Road Of Slain

The Via Einherjar, the Road of Slain, teaches strict adherence to the Norse
ethic of personal responsibility, courage in the face of adversity and
individual initiative. This road is usually followed by Scandinavian warriors
who chose to cling the trappings of their civilization, rather than becoming
vulgar like so many others.

The followers of Road of the Einherjar believe that by following the codes of
behaviour hallowed by the All-Father and Norse tradition, they can master the
Beast through courage and iron self-discipline. Many are the followers of the
Einherjar's Road who have died at the doors to their halls, forcing themselves
to watch the sun rise without fear.

The followers of the Road of the Einherjar are neither "virtuous" nor "good"
in the sense of the more humane or honorable vampires of certain other Roads. They
are brutal, direct, crass, self-serving, and often intolerable except to those
they respect. To their true friends, they are loyal to the death and would
willingly give their last possessions. Those who are not their friends are
objects to be beaten, scorned, cheated, robbed, raped and challenged until they
prove thier worth.

Sobriquet: N/A

Road Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control

Aura: Menace

Paths: N/A

Hierarchy of sins against Courage:

10. Stealing or cheating

9. Not challenging a weak leader

8. Begging or otherwise asking for help

7. Failing to kill for reasons of conscience

6. Failing to boast and spread tales of your actions

5. Hoaring or otherwise miserly actions

4. Performing an "unmanly" act such as making brag and failing to fulfill

3. Showing fear or hesitation in the face of peril

2. Running away from danger. Breaking a sworn oath

1. Backing down from a challenge

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