Road Of Paradox

The Road of Paradox teaches that all existence is fluid and malleable. Nothing
is permanent or real, but is composed of variable amounts of ethereal matter.

The Ravnos refer to this matter as "weig". In its natural state, weig flows
willy-nilly from being to being, object to object, creating and destroying
without care. A given object can be filled with weig one moment and nearly
empty the next; such is change, such is existence.

According to the Ravnos, the Antediluvians are beings who were momentarily
filled with great amounts of weig and never released it. They strove to sculpt
reality into a fixed shape that would enable them to retain their new power. To
aid thier cause, they passed on small amounts of their weig, molding them into
their own images. Thus were other vampires created.

Ultimately, the weig must be released into the vortex. Ravnos who are far
along this Road actively seek to do so. They seek out items that retain weig -
"magic" items, Lupine fetishes and the like - and destroy them. The most
powerful of this Via seek out vampires with great amounts of weig - of low
generation - and do likewise.

Sobriquet: N/A

Road Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control

Aura: N/A

Paths: N/A

Hierarchy of sins against Change:

10. Refusing to commit diablerie upon an elder of another clan.

9. Refusing to lead a "locked" being into light - or into destruction

8. Showing any concern for mortals

7. Failing to acquire items or knowledge that would affect reality

6. Failing to trick others when the opportunity arises

5. Being caught altering another's reality via the select redistribution
possessions (known among the vulgar as stealing)

4. Refusing to destroy an empowered device

3. Actively joining or maintaining an existing Cainite power structure

2. Actively hindering change

1. Actively inducing boredom

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