Describe in 1 Word: Confident
Height:this 5'8"
Shape of Face: Angled
Hair: Mouse brown
Eyebrows: Thin and arched
Eyes: round and brown
Nose: long and thin
Cheeks/Cheekbone: high and angled
Mouth/Lips and Teeth: natural upturn/straight and white
Chin/Jawline: round chin and sharp jawline
Neck: long
Complexion: olive
Figure & Physique (Torso): willowy
Figure & Physique (Legs): long and slim
Clothing (Torso): Business
Clothing (Legs): Knee length or mini skirt
Clothing (Feet): High heels
Clothing (Other): Chunky jewelry
Distinguishing Marks: A beauty mark on the left side of the small of her back
Expression: usually a self confident smirk
Posture: straight


If it bleeds it leads. Kristen Latika Reynolds learned that lesson early in life. Born the middle child of an abusive father and a doormat for a mother, she was relegated to the position of neglect. Her younger sister was the apple of her father's eye, her older sister could do no wrong in her mother's. All of this changed one night during a fight between her parents.

While her father carried the outward appearance of a fine upstanding citizen, at home he was anything but. Physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive, he brutally attacked Pavarni one night and when Kristen's younger sister tried to stop him, he turned his fists on her. That night Kristen learned two valuable lessons. From her mother, she learned that if you just stay quiet nothing will ever happen and while everyone was quiet nothing did, there was no change. The lesson from her sister was completely opposite, if you don't take care of a problem yourself, it'll never be taken care of. It was that night, Kelly shot Brian.

Of course Kristen and her younger sister rallied to support their protector, the oldest. Her mother's physical state was enough for the police to gloss over the domestic incident and after one night in holding, Kelly was back with their family but she had changed. Kristen remained the same quiet, contemplative, and studious young girl she always was. Invisible. Kelly's antics took the foreground while her mother tried to cope as a single parent. It wasn't an easy time for any of them, but Kristen stayed quiet and endured.

At fourteen, her mother's lesson was proven false. Although Kristen stayed quiet, things changed. Kelly, in another one of her little fits, ran away. While she wasn't concerned at first as the days wore on, Kristen started feeling the weight of responsibility and her mother's neediness. For three years Parvani searched for Kelly while trying to maintain the household. Though most people saw her efforts as token at best, they did not see Kristen's mother weeping at night for her lost daughter. The burden fell to Kristen to keep the household together to maintain the outward appearance of tragically normal. She hated it. She didn't want to be painfully average.

She began to loathe her mother, the victim, and would subvert her silently. In public or private, it didn't matter, Parvani was subjected to stunts pulled by Kristen that made Kelly's developmental problems seem like a walk in the park. Mostly because someone else wasn't the focus. When Kelly was the problem, Parvani could deflect all eyes from her. She was the widow of an abusive husband, mother to a murderer… Without Kelly, the limelight shone directly on Parvani and questions were raised, accusations were made, and judgments were laid out. The reason why the Reynolds home wasn't stable was because Parvani wasn't strong enough to keep it together. Brian's death could have been avoided had she taken necessary steps beforehand.

By the time Kristen graduated high school, Parvani had moved her and her sister to a different town. Somewhere no one knew their story, where they didn't have a clue about Brian or Kelly. Unfortunately, Parvani didn't count on Kristen. On the day of her graduation, during her speech as the valedictorian of her class, Kristen thanked her sister for killing their father. Something that earned a sensational gasp from the crowd. It was a thrill.

From that moment up until She left for college, Parvani and Kristen did not speak. It was a mutual effort, one made easier by Kristen's job. She began as an unpaid intern at a local public access station but through diligent effort and long hours, she became an invaluable asset. Unlike Parvani, the station was sorry to see Kristen go. Armed with their letter of recommendation, she went across the country to UCLA to earn a degree in Broadcasting and Communication. She graduated from there in the top third, but it was her full academic resume that earned her the scholarship to Harvard. It was this fortunate turn of events that ran Kristen into one Bradley Russo.

Both in their mid twenties, there was a chemistry between them that no one could match. While professional extended to personal for Kristen, it didn't for Brad. Sure, there were a few drunken make out sessions over program talks, but nothing ever led anywhere, it was all about business. Kristen wanted to be a star maker, Bradley wanted to be a star and as a team, they were unbeatable. 'The Advocate' was born during those years. Starting as a college radio show that catered to the unwashed masses, Kristen's direction turned it from a conspiracy theorist's dream to a politician's nightmare. Brad was on board for the first few years, using his charm to schmooze his guests and get them to talking about the things that Kristen directed through cue cards. Eventually though, familial pressure took him away and the program floundered under a different host.

