Rorg is the Planetary Incarna of Turog, a planet that was said to exist long ago. Long ago, so long that none save the Incarnae themselves remember Turog was destroyed. Some say that he quarreled with a mighty Wyrm-spirit who tore him into pieces. As a an insult to all, it is said the Wyrm-spirit scattered Turog's remains between Nerigal, the greatest warrior, and Zarok, the ruling one, so that neither would forget the Wyrm's Power. Now ruling the region is his Incarna Rorg, the Many-Taloned Hunter.

Despite the destruction of his physical body, Turog's hatred for the Wyrm and his ferocity will not allow him to die. Instead, each piece of him drew as close as to the other pieces as it could and resumed his place patrolling his region of the Aetherial heavens. The other Incarnae, knowing of the continual agony he endures, dared not gainsay him.

Savage Meteor Gardens

It isn't difficult to locate Rorg's realm. Even before leaving the edges of Nerigal's domain, one can see the asteroid field that lies before them. As travelers draw closer to the whirling and tumbling rocks, they hear an odd muffled sound. It is reminiscent to that of an ongoing howl of sorrow for a passing hero. Underneath that cry lies another, softer one, an agonized moan of unending pain. Hearing these sounds all the time in Rorg's domain has known to drive more than one Garou into Harano after staying for too long in the Many-Taloned Hunter's vicinity.

Travelers must thread their way through the careening debris of pitted gray rock in search of one of the larger pieces. Many of the smaller pieces seem to conspire against intruders, attempting to clash together and cause them harm. Though his pieces are scattered, they still respond to a single commanding intelligence and work together as much as they are able. When a piece that is a few miles in diameter has been found, one must land on it and attempt to communicate with Rorg more directly. Unless one is a Red Talon or a particularly savage Ahroun, don't expect a welcome.

There is little left among the scattered remains to attract anyone, nothing anyone could want, not even a tempting target for corruption. What were once rumored to be pristine landscapes of vast, dark forests, plains fat with game and mountains rich with prey are now circling blocks of barrenness. In some way the largest pieces function as his head and heart, but the smaller chunks seem interchangeable.

There is almost a strange pity felt for Rorg, and yet one almost admires him for remaining at his post despite all else. That is why those who know this can expect his hatred more easily, after all he was once a mighty hunter. In fact, he still possesses the ability and likes to prove it to travelers as much as possible. But he is now in temperament more like a the wounded beast that searches desperately for some escape from the inevitable. This makes him unpredictable and dangerous.

Rorg's planet is no more. His own time is running out and he knows this. His ongoing torture and knowledge of his coming demise are what fill Rorg with such uncontrollable Rage. Just like the Red Talons, who find themselves scattered and adrift in the modern world, he may be facing the last savage days before he too ceases to be.

The Incarna himself might not be deign to appear to anyone in particular, and is know to refuse to respond to travelers presences before. If he does meet however one should be prepared to defend their right to exist. Like pups trying to explain to the meanest alpha within a protectorate why should should be given any say in sept matters, one must respond to any of Rorg's questioning with their own savagery and pride. If travelers do this, he may respect them and realize he cannot bully them — or he may just tear out their throats for impertinence. He may be diminished and dying, but he is still an Incarna.

Rorg's Hunt

Although various asteroid pieces can come together, the Incarna can briefly call several of them into an alignment which provides him with territory over which to stage a hunt. When he does this, each piece takes on a role. Some become ground on which to walk on, others assume the guise of hedges or trees, lakes and hills, while more become the coursing hounds who accompany those on the hunt. The nature of this hunt is rather secretive and no one gives any details. however Rorg will ask travelers to join his hunt. Travelers are free to refuse.

If one completes the rigors of this Hunt and proves themselves to Rog, like the other Incarna, he might be inclined to help them in their quests. Either by giving them items of power or through teaching them gifts.

Dangers of the Realm

The main threat in the realm is the Incarna himself. Rorg is not too stable. While he has not yet completely lost his sanity, there is a savage darkness that burns within him awaiting a spark to set it ablaze. He's like a cornered grizzly that's been wounded. His non-feral aspects literally hang by a thread and he could snap at any time. Nevertheless, Rorg evokes some feelings of sadness, loss and pity from those who see him. He, like the dwindling Garou (especially the Red Talon), may be facing his last hours, and like his wolf cousins, doesn't really understand why. Nor does he know what the other Incarna do not help him. If travelers prove too disrespectful or too reluctant to acknowledge his authority and his right to the hunt, it may be the push that sends him fully into insanity. If that where to happen he would become a force of sheer, savage fury that knows no reason and gives no quarter…

Stone Crushers - The smaller asteroids of Rorg's realm serve as at least a modicum of protection for the Incarna. When anyone enters unannounced, they move our of their paths and try to clash together to hinder, slow or harm the intruders. they continue trying until those entering the realm settle onto an asteroid large enough to support all of them easily. Avoiding them isn't easy, tricky at best, but doable.

