Oblivious Jo Is Oblivious

"But we've been walking for hours," Poco reasoned. And Dee had to admit, that was a good point. Night crept up on them more quickly than she would have liked. The drive to keep going despite that was strong, but Laurel wasn't cut out for this, Dee reasoned, and Poco… Well, she was getting annoyed by hearing him breathe. So.

"We'll rest for a few hours. Then we're movin' on. I can 'ave some animals that see in the dark guide the way, but we'll never catch up if we stop too long." This is all going on the assumption that the others are stopping to wait for them, or, even better, trying to find them. The latter option is far less likely. The only thing they can really hope for is that they all rendezvous where they were going in the first place.

Looking to Jo, she nods her head toward the forest as Poco delightfully makes camp. "Oi, Jo, want to 'elp me look for somethin' ta feed us?" she asks. The look in her eye suggests this is something more than just a scavenging mission.


"That depends." Beat. "You aren't one of them vegetarian types, are you?" Jo quips as she stares at the night sky. She's found her own beat amongst the travellers, even if her leg causes her some discomfort, she's never been a princess— despite what her brothers would argue. "Or something more of the gathering type? I'm not sure we'll have much luck in the dark— "

Before Dee can answer, the ex-marine is putting some distance between her and the rest of the group, shoving her pistol in the back of her pants (yeah, Jo has class). Pressing her lips together he deeply inhales the jungle air and while it may be hot and sticky in her lungs, she's none-too-bothered by it in general.

"In retrospect we should've fished while along the river bank…"


"I am out of necessity," Dee says dryly, once they're away from the others. "Hearin' the dyin' screams in your head of the animals you're about to devour kinna ruins yer whole meal. Didn't used to be, though." And for awhile, she wasn't again, but that's another story. "Fish are okay, though. Kinna stupid, fish. Or, at least, I 'aven't met one I can 'ave a conversation with yet.

"But any'ow. I'm not callin' you out t'talk about huntin'." Even so, she's looking for something she can at least bring back. "You said, 'that's not their MO.' You know about the Protocols, don't you?" It's not too much of a surprise, it's just that the easy way she said it, not with the fear and hatred Dee would expect from someone either dogged by them or who hunted them, was odd.


"So is food entirely out of the question? I think Poco will be displeased if that's the case…"

"I worked in government service in a number of capacities. The Navy SEALS. The marines. Government research," this one is listen with an uncharacteristic frown and small shudder. "The Alpha Protocol was among them. As was the Eta Protocol." Her tone is even enough. While she isn't pleased with the actual turn out of the protocols she didn't know. Plain and simple.


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