house, praying for guidance and wisdom from the wooden tablets consecrated there. Every week, Jubilation and her parents made the trip to the local registration office and kept them apprised of the lack of development. At which time Jubilations father pleaded their case, that maybe the DNA test was wrong, that they had made a mistake. Multiple blood samples were taken, each coming to the same conclusion; Jubilation Lee carried the X-gene. Perhaps it was the fact that Jubilation didn’t experience an emotional high or low that her mutation didn’t make itself known. Being a teenage girl, she was just thankful that she wasn’t sprouting a tail or scales.

It was just after her 14th birthday that the first of the Sentinels were released into the city. They were only there to protect good people from evil mutants; that’s what people were told. The Lees thought nothing of it until Mott Street was practically torn apart in one Sentinel’s rampage to capture a teenage girl. It was during that chase her ‘power’ was exposed. It was rumored around the neighborhood that the girl the giant robots had been chasing let off an explosion of blinding fireworks from her hands. Unfortunately, the Lees would never be able to confirm it with Jubilation because the girl was caught and brought to Rykers.

Visitation wasn’t allowed to mutants, the response to Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s calls and their frequent visits to the local mutant registration office would only result in the same answer. Jubilation was being detained indefinitely for acts that endangered humankind. Try as they might, they could not send word to their daughter to keep her hopes up and that they would find a way to bring her back home. On Jubilation’s part, she was put into a solitary cell in one of the maximum security wings and forbidden to use her mutant powers under threat of extreme pain and possible death. At first the girl was nothing but compliant, at least in that regard.

For 2 years the young girl spent all of her time in her cell reading, performing simple calisthenics and practicing her gymnastics with the limited resources given to her. It didn’t need to be said that such exercises weren’t smiled upon by the powers that be, for a physically fit mutant could pose a much bigger problem than a physically fit human. Only when she was certain that she wouldn’t be caught, she practiced letting off tiny plasma bursts from her hands. Usually this was during the late nights or when the guards were off dealing with one of the more troublesome inmates. She had an unwavering faith that this is what her parents would have wanted her to do.

Early into her third year of imprisonment, the Brotherhood’s Sentinels broke into Rykers, granting freedom to all of the prisoners inside. Though many of the mutants stayed within the walls preferring that place to the world outside; Jubilation’s only thoughts were of home. So for the first time since her capture, she ventured outside of the walls and made her way back to Mott Street to find her parents.

Things had changed so much since she was put into Rykers, Jubilation barely recognized the neighborhood that she grew up in. Manhattan was torn apart and what was left could only be described as post apocalyptic. There were a few souls that she recognized from before her detention, unfortunately, most were too afraid of the mutant menace to give Jubilation much information toward finding her parents. The laundry was burned to the ground, their home had been destroyed, and her father and mother were nowhere to be found. It was after months of questioning everyone that she remembered that she finally got the answers she needed, not the ones she was seeking. Her parents had perished a year before during yet another Sentinel raid of the neighborhood. They were at home eating dinner when the fist of the robot came down on their roof and the resulting collapse of the home killed them both.

It was a blow almost too great for the young girl to bear. Emotionally distraught, she returned to the only home she had ever known and tried to salvage something of her happier days. In the year that the demolished home had been abandoned most of the items of interested had been looted or were so weather beaten that she had to spend days looking through the wreckage to find something small as a keepsake. It was in the ruins of their garden that she found a single silver medallion peeking out of the mud, one of the ornaments reserved for decorating their ancestral shrine. It wasn’t much, but she didn’t care, it was something of her past that she could cling to, something to remind her of her parents.

Mott Street NYC, July 4, 2015. A national holiday should be under way. A cause for celebration and an excuse for the residents of Chinatown to celebrate by way of fireworks: A cultural past-time, and at the very least an excuse to sell them in mass quantities to the wayfaring tourist. This day, however, held an altogether different and very special new meaning to Jubilation Lee, the daughter of the husband and wife owners of what used to be a corner laundry. It was the her birthday and the day that she said goodbye to her deceased parents with a grand display of her own fireworks. Coming back to the tragedy that was once her happy home, the girl renamed herself to Jubilee.

Present Day:
It’s been six months since Jubilee finally said goodbye to her parents, during that time she has considered returning to Rykers but the place holds too many horrible memories for her to try to set foot on the Sentinel guarded bridge. Life has not been easy, but with the help of a few of her parents’ old friends that she was able to find in other parts of the city, she has managed to survive. Most of her time is spent in basements and back alleys of her old neighborhood, hiding from the police and Sentinels. Through it all, she has managed, however unlikely, to recapture some of her youthful optimism. She is convinced that somewhere there is hope for humans and mutants to live peaceably.

Jubilee has the mutant power of ignition. She is able to generate bright bursts of multicolored amorphous energy plasmoids from her fingertips which she generally refers to as “fireworks.” These globules move and explode according to the girl’s will, using a combination of hand motion and mental direction (like leaning right and left when playing a car race game) and can arrange themselves into different shapes, such as balls and streamers. The intensity and strength of the energy varies in degrees and can range from a temporary blinding a person to a detonation powerful enough to smash objects and destroy property. Jubilee is able to absorb the energy back into her body without harming herself and is immune to her own powers. At this time, the girl is only capable of six bursts before she is completely spent and must rest, with time and practice it may be possible in the future for more stamina in this regard.

