Pizza And Mark

"Welcome to Casa de Lane…. or Casa de Scotts." Mark flashes his guest a grin as he opens the door wide to his home. "It's kind of open to interpretation." He gives a dismissive wave of his hand.

When Cody had called to arrange for dinner, Mark had not protested at all. In fact, he had insisted on the great American staple.

Pizza and Beer.

Yup, good old meat lovers pizza and Cody's favorite beer, he made sure to ask personally. And he had her come over to his place.

The whole of Mark's high rise Apartment, spreads out before his guest. It's not exactly contemporary looking like you'd expect most to be. While it has a large bank of windows that go down one entire wall of the living room. It mostly had a home like feel to it. Shelfs upon shelfs of books and artifacts from his travels. Plenty of pictures of the Lane family, even Dr Ray is in some of them.

The furniture looks comfortable and like any couch you'd see in any home and like any redblooded male he has the biggest and best in electronics. The one thing that stands out is the L-shaped desk in the living room that takes advantage of the awesome view. A state of the art computer sits on the desk with various equipment, a white board with various things written on it. Things like 'Need to update site software.' 'Add latest photos.' 'Plan trip to Scotland.'

"Hope your hungry. God knows I am."

"Does a bear poop in the woods? Of course I'm hungry." Cody smiles back at the man. This time she came prepared with a gift, which she hands off as soon as the door is opened. A six pack of Bud Light. "I hope you like it, it's a little late for housewarming but you might enjoy it anyway." The place is huge, at least six time the size of the apartment she invited him over to and her blue eyes sweep over every inch of it. When they hit the whiteboard, she moves past him and goes to examine it.

"Trip to Scotland, hey? Are you going to find the Loch Ness Monster or have you gotten a lead on a new person of interest?" She says, turning her head to look over her shulder at him.

She's dressed super casually tonight, in a pair of jeans and an old 3/4 length t-shirt that she might have had when she was still in high school. She had her trust pair of combat boots one, which she removed at the door, so now she's padding around in nothing but a pair of wool socks.

"By the way, thanks for having me over. I was hoping we'd be able to meet somewhere a little more private, you must have read my mind." And with that, she flops down into the comfortable sofa and leans back, closing her eyes.

He's dressed up a touch more, or at least he hasn't gotten out of his work clothes, dark blue jeans and a cream colored dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a couple of buttons undone. His own feet bare of even socks.

"That.. is childhood indulgence… Loch Ness. Loved the lore as a kid." The name of the water bound critter has each syllable annunciated. The six pack held, while he shuts the door, only to proceed to the kitchen. "Tho that trip is a ways off really, I'm keeping my ear to the ground about other things in the area, people like you seem to be popping up more and more."

"I like to try and get everything at once. Check out some Fairy circles and the like as well." Keeping his voiced raised to she can hear it while lounging on the couch. Removing a pizza box from the oven, and the beer in his other hand, he makes his way into the living room. "Nothing fancy this time, but I made sure to keep your carnivorous tastes in mind." His drop the box on the table, removes two cans from the six pack, before settling his long frame on the sofa, an arm rests along the back of the couch as he studies her.

"So.. what did you need to discuss?"

When she feels the depression in the couch from Mark sitting himself down, Cody opens her eyes and turns toward him. One of her legs is lifted up and she lays it sideways in a triangle to aid in her twist. "Fancy, not fancy, it really doesn't matter as long as it's food really. Heck if you put tree bark on a plate, I'd probably eat it." She may have actually done that on occasion, but she's not really telling if she did. "It looks good though," she adds as she takes one of the beers from his hand and cracks it open. It doesn't have time to foam as she's taking a swig or two from it almost immediately.

Then the matter she came to discuss. "I need to ask you a big favor. I kind of got my pink slip at my old job, I'd like to apply for something at your company. Especially now with those files we found, it's a huge lead but I don't really need to tell you that." The smile comes to her lips almost as quickly as the twinkle in her eye. "I'll even take a lunch lady position, if it's available. Mail room… I can do that too."

For a moment Mark doesn't say anything, just gives Cody a rather amused look. Then his head tilts a bit as if considering something.

Then he laughs.

"Lunch lady?" He asks with a toothy grin, the arm slides off the back of the couch and he shift forward to the edge of the couch, forearms moving to rest on his knees, back hunched some. "I just can't see it." He can't help but chuckles as he says it. "Nothing against you, but your a soldier not.." flaps his hand a bit. "… that."

