Lorna's Apartment

Name: Lorna Dane
Location: The Manchester, Upper East Side Manhattan
Size: 580 square feet
Years lived in: 5

When Lorna first moved to Manhattan when she was 15, her mother was determined that she live within walking distance of museums, good restaurants, and have all the security she needed to feel safe. She bought a tiny one bedroom a stone's throw from Central Park after falling in love with the convenience of the neighborhood.

Lorna's apartment may be small, but it is filled with wonderful reminders of her years as a model and of her home in the Midwest. The space gets very little natural light because of its location in the building, but Lorna uses colorful pillows and accessories to make it seem warm and bright inside. More warmth comes from Lorna's wood furniture which glows against the pale green walls — though the purple sofa is large for the space, it's crushed velvet beauty adds to the character of the home. The kitchen is large given the size of the apartment, and Lorna is even lucky enough to have a washer and dryer tucked away behind a curtain. Finally, it is Lorna's collection of autographs and memorabilia that really sets her space apart.

My Style: Salon, very bright almost Bollywood style
Inspiration: My travels and movies that I've seen
Favorite Element: Purple couch that's upholstered in crushed velvet
Biggest Challenge: Small rooms and lack of natural light
What Friends Say: "It's not as small as you said it was!"
Biggest Embarrassment: The fact that it's a mess most of the time
Proudest DIY: The armoire that I converted into an entertainment center
Biggest Indulgence: The fur blanket on my bed
Best Advice: Do what you want with your space, even if other people think it's too bright
Dream Source: Thrift markets and yard sales

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