"Del, I'm just saying. I'm still kind of pissed at dad. Not to mention, he's never around lately. With his job and stuff, it's very irritating. The newly brunette says to her redheaded sister. She's back to her natural hair color, wheeee!! And as she wiggles her toes before the woman before her begins to paint them a different color then they were two weeks ago.

Yes, they are getting their nails done and it's fabulous with a capital F-A-B. At least Lucille thinks it's fabulous, she's not sure what Delia thinks.

"You should cut him a little slack, seriously. Yeah, he's not around… he's busy." Delia is at the table doing what she does best, homework. Trying to anyway. There's a book open to a page with a picture of a dissected cat in it and she's writing notes in pencil on a piece of paper.

Then she pauses and frowns

"I can't wait until I get to real cadavers, these cats kind of freak me out." She says lowly before putting the pencil down and shutting the book. Then she finally glances over at her sister and gives her a half smile before her face falls, "What the heck, you painted your toes puce?"

"I can't believe you of all people is saying this, but okay. If you're not freaking out, then I most definitely will not be freaking out." Lucille says with a wide grin at her sister and then she's tossing her dark locks around.

"Oh Delia, sometimes you creep me out. Just sometimes." she sticks her tongue out at the woman and then she's looking down at her phone briefly. "I have a shoot tomorrow and I was wondering you'd like to come?" she looks over to the red hair with a small smile. "It's going to be very fun, hot guys.. and hot.. girls.. and maybe if you'd like I'd get you a few shots in?" Lucille's eyebrows waggle at her sister.

"And HEY! It's cute sometimes, I can work it." She chuckles at her younger sister.

"I think that you could work a canvas bad on your head… you'd figure out a way to make it into the latest hat or something…" Delia's tone is full of sarcasm, perhaps she doesn't believe that her sister could turn a burlap sack into the latest in haute couture.

A deep sigh is let off before Delia meanders over to the sofa and plops down heavily with Lulu. "Yeah, I can't believe that I'm saying it either but since the storms, I don't think I can rely on Daddy as much as I used to. He's got a life that doesn't really include me, you know?" Her entire posture sinks, looking defeated. "Not that he isn't there when there's mortal danger, but after that he just disappears again. Lu, I don't think he likes having me around."

"Oh thanks my lovely sister of mine." Lucille takes the time to swat at the young woman and then she's chuckling. When her sister gets into the analyzing daddy bit she sighs and looks at Delia with a worried expression. "Del.. I think it's me. He doesn't like being around and maybe the two of us tend to hover more than we should?" she tries to ask with a smile.

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