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Lorna Dane was born on February 12, 1993. Her mother had tried to hold on for a Valentine’s Day baby, but apparently Lorna was just too eager to meet the world, at least that’s the story Eric and Ann Dane had always told her. The baby was born different, her mutation was apparent from the first bits of green fuzz on her head. Though they didn’t like to do it, her mother and father dyed her hair brown to hide the abnormality. They lived in the relatively small farming community of Osceola, Iowa and differences weren’t always welcome, especially differences that could only be explained by overuse of pesticides, demon worship, or alien abduction.

For the first few years the little girl thought it was just a very smelly and very long shampoo, until she learned how to read. Confused by the frequent hair treatments, she asked her mother why she had to keep dying her hair. It was likely a day that Eric and Ann had been preparing for quite a while as they sent her older sister, Zala, away for the night and had a very long discussion with their daughter about her difference and what it meant. While they weren’t certain where the defect in their daughter came from, they were sure that there was nothing else wrong with her. That’s how it was presented.

Idle hands are the devil’s tools; it was a philosophy the Dane’s lived by. Eric and Ann owned a corn and dairy farm, as soon as they were old enough both Lorna and Zala, were expected to do their chores and help as much as they could. The girls would pick rocks and roots in the fields in the spring, pick the weeds from the fields in the summer, help bind corn in the fall, and in the winter they would finally get a little break from the tougher jobs in favor of shoveling snow and helping Ann inside the house. It didn't need to be said that winter was their favorite season, Ann was less of a taskmaster than Eric and preferred to do most of the chores herself while the girls were at school.

Lorna was seven when the news of mutant-kind broke to the world. Of course there were select few that knew about it already, some government organizations, quite a few mutants, and Senator Kelly. When his speech was broadcast on television, preempting their regularly scheduled programming, the Dane family was fascinated and afraid. He was painting a very grim picture for Lorna’s future. Eric and Ann had always been die-hard Republicans, Senator Kelly was one of their favorites to be the next President and one of the Senators they trusted the most. If he said that mutants needed to be watched and carefully monitored then that was what the Danes would do. They wanted to keep Lorna safe and trusting the government was in their best interest.

Life for Lorna progressed with little incident for the next few years. She ran away once when she was 10, but that was only because she was afraid of getting in trouble after shoving Zala's favorite Barbie down the garbage disposal. The doll ended up mangled, Lorna ran into the cornfield and didn't come out until well after dark (despite the calls of her parents and neighbors). Eric and Ann were beside themselves and Lorna ended up grounded for a month, not because of the Barbie but because she had worried them so much.

In 2006 Lorna turned 13 and the mutant registration act was introduced to the country by President Kelly as a voluntary program. Registration was a decision that Eric and Ann had the power to impose on their daughter, but they wanted to discuss it with her before proceeding. It was over dinner that they broke the news about the MRA and what they wanted for Lorna. After a very long discussion all of the pros and cons were weighed and all three agreed that it would be best for Lorna to volunteer and register herself. As a registered mutant, Lorna had the freedom to be 'normal' and stop with the routine of dying her hair brown. It was a decision that she has never regretted.

Lorna and Zala were close enough in age that when Lorna finally entered Clark Community High School, she could ride the popularity of her older sister. Zala was the queen bee of the school and enjoyed the attention it brought to her when she lamented about how trying it was to have a mutant as a younger sister. Not that Lorna was very different from the other children, but green hair was enough to let her stand apart. Unlike in the bigger centers, Lorna enjoyed the privilege of being the only mutant in her high school. Boys competed for her favor and girls envied her for being the center of attention. Perhaps it was because her family had lived in Osceola for as long as anyone could remember, maybe the small mindedness of small towns was really just a misconception, but Lorna never experienced any of the harsher realities of being a part of homo-superior.

Between homework and chores there wasn't much time, but both girls managed to join extracurricular sports teams for summer and winter sports. Zala was a part of the school's basketball team and cheer squad while Lorna participated in volleyball, softball, and the track team. In most places mutants weren't allowed to participate in school sports but since her only manifestation was green hair, a special allowance was made in Clark Community High. This might have been due to the fact that Ann was a very active member of the PTA and Eric was on the school board.