He turns thoughtful again, eyes narrowing some as he turns thoughtful. "Actually, I might have an ideas. The stuff Mike found for us, worries me, especially with Dr. Ray's name on it." His head turns so he can regard her, eyes traveling over her. "Dr. Ray has been needing an assistant. I want to protect him from whoever might go after my father."

He finally reaches into the box of pizza and tugs out a piece, folding the large slice in half. "How are you at taking orders from a nerdy scientist?" He asks with a smirk that tugs up one side of his mouth. Taking a bit of the slice, he adds around a mouthful. "Downside if the fact my father and Robert, are curious about you."

"I could pull off lunch lady, pretty effectively if I do say so myself." Cody huffs as she follows suit and leans over to grab a slice. Taking a rather large bite, she chews thoughtfully and nods to her couch companion. When she finally swallows, she takes another gulp of her beer and sets the can down on the table. "After all, I was a hot dog vendor for months. I have the practice."

She gives him an amused little smile and shrugs, "Dr. Ray's assistant sounds prety good. I wouldn't mind getting that far in, he probably needs a lab rat to experiment on or at least to test out some of this prototypes." The vest itself was phenomenal and she's been wearing it whenever possible. Much to the ire of her room mate, who didn't think it a necessary as lunch wear.

"How do your father and Robert know about me?" It couldn't have been from Mark, not with the way he was ushering them into the office the other day.

"Robert…." Mark starts after another health bite, sauce sucked off fingers. Tounge running along his teeth to catch anything he missed in his teeth he finally continues, he doesn't sound happy as he does.".. walked into my office a few weeks back with a photo of you and me going into the steakhouse."

"Demanded to know who you were." Brows lift and a knowing look is given to her, before another bite. "The information we gather, made me realize why. Their nervous. He called me the weakest link."

"Think Mike has a way to get you a new identity?" A brow lifts at her, Mark gives her a bit of a smile. "We get you in.. you protect him. You'll have access to all the latest things we've developed in those contracts. Anything to help you in protecting him."

"Just… don't go overboard." Eyes narrow at her as if he can see right through her on that matter. "Discretion is key."

Placing her free hand to her chest, Cody gives Mark the most innocent expression she can muster and chews the last bite of her pizza before murmuring, "Me? I never go overboard!" Then she swallows and gives him a smile and a playful shake of the head. "You don't have to worry, Mark. I won't do anything that isn't necessary. I don't want things to go bad either." By bad, she means getting her walking orders by bullet, much like the last job.

The fact that Mark had been spied on during a date both intrigues and worries the woman. Reaching for her beer, she takes another sip and considers it carefully for a few minutes before voicing her opinion yet again. "Well, we're either a very interesting pair, or you're not much of a dater outside your social circle. It might be easier to just tell them who I am and let them do their own investigation. From the looks of it, they do a lot of military contracts, they'll run into my father sooner or later."

That decided, she gives him a little shrug and a smile. "Don't tell them everything, of course, just that I'm the daughter of a man you were trying to schmooze for a new contract. We can make something up on that end. I'm sure my dad has his hands in a few little pies that he needs a company like yours for. Maybe a special black box or remote control thing for an airplane."

Both brows come up a bit, "So soldiering is in the genes huh?" Mark grins a bit, giving a bit of a shake of his head, "Sometimes, I think it would be better I got the mob genes, like Robbie did." Slice done, he settles back on the couch again, with a sigh.

"Okay.. so daughter of a possible contract… Boy, they will get a kick out of that." Chuckling, Mark shakes his head slowly. "Robert is usually the one to do that. I'm just the disappointment. But your right, sooner or later we're going to deal with him. "

Running nails lightly along the stubble on his jaw, Mark turns thoughtful. "I hate involving a kid in all this, but Mike seems our best bet in a lot of this. Getting you in with Dr. Ray… keeping an eye on things."

"Well not so much soldiering in the genes as flying in the blood, I think." Cody says offhandedly, she reaches for another slice of pizza, folding it in half to capture all that yummy grease. Taking a big bite, she raises her eyebrows to Mark and nearly chokes on her food. "Sheroushly? Mob?" Yeah, she's talking with her mouth full. One painful swallow later, she just gives Mark a wide eyed stare. "Wow… You've got some serious roots, Mark."

The half eaten slice of pizza is put back int the box, in its own area as Cody pulls her notebook out of her pocket and begins to jot down some notes. "I'll talk to my dad, see what he's got going on. Maybe … maybe we could actually get a real contract out of it. Make it look legitimate." After she scrawls down all of her ideas, she closes the thick notebook and places the pen on top of it.

