Meros is the Planetary Incarna of Pluto. It is near the end of the journey across the Planetary Incarna, and now it is time to visit the sometimes-farthest planet of the inner Aetherial system. Despite what human scientists say, Pluto is big enough to have a Planetary Incarna, otherwise Meros would not have a domain to call his own. Meros is the smallest of all the planetary Incarna, having a diameter that is roughly half the size of the United States. It is even smaller and ligher that Earth's moon, a fact that cheers Sokhta considerably. Meros earns his titled of the Wanderer as being tied to the planet Pluto. Where all the other planets revolve around the sun in roughly circular orbits, this restless Incarna takes up an erratic elliptical orbit that is also tilted, taking out of the elliptical and sending it inside Shantar's orbit for years at a time. They don't clash together and Shantar doesn't capture Meros as a moon only because the timing of their journeys keeps them far away from one another. When Meros is inside Shantar's orbit, she is far away underneath and down to one side of his orbit. Nonetheless, it isn't hard to imagine why some call Meros the Homeless One. As he is a patron to the Silent Striders, it seems appropriate.

Let's Go To Pluto Like We Did Before

Meros appears as a gray world with a few brownish-orange splotches and shining polar ice caps. From a distance, he looks even more deformed, more like a barbell than a globe. Coming closer, however, one can see that the other part is actually Meros' moon, Charon. It orbits so close to the planet that the two often seem melded together when viewed from certain angles. Unlike the Gas Giants who populate it neighborhood, Meros is a rocky world more like the inner planets or some of the moons of the larger, nearby Incarnae. In fact, those who dispute Meros's right to call himself a planetary Incarna (and there are some who do so) point to the fact that his components and those of Shantar's largest moon Trion are identical. They say that Meros was once merely a moon, but managed to escape Shantar's vigilance and set himself up as an equal of the Incarnae. Naturally, the Wanderer disputes this claim.

Though made primarily of rock and ice, Meros does not require visitors to suffer the extreme cold and lack of breathable atmosphere that are the realities of his existence. He invites those who would visit with him to travel alongside him as he journeys through the Aetherial heavens. He keeps no permanent dwelling and makes none for travelers. Should anyone wish to set up encampment for a day or a year, he would not object so long as they caused no damage to his realm, but at some point, he would expect them to continue onward.

The quintessential traveler, Meros is the only Incarna who will leave his planetary body for any length of time in order to sojourn elsewhere. Though the other Incarnae believe this weakens Meros and thus weakens all of them, the Wanderer believes that his treks bring him greater insight and clear his mind so that he is able to better consider difficult problems and reach more intelligent solutions to them. He welcomes those who want to travel with him, seeing life as a constant journey, from childhood to adulthood, from ignorance to knowledge.

Because he follows so few of the rules governing the other Incarnae and because his travels can be so erratic, Meros has a reputation for being somewhat unreliable. His realm's penumbra touches upon the Wyld region of Aetherial space, which may account for his less than stodgy attitudes. He prefers solitude to the foolish company, freedom to restriction, movement to stillness and philosophy to untutored action. In this, at least, he resembles Lu-Bat. He has farm more restless energy than the Peaceful Counselor, however and feels compelled toward wandering.

Meros' Mystic Path

Rather than having a single meeting place, Meros considers that anywhere is a place that might be suitable for converse. He enjoys having comrades on the road who speak with him about important or inconsequential matters and who seem to learn from their journey. Such trips start from the central point of his planet and quest outward in any direction he feels he may wish to travel. Thus the route changes constantly. One day he may wish to go east and see something he hasn't had time to explore before: another day he'll insist on going north so that he can reach a certain sot where he received a revelation about something. As he will tell anyone interested, it isn't the destination that's important, its the journey itself — the difficulties, the amusements, the lessons learned.

Dangers of the Realm

The dangers in Meros's realm come not from within but from outside. Wyld-spirits constantly intrude, warping and twisting areas to their delight. Unfortunately, it also delights Meros to some degree as it gives him a "new" area to explore. This means that Meros' domain is gradually becoming "wilder" and less stable. Eventually, something will have to be done about it. Meanwhile, travelers could find themselves embroiled in some interactions with the Wyld-spirits moving into the domain.