Despairing Moan - this moaning howl continuously plays under everything that goes on in the realm. Not always audible, not always consciously acknowledged, it nonetheless has an effect on one's nerves. Every hour spent here can cause even the most stalwart to enter Harano…

Rorg as a Totem

Rorg won't act as a pack totem to any group without at least one Red Talon, and he refuses to patronize packs he considers "lenient." Even so, his patronage can be useful, as his children draw on a portion of his scattered yet unified power.

Rorg tends to appear in two guises. His preferred from is that of a huge snarling red-coated world with talons like scythes and gleaming silver teeth. Rorg's amber eyes burned with rage and foam ran from his mouth. He prowls his territory with hackles upraised to let travelers know beyond any doubt who rules here. The Incarna snaps at anyone who dares come too close to him, though he will listen to what they have to say.

His other form is human, or nearly so, though he seems to prefer to remain a wolf most often. Tall and muscled, his hair and beard are wild and matted, of a dark auburn colour. His eyes remain amber, but somehow seem even more feral in this form than in the other. On his head he wears a rack of antlers draped with forest growth, or perhaps they grow there naturally. His clothing seems to be made of tree bark woven with wood. The Incarna's cloak is made of fur — rabbit, fox, marten and such — his feet are wrapped in leather. On his hands he wears wolf's claws and his teeth are filed to points. At his hip, strung upon a belt of twisted vines, hands a hollowed horn.

Whenever Rorg's children act as a pack to accomplish a goal, whether teaming up against a single opponent in combat or pooling their knowledge to devise a plan, they will always find any thing relating to that task that much easier. Furthermore, Rorg grants his children a deep connection with their primal selves and teaches the Galliard Gift: Mindspeak.

Children of Rorg are not allowed to forgive until any crimes committed against them or their loved ones have been justly punished.

Rorg, The Many-Taloned Hunter: The Thirteenth Sign

Aetherial Realm - Asteroid Belt
Auspice - Ahroun
Colours - Dark Gray
Element - Spirit
Other Names - Legion
Quality - Instinct
Tarot Card - Tower
Tribe - Red Talons
Vices - Hatred
Virtues - Cooperation
Zodiac Correspondence - None

Though not part of the lunar year, the Celestine known as Rorg, the Many-Taloned Hunter, occupies a vital place in Garou astrology. Known to the Star Gazers as the Thirteenth Sign, Rorg presides over catastrophic change and our instinctive responses to disaster.

The Many-Taloned Hunter makes his lair in the asteroid belt between the solar system's inner and outer planets.

Associated closely with cyclic change and recurring cataclysms, Rorg hovers in the spaces between the starts, waiting for the day when his separated aspects can reassemble themselves into one whole being. Dark gray, associated with doom and darkness, is the colour attributed to Rorg. Long ago, so Garou legends tell, the Many-Taloned Hunter existed as a planet whose orbited placed it somewhere between that of Mars and Jupiter. A great catastrophe cause that planet to burst asunder, scattering its lifeless pieces throughout what was once its natural orbit. Some say that one of the largest pieces of Rorg struck Earth in its earliest days, causing life to take a drastic new direction from its original evolutionary process.

Rog favors the Ahroun auspice, since its multiplicity of forms resembles an army on the march. Although the Hunger does not "rule" over any given lunar month, some Garou seen to gravitate toward Rorg as their patron. regardless of the actual sing of their birth. Because of this, Garou who claim Rorg as their celestial ruler do so out of choice rather than accident. Rorg's Ahroun are born to the tactics of the pack, overwhelming their foes by sheer force of numbers. Philodox who claim Rorg's patronage make their decisions by instinct or by group consensus, while his Galliards favor extemporaneous performances and endeavor to draw their audiences into participating along with them. Rorg's Theurges favor Gifts that increase their battle-readiness, while Ragabash who follow the Many-Taloned Hunter sometimes turn destructive in their tricks.

Long before their hideous transformation into the Black Spiral Dancers, the White Howlers enjoyed the favor of Rorg. Known for their fierceness in battle and their ability to act as group, the Howlers exemplified the cooperative principle represented by the many parts of the Hunter. But when they were lost to the Wyrm, Rorg looked elsewhere. He found another, possibly even more sympathetic tribe in the Red Talons. The Talons' mourning for species lost to extinctions strikes a chord in Rorg's heart; the Tribe and the Incarna are well-matched in their sense of loss and their savage desire for revenge.

Western astrology has no precise counterpart for the Thirteenth Sign, though many astrologers admit to the cosmic influence of sever of the larger asteroids — specifically the four largest bodies that inhabit the asteroid belt, attributing them to Juno, Ceres, Pallas Athena, and Vesta.

Rorg's strength lies in the virtue of cooperation, an asses to Garou, whose natural tendencies lead them to work as a pack. Hatred and desire for vengeance represent the chief weaknesses of the Many-Taloned Hunter.

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