Road Of Bones

Via Ossium, commonly called the Road of Bones, is one of the minor Roads that kindred may choose to follow in Vampire: The Dark Ages and Dark Ages: Vampire. It is primarily followed by Cappadocians/Giovanni, and its followers are called Scholars.

The followers of Via Ossium value knowledge above anything else. By intense study of the unknown, the Scholars keep their Beasts at bay. They will go to nearly any lengths to learn something new, but will not needlessly sacrifice themselves for a cause. After all, their own gathered knowledge is too important to let others handle. At the same time, Scholars do not fear death; indeed, as most Scholars are Cappadocian, they are fascinated by it. They view it as a powerful force to be studied, dissected, and rationalized so that they may understand their own existance better.

Members of other scholarly clans, such as the Giovanni, Tzimisce and Malkavians, are also known to follow Via Ossium.

Rating Minimum Wrongdoing

10. Showing fear of death

9. Failing to study an occurence of death

8. Refusing to kill when the opportunity presents itself

7. Refusing to feed when hungry

6. Succumbing to frenzy

5. Refusing to share insight with another follower of the Road

4. Letting compassion sway a decision

3. Acting in a sacrificial manner

2. Needlessly preventing a death

1. Showing aversion to death

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