What is your character's Full Name? Olivia

What is your character's Age? 16

Please give a brief background of your character.
Born December 20th, 491 A.G.

My life began when I left home. My childhood was the most mundane of any existence there ever was. My father, bent on having a son to carry on his name, had six girls. I was the last of them. My mother died when I was three when she was giving birth to what would have been my youngest sister. My father was nothing more than a vassal with no hopes or dreams of being anything better than what he was. I strongly believe that is what killed my mother, who he treated like a brood mare. My sisters and I? Nothing more than weights around his neck that he carried until we were old enough to marry off to the first pig that would have us.

I was eight years old when my eldest sister turned seventeen and was married one day after her birthday. This pattern continued with all of my sisters when they came of age as my father didn't bring in enough coin to feed all of us. Being the youngest, I existed on what everyone else cast off or what I could steal. I was really good at stealing. First it was loaves of bread or whatever food I could find in the window sills of the neighboring houses. When I was eleven I was bold enough to enter an empty house and clear it of all the coins they had hidden. It was my first big score and I was excited to have that much coin in my possession. Three whole coppers all of my very own. I never felt bad for stealing that family's savings… only because I needed it more.

I was thirteen years old when I stole my first purse. I had been practicing on a straw filled sack in the forest that I had hung by a tree. The sack had a bell attached to the bottom and I knew that I was ready the moment I stole the bell off the sack without it making a sound. That night, when my father went to the tavern for his ale, I went with him. The men he was with didn't have a copper to their names when I left them that night.

For three years I carried on that existence, lifting purses, stealing from empty houses, anything to build my little nest egg. I wasn't going to become like my sisters, all married to worthless serfs and vassals, men that knew nothing but tilling soil. I was going to become someone. By day I labored in my father's home, constantly honing the the trivial skills of cooking and cleaning. He said it was for my own good, that no man would have me if I couldn't keep a proper home. I knew one thing, that I wouldn't have a man that expected me to stay at his home and be his mule.

With the nest egg that I had built up over the years, I ventured into the city and had a hot meal while trying to decide what I would do. I wasn't going back home, I knew that much but I was still young enough that if I was caught I would be brought back and back at my father's house lay a fate worse than death. My clothes were clean, though quite old, and I have always been a rather pretty young woman, perhaps the life of a barmaid might not have been horrible. It was the course that I had set my mind to until I turned to see the man that would shape my very existence.

His name? Guy Fitzwater. The most handsome man that I had ever laid eyes on and was sitting only a few tables away from mine with a group of ladies. I couldn't stop staring at him but every time he would look over my way, I would turn my head and pretend that I was looking at something else. Someone that fine wouldn't take notice of me, not in my old rags. Not with the way that I looked. I was nothing compared to what he had his hands on. With a bath, a new dress, perhaps some jewelry though, I could be one of them, I could even rival the best of them. It was then that I made up my mind to become whatever it was that he wanted, anything to be one of the women that was around him.

Finger Background
A runaway from one of the rural areas of Draught, not much is known about this young woman aside from the fact that she is incredibly lucky at always finding the things that she needs to survive. It might be possible to find her shadowing finer folk in hopes of catching a favor here or there. Her silver tongue and quick hands are sure to make those around her feel a little lighter… in spirit.

What is one (or more) of your character's greatest strengths?
Sleight of hand
Pick pocket
Running (sometimes for her life)
Stamina (comes in handy when you're running for your life)

What is one (or more) of your character's greatest weaknesses?
Guy Fitzwater
Fear of losing
Fear of marriage
Fear of being penniless

What do you OOCly hope that your character would ICly bring to the game?
I’m an RP hound, I love to immerse my characters into whatever plot is happening and I'm not afraid to go out and ask for RP. I hope that people will enjoy my character and that I can be a good addition to the game.

What ideas do you have for stirring up RP for court/your vassals/other PCs?
Well first, there’s always the meet and greet RP. I'm hoping to meet and greet a lot of characters after that I'd love to develop TP's or host events that people might enjoy.

What alts do you have on Crossroads, and how long have you been playing them? None



%r%tStanding at 5'6" tall, her skin lightly tanned has a certain a blush of health to it. Her golden brown hair with sun bleached strands flows down to the small of her back. To keep it off her face, she generally has it pulled up into a mass of curls at her crown. Her eyebrows rest high on her heart shaped face, arching gently over pale aqua orbs. A thin, straight nose rests between high cheekbones that keep her face with only a slight trace of fat. Completing her visage are pristine white teeth pursed inside of a set of full lips, pink as a rose petal. Her jawline gently curves to her pointed chin, giving way to a long neck.%r%r%tHer figure is statuesque and taught like an experienced athlete, or one of the working class. Her small waist accentuates an ample bosom and gently curved hips, much like an hourglass. Her long and powerful legs are muscular and give away signs of speed, simply by the way she carries herself. Her expression is generally one of innocence. Her ever bright smile holds a sense of mischief to it as does the sparkle in her eyes.

Thievin' Clothes

%r%r%tA cream colored corset is cinched tight at the waist, leading to a billowing white blouse that is unlaced at the breast to emphasize her already bounteous figure. The pale pink ribbon that is threaded between the eyelets of the blouse dangles loose at the ends, almost in invitation to a leer. The long skirt comes down to just a few inches above her ankle and is dusty brown in color, the white lace of her numerous petticoats is just visible under the hem. Her legs are bare and on her feet are a delicate pair of pink slippers that match the ribbon in her blouse.

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