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Adoptable: Olivia Roland Wed Sep 08 Manhattan

When a former CIA Special Activities Division agent is brought out from the field and onto home soil to join a clandestine government organization designed to combat Evolved threats there's bound to be a story that needs to be told.

Enter Olivia Roland, ex-CIA operative turned agent of the Commonwealth Institute. Olivia is a taciturn woman operating in a typically male-dominated field, both CIA Special Activities and government field work. There's a chip on this agent's shoulder that goes to the bone, something that she refuses to talk about that continues to haunt her in the present. What is it?

That's for you to decide.

Appearing in a handful of scenes, all up until recently concealed under the cover of her Horizon Armor MkII, the pyrokinetic agent of the Institute and member of its internal security team has been a tertiary character waiting to be brought to the foreground. If you have an Evolved character slot open and are interested in adopting a PC with a flexible background and some character history and connections already intact, contact Manhattan via @mail or pages.

Agent Roland is a member of the Institute faction.

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