Even greater dangers lie in those who might try to slip in and take over the realm while Meros is absent. Agents of the Red Star might see such an opportunity as the perfect precursor to their new lord's entry into the Aetherial Realm. Returning with the Incarna, travelers could find his realm being used against him. If their way back lies along a star road from Meros' domain, they may be out of luck. In such a case, it might take considerable time to locate another star road and learn when it is available. Further, travelers could become embroiled in a war with whoever has usurped Meros's realm. This is only a possible threat, however.

Meros as a Totem

It is much more difficult for a pack to actually reach Meros to ask his patronage than it is to convince him of their worth. The wandering Incarna is usually willing to serve as patron to a pack, assuming that they understand all that entails.

Meros chooses to honor the tribe he acts as patron to by most often appearing as one of them. His usual form is as a Crinos Garou with gray fur and pale green eyes. He wears Egyptian-style clothing — a pressed white loincloth and several pieces of elaborate jewelry including a golden belt set with gems, a golden pectoral set with lapis stones and armbands set with winged scarabs of varying colours. His ears are decorated with gold loops and small studs set with carnelian. He carries a staff made of gray wood topped with a claw that holds a polished clear disk. He claims that as he walks and uses the staff, answers come to him in the form of visitors, which appear within the disk. It is said that each of the scarabs he wears is in actuality one of his spirit minions who answers when summoned.

Children of Meros find it easier to navigate the Dark Umbra; and are at a lower difficulty when dealing with the land of the dead or its inhabitants. They cannot lose their way and can find their way to any destination given time. (although the route is not necessarily the shortest or safest). The pack gains even greater insight when dealing with enigmas or occult matters, and each pack member gains two temporary Wisdom renown whiles under Meros.

Meros expect his children to travel, in order to broaden their minds. Packs of Meros must spend four months out of every year "on the road."

Meros The Wandering Mystic: The Eighth Lunar Month

Aetherial Realm - Pluto
Auspice - Philodox
Colours - Light Gray, Rusty Orange
Element - Earth
Other Names - Hades, Dis, Anpw, Arawn, Yama, Hel, Kwa
Quality - Movement
Tarot Card - Judgment
Tribe - Silent Striders
Vices - Unreliability
Virtues - Adaptability, Versatility
Zodiac Correspondence - Scorpio

The eighth lunar month belongs to Meros, the Wandering Mystic. With his ascendancy, the year turns once more away from balance and stability to errancy and restlessness. Meros watches over the relentless search for truth, the compulsion to follow whatever path might lead to knowledge and the willingness to accept the possibility — no, the ''certainty'' — that one's quest inevitably results in death.

Meros' realm centers on the planet Pluto, at the far reaches of the solar system in the physical world. Pluto's erratic orbit makes it a nomad of the skies.

The colours light gray and rusty orange resemble the dull colours of shrouds, rusted objects and travel-worn garments, their brightness and newness faded from much use. Associated with the deities that rule the various underworlds of human religions, Pluto represents movement not only in place but also from one state of being to another. Earth, which houses the Underworld and receives not only the bodies of the dead but also the seeds of new life, is the element associated with Meros.

The Philodox auspice enjoys the special patronage of Meros, who recognizes that lawgivers and counselors must adapt themselves to many circumstances. Meros's Philodox show a flair for rendering versatile judgments even in the most demanding situations. Ahroun born during the eighth lunar month demonstrate fearlessness in the face of death and readiness to adapt their fighting styles to suit the nature of their opponent. Meros-born Theurges explore the boundaries of their powers, while Ragabash ruled by Meros seldom repeat the same trick more than once. Meros' Galliards relish songs and tales that end in death or transformation.

The Silent striders fall under Meros' patronage, not only for their penchant for wandering but also for their familiarity with the Dark Umbra and the realms of the dead. The rootless meandering of the Striders call to the heart of the Wandering Mystic.

In the western zodiac, Meros corresponds to Scorpio, the sign of intense sexuality as well as the guardian of death and rebirth. Governed by Pluto, Scorpio also resonates with the echoes of Osiris, Mithras, Orpheus, Balder and Christ. As the ancients understood, the agent of birth and death is one and the same; life represents the movement from one state of existence to another.

Meros-born Garou demonstrate the virtues of adaptability and versatility at best, always able to adjust to new circumstances or surroundings. At worst, Meros Garou suffer from an unreliable nature and an erratic, unpredictable temperament.

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