Shaolin Warrior: A small explosion of bright energy that is capable of temporarily blinding someone. It is the same effect as staring at the sun or a bright light bulb for too long. Dark sunglasses or even looking away from the lights are an effective shield to the bright bursts. She has a 25' radius of range.

Crazy Crouching Tiger: Alternating bursts of light energy that are capable of pushing a regular sized person back. At this time she is only capable of a single stream in front of her with a range of 3'. Her best hope with this attack is to make her target fall over something behind them as the burst itself isn't powerful enough to push much farther than 5' or cause any harm. It is possible to jump out of the way, but with such a limited range it is difficult to dodge the oncoming stream.

Samurai: A large and quite noisy burst of energy that resembles a large firework, capable of breaking through a brick wall. She needs to be able to touch the object she is trying to break with both of her hands for the attack to work. The concentration of energy takes three times the energy of a single burst from either of her other two attacks. This attack does not work on anything living or organic.


Overconfident: Jubilee has an exaggerated and unshakable opinion of her own capabilities. She never hesitates to trust in her own abilities, even in situations where she is risking defeat. Because her abilities may not be enough, such overconfidence can be dangerous. This is a direct result of her years training to be a gymnast and her parents pushing her to become more than she is.

Naive: Jubilee sees the world through rose colored glasses. Though she didn't have a privileged upbringing her parents worked to provide her with the best they possibly could. She is all too eager to accept most people as kind and caring, making her a prime target for abuse. She is always the last to suspect foul play or bad intent from others.

Impatient: Jubilee has no patience for standing around and waiting. She always has to be working toward whatever goal she has at the moment. It takes an extreme amount of self will for the girl to just sit and relax instead of acting, otherwise she is prone to going off on her own to complete an objective.

Guilt Wracked: Jubilee was not present when her parents died and that is something that weighs heavily on her conscience. So many would have/could have scenarios have passed through her mind since she found out about their deaths it almost drives her to distraction. Perhaps the thing that makes her feel the most guilty is the fact that she never had a chance to say goodbye.

Curiosity: Jubilee is naturally curious and finds any sort of mystery practically irresistible. In many cases her curiosity easily overrides her common sense and she finds herself in precarious situations. The thought rarely occurs to her that something could go wrong if she opens the wrong door. Perhaps it is this that led to her initial capture.

Adolescent: Jubilee has been without the guidance of her parents since she was 14. This has forced her to grow up and mature rather quickly. Unfortunately in many situations, she is just not taken seriously, perhaps because she is so young. One of her greatest pet peeves is someone discounting her because of her years.


Alertness: Jubilee has spent a considerable amount of time on the run and in hiding from the humans that originally imprisoned her. Her sense of awareness of the things around her has sharpened quite considerably. She has a basic knack for noticing the things that go on around her even when she’s not actively looking for them.

Athletics: Jubilee possesses a high athletic ability. Since she has been in gymnastics since age three, she is highly flexible and possesses a near perfect sense of balance. From walking along narrow ledges to doing handsprings across rooftops, there isn’t a part of her old neighborhood that she hasn’t explored.

Common Sense: Jubilee has a significant amount of practical wisdom. This little shoulder angel is represented by the medallion that she wears around her neck, reminding her to always strive to make her parents proud. To this end, she tries to always temper her actions with what her parents would have liked her to do. Not to say that it always works, mind you.

Dodge: First rule of self preservation, know when to duck, tuck and roll. Jubilee is able to dodge blows, roll out of the way of oncoming cars, and jump clear of that kid on the skateboard threatening to barrel her over.

Iron Will: When Jubilee is determined and her mind is set, there is nothing that can dissuade her from her goals. This can work to her advantage in many situations, giving her a compulsion to keep going when all others have long given up.

Pitiable: There is just something about Jubilee that makes others pity. It’s not a very welcome sentiment, but sometimes it does work to the girl’s advantage. There’s just something about her that makes people want to take care of her. For instance, when she is looking for somewhere safe to sleep for the night, invariably one of her parents’ old friends will allow her a cot in the basement.

Stealth: Jubilee has the ability to avoid being detected, whether she is in hiding or moving at the time. This takes a conscious effort to find the most silent and most inconspicuous route. Due to her years as a gymnast, she is quite light on her feet and able to stalk quietly and quite effectively.

Sticky Fingers: It's not something she's terribly proud of, but Jubilee is able to shoplift with the best of them. She doesn't steal for fun or profit, only to get what she needs to survive. This usually means food or some warm clothing.


Family Friends: Has a few allies back in the old neighborhood, some that will even risk persecution in order to help her, whether it is with money, food, or a place to stay for the night.

Safehouse: Mostly located in the basements of abandoned houses, Jubilee has a few safe places to run when there is nowhere left to go. They aren’t as comfortable as staying with a friend but they will do in a pinch.


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