* Adaptation: Features that allow survival in extreme environments.
* Adoptive Muscle Memory: Ability to manipulate movements seen before.
* Aerokinesis: Manipulate Air and Wind.
* Agrokinesis: Manipulate Plantilife and goods from plants.
* Alchemy: Change Chemical Makeup of Materials. Standard is Metals to Gold.
* Animal Telepathy: Interract and Communicate with various groups of animals.
* Asterokinesis: Manipulate Energy from objects in space.
* Astrakinesis: Manipulate Psychic or Astral Energies.
* Astral Projection: Manipulate Spirit to leave the physical body.
* Atmidokinesis: Manipulate Mists and Vapors.
* Atmokinesis: Manipulate Weather via Barometric Pressure and Humidity.
* Audiokinesis: Manipulate Sound Waves and Sonar.
* Aura Reading: See or otherwise detect the energy fields that emanate from all living subjects.
* Biochemical Control: Control the biological structure of one's own body.
* Biomanipulation: Altering one’s own DNA structure and personal body functions.
* Bodily Possession: The ability for one's consciousness to enter the body of another living being.

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