Kristen didn't give up. While keeping the Advocate on the slow burner, she continued to nourish the show, giving it better angles, changing its format and hosts. There was a niche for it and she was determined to find it. It was this search that led her to the Linderman Corporation. Meeting after meeting, drink after drink, date after date, Kristen worked her way through whatever name she needed to get her to the next level. Finally, she was granted an audience with a board member, this time a woman who shared the same desire for professional success. In each other, they saw potential. Kristen was given a position on the fringe of the company, her salary was based as a promotional consultant. It was large enough to buy her a spot on primetime cable and see her show 'The Advocate', the way she always intended it to be. There was only one problem… the host.

It didn't take her long to track Bradley Russo down again, he was a public enough figure that a few phone calls had Kristen on his doorstep with a bottle of champagne. Over dinner, she made the offer. He could be the host, have carte blanche over his opening monologue, she would be the woman behind the scenes, making it all happen. He saw stars, she saw dollar signs. A few short weeks later, 'The Advocate' made its debut and they were a hit. Bigger is always better though and while the rest of the team was enjoying the success of where they were, Kristen was pulling more strings. Entertaining networks, looking for syndication, they were more than interested.

During this time, Kristen and Brad fell away from each other. He started dating a guest that she'd booked and after a whirlwind romance, he proposed. The producer was not pleased with the turn of events but her well practiced false smile was pasted on and she moved on. Sort of.

The bomb was one of the best things that could have ever happened to Kristen. She was in Vegas talking to some of the Linderman Group's more aggressive partners, working a few deals in exchange for more funding. When she saw it on the news, she rented a car and drove until she hit the Big Apple. Brad's world was crushed, but the show had to go on. His pain was exactly what the show needed to drive it, skyrocketing, through the roof. Kristen angled and directed, exposing their audience to the uglier underbelly of what happened. When the evolved were exposed by President Petrelli, she was standing stage side with her arms folded and a smirk on her face. The effect that the event of the bomb had on her was simply this, If it bleeds, it leads. While America bled, Kristen Reynolds led their opinions by a ring in the nose. She alternately promoted and vilified the evolved species, same with ever other faction that she came across.

Brad's pain was exploited for years without his knowledge. He trusted Kristen to do right by him and in a way, she did. She took care of him and kept him on top of the world when his face was in the bottom of a toilet tank. The woman behind the man in ways his dead fiance couldn't ever begin to fathom. She worked diligently to protect his darkest secrets, knowing about his alcohol problem and at the same time enabling him enough to function. He was her putty. Until he found god. Still, his face was one that the public identified with her show, she had to keep him on top, no matter what. When critics panned him, she would feed use her contacts to find a story that would bring him back. Soon his neutral stance became an endearing part of the show, his rating came up and Kristen was able to focus on other issues. Registration.

It was no secret to the public that the Linderman Group was a supporter of Petrelli and his act. Its founder, Daniel, was one of the first to register. While some of her audience thought the show was compromised by being footed by such a company, she sat back and let the record spin. While it was law, registration would be supported by 'The Advocate', telltale by the tiny script at the very bottom of the ending credits urging the audience to get tested and do the right thing. Kristen honestly didn't care, as long as she was raking in the money and keeping up her ratings, hot button topics and issues would always come and go. If wasn't one thing. it was another.

When mandatory registration came around, Kristen was one of the first in line to get her blood taken. Not because she supported it, but because it was a necessary action to get an extended card. Publicly, she smiled and flashed her card. She's always been a law abiding citizen, even if the rules get tarnished every once in a while.


%r[ansi(hc,E)][ansi(c,ducation)][ansi(hc,:)] Kristen earned a Master's degree in Broadcasting. While she wasn't at the top of her graduating class, she did make it into the top third. Her resume is thick with volunteer and part time experience from different avenues of production and entertainment. She got her start in public access in high school and has been going strong ever since.%r

%r[ansi(hc,R)][ansi(c,esearch)][ansi(hc,:)] It takes work to figure out what's going to be hot and what's yesterday. Though she may not look it, Kristen spends almost every evening until curfew and sometimes after (with the help of a press pass and a few bills) scouring the city for things that people mention in passing or even pay the slightest bit of attention to.%r

%r[ansi(hc,Y)][ansi(c,oga)][ansi(hc,:)] Some people are idiot savants. Other people are just well rounded and have varied interests. The second typifies Kristen. She took up Yoga in her teen years and actually trained to be a yogi. Consequently? She's very very bendy.%r

%r[ansi(hc,P)][ansi(c,roducer)][ansi(hc,:)] Kristen has produced The Advocate for years — since the show was originally aired on radio (which was her first schtick in the field). She helped schedule guests and bring things together and she knows what makes good television.%r

%r[ansi(hc,D)][ansi(c,ebate)][ansi(hc,:)] Understanding two sides of an issue is important in any political commentary, acting as a soundboard to two sides means having a sharp understanding of how to combat different opinions. Kristen's greatest advantage and simultaneously biggest disadvantage is that she doesn't actually have an opinion on any issue except the one she's trying to make popular. This creates what appears to be a wishy washy person, in truth, she's well educated on every aspect of an issue.%r

