The background for your character is where you show what happened in their life that made them who they are today. Backgrounds should be as detailed as possible without feeling too bogged down by extraneous information; to this effect we allow you to bullet-point BG's for feature characters only. There is no minimum required background length, we just want to see a comprehensive and informative character history. All backgrounds should be properly formatted using two carriage returns (%r%r) between paragraphs. If you like you may include headings to each 'section' of the BG, which looks nice on the wiki page.
29 years old

- Born Diedre Thompson to a absentee mother, never knowing her father's name
- Lives in the red light district until she is taken away by child services at the age of 9
- Changes foster homes every couple of months
- Runs away at 16 for 2 months before being brought back to the system by police
- Lives her last 2 years of minor life between youth detention and running away
- Gets her GED at age 17
- Turns 18 and leaves the child detention center
- Gets a job at Pandora's Box fetish club
- Meets and marries Preston Vance, 82 yr old millionaire
- Preston dies, Deidre gets sued by Preston's children… loses everything
- Returns to fetish club, meets Nina Damfino a kindred spirit (Thelma to her Louise)
- Deidre and Nina start dating the owner of the club and head of a local biker gang, the Sirens
- Owner of the club gets a bounty placed on his head by a rival gang leader
- Deirde and Nina take the bounty and frame owner's second in command for the murder
- Deirde and Nina take over the Sirens and Pandora's Box
- Meets the fledgling criminal Riddler on a heist and immediately becomes enthralled
- Nina and Diedre join The Riddler in his manipulating mission, while still running Pandora's Box.

Blonde hair and green-eyed, Query appears to be the all-American-cheerleader girl next door. Appearances are deceiving. Tall, leggy, and highly athletic, Query has a dancer's body — lean, muscular, and balanced. Her limbs are long and graceful complete with long fingers. Thick, wavy, blonde hair cascades midway down her back underneath a blue police cap that sits atop her head. Her long, toned legs are accentuated by the black fishnet stockings and small purple high-heeled go-go boots she wears. Her green Riddler Team uniform is form-fitting, showing off her curvaceous body beneath it, and easily shows her current alignment with a single large black question mark on the front.

Finger Info
&species me=Human
&city me=Gotham
&occupation me=Henchwoman, Co-Owner of Pandora's Box
&align me=Villain
&team me=The Riddler Gang
&rating me=NC-17

Optional Finger
&email me=
&timezone me=
&themesong me=Hard by Rihanna
&quote me=
&online me=
&www me=
&note me=
@finger me=@pemit me=%N just fingered you

&height me=5' 7"
&weight me=115 lbs
&hair me=Blonde
&eyes me=Green
&app-age me=29
&info-* me=


All characters have skills of some sort. These are things that your characters knows how to do that have nothing to do with their powers or specials It is assumed that your character has basic life skills (basic cooking, cleaning, swimming, driving, high school education etc.) A write-up for those sorts of skills are not required. The skills only need to be areas in which the character has some expertise or training. A skill write-up can be done on anything from fighting abilities, to stamp collecting, to baseball and other sports. Other than the aforementioned basic life skills, if your character does not have it listed in their skills, they do not know it. All characters must have at least two skills that are not combat or crime oriented. If you are stuck, ask a staff member for help with ideas.

&skill_<name> me=<desc>

- Firearms
- Unarmed Combat
- Dancing
- Intimidation
- Fashion Sense
- Acrobatics
- Lockpicking
- Professional Distraction


Flaws are something that limits your character in some way. These can be physical, in regards to powers, or psychological. A physical flaw could be deafness, missing limb, crippling disease, or even smoking. A psychological flaw could be anything from being obsessed with killing a particular person to having multiple personalities would count.

Keep in min that not all flaws are necessarily bad, but simply limiting to the character. Extreme protectiveness could be a flaw. A hero would feel an overwhelming compulsion to protect children which could put them in some sticky situations.

Distinctive features - Tattoos
Secret Identity
Always obeys orders (aka Blind Loyalty)
Casual killer
Hatred of — Aristocrats and the bourgeois
In love with — Riddler
Rivalry — Echo
Enemies (BatClan, GCPD, Etc.)


There are two ways to set up the character's personality section. You can describe the character's personality in paragraph format or you can create your own headers, so it looks like the other attributes when it is read. Either way, it begins with the same command. To set the personality for your character type:

&pers1 me=<personality listing>
&pers2 me=<personality listing>

- Fearless


Mundane Things

- Residences (and the city they are in), vehicles, jobs, income.. etc etc..

  • The Riddle Factory
  • Pandora's Box

Super things

- Lab, costume, power suit, weapons, base of operations.. etc etc..

  • NygmaTech
  • Firearms


- The Riddler, Echo, The Riddler Gang, the Sirens

&res_<name> me=<desc>


Something important to the character that doesn't seem to fit into any other section. For example: Photographic memory.

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