It was during a volleyball tournament in her sophomore year that a photographer from a nearby city newspaper snapped a picture of the mutant teen and submitted it as a human interest story. The story spread like wildfire through the region and caught the eye of a local modeling agency. It took some convincing but they managed to get the Dane family into the office where they were able to take a closer look at Lorna. She was exactly what one of their new clients was looking for. A young mutant with a unique look that was mainstream enough for regular homo sapiens to relate to. In 2008 Lorna Dane was signed to the Keene Modeling Agency out of New York City as the spokes model for Magnetix Cosmetix, a new line of makeup and fragrances for mutants.

Eric and Ann were proud of their daughter, even though she had the unfortunate affliction of being a mutant, she had a bright future ahead of her as the face of Magnetix under the name Magnetrix. As rivalries often start, Zala began to resent her younger sister and tried to undermine her career and rival her with a modeling career of her own. Lorna was only too eager to help her and tried to set up call ins and spots but Zala just didn't have the 'It' quality that anyone was looking for. Convinced that Lorna was trying to sabotage her, Zala grew even more distant and cold toward her younger sister.

As part of her contract, Lorna was obligated to move to New York City to fulfill most of her obligations. While the company assured Eric and Ann that it wasn't necessary, Ann accompanied her anyway and chaperoned every shoot, appearance, and event. As part of the bargain with her parents, Lorna had to keep up with her schoolwork and actually get good grades. Oddly enough, it was in her contract with Magnetix that she was to maintain a pristine record and appearance as well. They wanted only the best and if the girl proved to be anything less, she would be cut.

For two years, Lorna's life was like a dream, she was on the top of the world. Nothing could go wrong, she was the golden child. Of course, when everything is going right, that's when Karma needs to balance out and make something go wrong. In Lorna's case it was rapid mutation at the worst possible moment. The photographer had managed to secure a good location for an upcoming ad campaign for the 'Eclectic Electric' line of cosmetics. All of the corporate bigwigs were excited about it and present for their sunshine girl in her new costume. The morning of the disaster, Lorna was positioned and subsequently chained between two inactive transformers.

It was one of the grips that first noticed the hum and the copper wires sliding across the set. A call was made to the station to confirm that the transformers had indeed been shut off. They had been but there was some faint readings of activity near the area. At first it was written off to some faulty equipment and the cameras kept rolling. About a half an hour later one of the transformers began to spark then the groan of metal bending could be heard as one of the large contraptions started bending toward the girl. The cameras kept rolling on the order of the CEOs, this was going to make for great publicity whether the mutant made it out or not. If she made it out, they would have a real magnetic personality for Magnetix Costmetix and if she didn't, they would get the sympathy of the mutant community which meant sales.

By the time the first few explosions of electricity started, Lorna was screaming in hysterics and Ann was screaming at whoever would listen to get her daughter released. Unfortunately it was too dangerous a situation; all they could do was watch, wait and hope for the best. When the explosions were finally over and the smoke had cleared, Lorna was hanging limply by the chains, fainted dead away. For Ann, the career and money just weren't worth her daughter's life, so she urged the young girl to allow her to break the contract. Unfortunately Magnetix wasn't willing to let Lorna go lightly but they did agree to a small hiatus. She would be allowed to return home until she graduated from high school but then she would be obligated to return to New York to finish her contract with the cosmetics company. Though Ann wasn't happy that Lorna would be returning to the company, the proposition was better than the alternative suggested to the girl, emancipation.

The two returned to Osceola on the first available flight and after a very brief two day vacation at home, Lorna was enrolled back in school at Clarke Community. Zala had graduated the previous year but she was still very involved with the school as an assistant coach of the cheer leading squad so she still had her hands in the popularity pie. She was very pleased that Lorna's spokes model career wasn't going very well and she definitely had more gossip to add to the mix. Of course the girls all went to her to hear 'the real' story, Zala had the inside scoop. Fortunately for the older Dane girl, most people just felt no pity for her younger sister. There were so many things that Lorna wasn't allowed to do anymore now that she had a real mutation, especially one that she couldn't control. Most people just gave her a wide birth at school and she was never invited to social functions.

