Road Of Humanity

Other roads see Cainites as something apart from humanity, be they savage
hunters or ordained princes of the world. The followers of the Road of Humanity
see themselves as no diferent in mind or soul than their follow men. True, they
have a great and terrible burden laid upon them, but they cling to the vestiges
of their human nature. In the darkness of their souls, they work to fan the
dying embers of their humanity into a flame that can light their way. Let
others seek to become monsters or angels; the Prodigals consider themselves
human and will remain so.

The Beast represents all that the Prodigals struggle against: unceasing
hunger, depthless cruelty, selfishness and inhuman madness. To them, it is the
Beast that encourages Cainites to become monsters, and only by holding on to
those behaviors that are uniquely human can they deny the Beast and its urges.
But in order to survive, Prodigals must sometimes indulge those dark urges. They
must feed, and they must protect themselves against those who would destroy them.
These goads force a prodigal to forever struggle against the Beast, committing
small sins to forestall greater ones and seeking penance and redemption for
their actions when they can.

Prodigals are found most often among or near the common folk rather than the
nobility. Among them, they learn how to be human all over again, while
continually testing the strength of their convictions against the desires of
the Beast within. Of all Cainites, Prodigals seem the most normal to mortals,
and they are the least likely to stir feelings of either awe or mistrust
within them.

Sobriquet: Prodigals

Road Virtues: Conscience, Self-Control

Aura: Normalcy. The humanity the Prodigals hold in their hearts keeps them
from seeming so strange and frightening to mortals. The aura modifier affects
attempts at winning sympathy and appearing normal.

Paths: Path of Breath: Act as a man to be a man; breath, work, revel and
live. Path of Community: Alone you are damned; in company you can be saved.

Path of Vigor: To stop is to wither and die. Move and you shall live.

Hierarchy of sins against Humanity:

10. Selfish thoughts

9. Minor selfish acts

8. Injury to another person (deliberate or otherwise)

7. Theft and robbery

6. Accidental violation of another (e.g., drinking a vessel dry from

5. Wanton destruction

4. Impassioned violation of another (e.g., killing in frenzy)

3. Planned violation of another (e.g., murder)

2. Casual violation of another (e.g., wanton killing, feeding past

1. The most heinous and demented acts

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