%r[ansi(hc,S)][ansi(c,lick)][ansi(hc,:)] Kristen's bubbliness is very much a cover. She often seems innocent when she can easily pull a fast one thanks to her quick wit and intelligence. Being a woman in an industry that's filled with impossible images and casting couches, she's had to learn that 'nice' isn't what wins. In television she's learned to seem innocent while secretly playing both sides; it's a talent.%r

%r[ansi(hc,P)][ansi(c,itiable)][ansi(hc,:)] Unrequited love is something to be sympathized. Unrequited love where the object of your affection is in love with a dead woman? That just deserves pity. Kristen has been smitten with Brad since the day they discussed creating The Advocate at the end of a graduate students' meeting. Since then? It's been love. For her, anyways. Pity is something that can easily be used if needed, and Kristen isn't above using it.%r

%r[ansi(hc,H)][ansi(c,ighly)] [ansi(hc,O)][ansi(c,rganized)][ansi(hc,:)] Managing multimedia shows requires a great deal of organization. Thanks to her position and her Masters, Kristen is highly organized. She's pretty much a professional at multi-tasking, often taking on four of five projects at a time. The amazing part is that nintey-nine percent of the time, she completes all of them in a timely manner.%r

%r[ansi(hc,G)][ansi(c,irlie)] [ansi(hc,S)][ansi(c,laps)][ansi(hc,:)] It's cute. It's endearing. It's flirtatious, and it gets the attention and regard of political men everywhere who could easily guest on The Advocate. In the combat arena, her girly slaps are sped up and combined with a high pitched whine to form one of the most useless fighting forms ever known to mankind. Kristen probably wouldn't be able to punch her way out of a paper bag.%r

%r[ansi(hc,L)][ansi(c,anguage)][ansi(hc,:)] Kristen is bilingual. Her mother, Parvani, is East Indian and taught all of her children how to speak her native language. Kristen has a little trouble with speaking the proper the dialect but can understand the language very well.%r


At first glance, Kristen is a perky, upbeat and bubbly bundle of pent up energy and enthusiasm. She goes out of her way to make everyone feel good and is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy day. She's capable, intelligent, well read, and quite determined to succeed. Usually this means downplaying much of her intelligence in favor of manipulating a situation to her advantage.

A good part of manipulating is learning to be a chameleon to what people want. She's played up the parts of the shy schoolgirl, the naughty librarian, the willowy kitten, and she's even masqueraded as a few other more unseemly types of people. It's all about getting what you want and Kristen is more than willing to stand on a street corner in a mini to get the dirt on everyone's favorite personalities.

While her career demands that she be outgoing and aggressive, Kristen is quite shy of showing much of her real self. Her personal life is off limits to everyone. She learned a very long time ago that keeping people away from where she lives is the best policy to have. There are a few people that do know too much about her and the thought that they will use what they have to their advantage haunts her.

Everyone has a vice. It could be drinking, smoking, drugs, while Kristen has tried all of those socially, the one thing that she can't stop is stealing. She doesn't steal just anything though, she steals underwear. Something about the feel of a lacy garment hidden in the palm of her hand while she evades the authority of a store give her a bit of a thrill. It's not uncommon for her to have five or six pairs in her purse at any given time.



Goals and RP Hooks

%r[ansi(hc,T)][ansi(c,he)] [ansi(hc,A)][ansi(c,dvocate)][ansi(hc,:)] Her first solo production, Kristen has nurtured this program from inception to present. It's her baby and she'll do anything to make sure it keeps succeeding. She is aggressive about scoping out new guests and panelists, ranging from pop stars to politicians… sometimes a combination of the two.

%r[ansi(hc,L)][ansi(c,inderman)] [ansi(hc,G)][ansi(c,roup)][ansi(hc,:)] Television costs, so in exchange for a few on air favors, the Linderman corporation has graciously footed most of the bill for production. Of course, they're a silent partner, Kristen prefers to keep the corporation at a visual distance from the show to keep its journalistic integrity.

%r[ansi(hc,M)][ansi(c,ulti)] [ansi(w,-)] [ansi(hc,M)][ansi(c,edia)][ansi(hc,:)] Along with The Advocate, Kristen has produced many other programs, spanning from radio into television. Her name is well known in both areas as someone that does whatever it takes to get exactly what she wants and needs.

%r[ansi(hc,B)][ansi(c,roadcasting)][ansi(hc,:)] Kristen's name isn't huge like Ted Turner but she does have a lot of weight to throw around in the industry. She can make or break someone by putting the right spin on a story. While sometimes she does do the charitable thing and boosts, the usual direction is a tear down. She's very much into the 'if it bleeds it leads' sensationalism of reporting due to people staying more interested in a disaster than a feel good piece.

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