With nothing to do but study and help around the house, Lorna's marks were the best they had ever been. Eric didn't ask her to do farm chores any more for fear of his expensive equipment being destroyed and no one would insure him with a mutant living in the house. The Danes were beginning to feel the pinch of society's prejudices against Lorna. Many late night talks between her parents resulted in bitter feelings and fights, Eric believing that emancipation being the best option for the family and Ann unwilling to let her daughter go. It all came to a head one night when Eric threw back at his wife that Lorna wasn't their real daughter anyway, why should they suffer?

The revelation stunned the eavesdropping Zala and Lorna. The news only drove the two further apart with Zala feeling that Lorna had imposed on her and her family's life. For Lorna's part, it was a staggering blow to try to recover from. She always had one question that she never asked for fear of making her parents angry but now that 'it' was out there, she had the answer as to why she was the only one different. Of course her father didn't mean what he said and there were apologies, but Lorna was deeply affected by it and began looking for her own way out. It was only a eight months until her graduation then she could just start working again, she just wasn't sure if that was what she wanted. She had a power that she wasn't able to control very well at all and very few options for college.

It was like divine intervention when the package arrived from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, an exclusive school in Westchester, New York. Though Ann didn't want Lorna to leave home, a private school with supervision over the girl's abilities was a much better environment than they could provide. With only a few days notice to the school, Lorna was off again, only this time she was alone. It was at Xavier's that Lorna really thrived, even taking an extra year of high school to graduate at nineteen on her own volition. She was going to go straight on to the Institute and take some college courses, but she had that contract with Magnetix that she had been only putting minimal effort into. With the Professor's blessing, she moved into her and her mother's old apartment in New York City and came back to the Institute between shoots to continue practicing control over her abilities.

For two more years she went back and forth between Manhattan and Wetchester, receiving private tutoring on how to control herself from the professors while still keeping up with personal appearances, photo shoots and commercial filming. The Sentinels had made their way around the island city, destroying nearly everything in their wake, Lorna did her best to stay out of their way. Remaining indoors except for her contractual obligations and frequent forays to the Institute. When her contract came due for resigning, Lorna declined all of the offers and finally made a decision to go to college.

It was during her first year, in 2014, that Lorna and a few other students were watching television when the news broke about the Brotherhood releasing their own reprogrammed sentinels into the human population. There was one mutant in particular that caught the green haired girl's eye, he was older and was able to control magnetic forces much like herself. Excusing herself from the rest of the group, Lorna went to her room and began searching through the internet for anything known on Magneto. The girl found that his name was Eric Lensherr, something that couldn't be a coincidence. Perhaps he entrusted her well being to Eric and Ann Dane so that she would make the connection. It's quite possible that he meant for her to find out about his place in her life this way, by some grand design. Regardless, anytime she found a clipping or an article she would clip it out or print it and place it carefully into an album.

It was hard keeping the secret that Magneto may be her father but she managed somehow. It is very possible that everyone in the school knew about her little secret but were respecting the girl's privacy. It is also possible that because the delusion never distracted her or had any negative effects that it was let go. It was due to this inner need to make her fantasy father proud that set Lorna on her path to practice with her abilities.

Lorna had always been a little slower with her schooling than any of her friends as she had quite a few distractions in her life. Partway through her second year, she cut back on her classes and got back in touch with Keene Modeling Agency, hoping to get a little more work and spread her name. A new contract with Magnetix was talked about and very seriously considered. It would have provided her with the means to try to reach out to Eric Lensherr without exposing herself or him. In the end, it was declined and the role of Magnetrix was put on the shelf for another year. In 2015 when Rykers opened to all of mutant kind, she was tempted to go, but it just didn't seem to be the kind of place for her. She remained as she had for the past few years, Westchester during the week and Manhattan on the weekends that she didn't decide to take a drive somewhere.

New Year's Eve, 2015 found Lorna back at Xavier's mansion and resolving to take a full coarse load in the new semester. She's on the five year plan that might turn into six. She seems to be serious with her studies this time, but she's always been ready to put them on hold if there was something else going on in her life. At the moment, she is free from any other obligations and is back on track with trying to get her bachelor's degree in science.



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