"Mike is a special case, he's just a kid…. but he might just be the best at what he does." The woman admits seriously. "I'll see if he can cook me up a new background, maybe using the same name. What do you think, glasses?" She holds her fingers up around her eyes in a binocular fashion, apparently trying to make a little light of the situation.

"Chicago mobster. Supposedly, my grandfather was one. Dad built the company up form nothing." Mark explains with a chuckle, bringing a foot up to rest on his knees as he sits there. "Don't say it to my fathers face, though. He denies it. Granma told me differently. He used Dr Ray to get out of the slums of Chicago. If it wasn't for Ray, there would be no Lane Industries." He sounds rather certain of that.

When she mentions glasses, Mark gets an odd look. "I — ah — they would definitely change your look." He reaches into his shirt pocket and extracts the pair he always wears. "I know the best way to check." He shifts closer, unfolding the ear pieces and moves to set them on her face. Doing so her world goes slightly out of focus, but not horribly, his eyes are not that bad.

"Think Mike can find a way to give himself a way in to keep tabs on Dr. Ray? Or when we need to speak to him without dad knowing?" His voice is soft as he concentrates on making a couple of adjustments, before Mark leans back, brows lifting. "Well… " He clears his throat to keep his voice from cracking like a little teenage hitting puberty. "I'd say it'll make a new you, especially with a hair color change."

Cody leans forward slightly as the glasses are placed over her eyes, "So, am I Clark Kent or Superman?" she says, her voice just as soft as his as he makes the final adjustments. She watches him closely through slightly squinted eyes the entire time his hands are near her face. If pressed, she would admit to only watching out for a sucker punch.

She keeps the glasses on for a few minutes and turns to look at her reflection in the window closest to her. It definitely makes her looks different, a little more sophisticated? Not entirely. "Yeah, I think a color change would be good… Give me a few minutes." She removes the glasses but keeps them in her hand as she makes her way to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, a new Cody emerges into the living room. Her long brown hair is braided and twisted into a bun at the top of her head. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are dark to match her hair and she has the glasses on again. Giving Mark a thumb up, she waves it slightly to and fro seeming to question 'yes or no.' "I'll ask him, or you could I bet if you just typed out his name on your phone he'd find you. That's how he always finds me."

He watches the bathroom door thoughtfully as he waits, teeth lightly chew at his lower lip. When she walks out, brows lift high on his head. "Your…. ability is constantly surprising me, Baker." Amusement thick in his voice. "Looks perfect, I think you can pull it off." A smile tugging at his lips.

"Get me your new identity and I'll get the paper work pushed through and get you installed as Ray's assistant by Monday latest." The hand resting on the back of the couch, taps fingers lightly as the Lane heir thinks on everything he needs to do. In his mind this could work. "I'm sure Dr Ray won't have a problem training you." He flashes her a grin.

"Yeah?" Cody asks, stepping back into the bathroom. This time she leaves the door open as she twists this way and that, examining herself in the mirror. She doesn't seem dissatisfied with what she sees, it's just much different than her usual casual self. "You really think I'll look good in a lab coat?"

She finally pulls the glasses off and crosses the room to flop back down on the sofa. Once she's beside Mark again, she hands them to him and shakes her head, letting the long brown hair fall loose down her back. "I'll get them as soon as possible. Though, I think if we're keeping my same name, I should keep my regular hair color, don't you think?"

"Hmmm…" Mark tilts his head one way and then the other as if considering. "Up to you." Brows lift a bit, taking his glasses from her. "I trust you to know what needs doing." He leans forward to set them on the table. "I'm just a simple business man." A smiles is flashed at her. "Who ended up in a cave with an amazing woman." Chuckling he leans forward on the couch picking up his own beer. "And suddenly found himself in over his head… and is now just trying to keep his head above water and learning how to deal with all this."

"Thanks Cody… I mean it. Thank You for helping me protect Dr Ray."

His words cause her eyebrows to twitch slightly as the crooked smirk appears almost out of nowhere. "Amazing woman? Are you serious?" She gives him the most incredulous look, "I'm just doing my job… Well if I get to be Dr. Ray's assistant, then I'll be doing my job." She doesn't mention the tiny leave she's taking from Delta in order to finish the job she started.

"I need to thank you, Mark, for the opportunity and for trusting me enough to let Mike into your system. It would have been fairly difficult getting that information if it wasn't for your help." She leans heavily against the back of the couch and half lids her eyes as her lips twitch at the corners. "If you need any help dealing, don't worry, I'm around to give you a slap of reality."

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