Ruatma is the Planetary Incarna of Uranus. Following the star road to Ruatma's realm one may notice that it becomes more fluid in nature until travelers are actually moving along through water. Though at first it feels odd, one will find that they can traverse it as easily as any other path. This may be Ruatma's and Shantar's way of preparing visitors for their realms. Many who observe the Shadowed One feel frustrated by its blandness. Those who do don't appreciate seeing its cool, pale clue green surface framed against the blackness. Although more difficult to make out than Lu-Bat's glorious showcases, Ruatma also has a ring. Rumor says that the planet's atmosphere extends up into the ring and it is slowly disintegrating.

Ruatma corresponds to the planet Uranus, the least understood and most mysterious of all those in the system. His unchanging featurelessness, which hides whatever lies below it, seems appropriate for one who is the patron to the Shadow Lords and Theurges. Ruatma is a watery world in the earthly realm. It consists of a simple rock core, water and atmosphere. It lies tipped over on its side by over 90 degrees, meaning that one of its poles faces the sun, then its side, then its other pole and so on. The planet rotates in a retrograde motion — opposite direction from most of the other planets. here in the [[Aetherial Realm|Aetherial]], it remains much the same, which causes its moons to orbit in odd patterns. When one of the poles faces the sun, the moons circle in concentric rings as if creating a giant target with the planet as the bullseye. When it is side-on, the moons travel around the equator in a vertical fashion, traveling up and over, down and around. When the other pole faces the sun, it reverts to its target pattern, but the moons circle in the opposite direction. All this change in the moons tends to attract attention to ''them'' rather than to the planet, which seems bland and uninteresting in comparison. This makes the Incarna quite happy. He likes nothing better than obfuscation and distraction that allows him to keep his true depths hidden.

Night Flight To Uranus

While one can touch down on some of the moons, travelers will find nothing of interest there. That doesn't mean that there aren't structures however, in fact, the opposite is true. Scattered about th e moons lie ancient ruins, intriguing alien-looking structures, weird rune-covered obelisks and enticing underground bunkers. The Incarna apparently counts on those who are most familiar with solid land to be distracted by these and stop to investigate them. Inside are dozens of odd items that seem as though they should do something, yet they cannot be made to function. Strangely shaped furnishings complete the image of an alien community's outpost that has been inexplicably abandoned. In fact, it all means nothing. If visitors feel more comfortable on dry land, but the Incarna won't stop them from staying in one of the buildings for a time, so they may serve some sort of purpose after all.

The Shadowed One's true lair lies within the depths of his blue-green sea, a planet-sized ocean on a planet over five times the size of Earth. It should come as no surprise that if Ruatma wants to be left in peace, visitors have little choice in the matter. Should he not wish to see travelers, Ruatma can remain hidden indefinitely. Even should they search his entire realm, there would be no guarantee that they'd find anything. Luckily, the Incarna himself is a curious sort. He does not like to share his own secrets, but loves to learn those of others. If travelers com directly into the watery depths of his domain and make themselves at home, he will eventually approach them to learn why they are there. They need not worry about the storms and swirling waters hidden by the bland blue atmosphere. Ruatma has no need to make his realm difficult for traveler; he merely makes it obscure.

It does seem odd moving through icy water as though one were walking atop clouds in the spirit otrery, and many visitors find that they cannot overcome the feeling that if they breathe in the water they will drown — despite not needing to breathe in several other parts of the Aetherial. Logic has nothing to do with this. After all, it is entirely illogical that one cling to physical limitations at all. Nonetheless, we must adhere to some familiar practices or lose ones' sense of self. To that extent all are creatures of habit. If you really want to fasten on the strangeness of it consider this: Ruatma's realm is far from [[Hyperion]]'s heat and Ruatma has little of its own. The "water" that visitors are traveling through is actually over 150 degrees below zero. Still, it's unnerving to enter a seemingly endless, featureless sea and await the Incarna's interest. Once travelers gain his attention, he will lead them to a vast underwater cavern where he prefers to meet with those who enter his realm peaceably.

Ruatma is mainly interested in visitors because they may bring him information that he does not already possess. he may be willing to trade on a one-for-one basis. It little matters to the Shadowed One that his information may be a Gift or the secrets to an ancient rite while ours may be nothing more than news of our travels or gossip concerning another Incarna. It has been long suspected that every bit of news he gathers he relates to the other bits of knowledge and thereby receives a much larger picture than any single bit could give him by itself. If he is particularly pleased by what travelers have to say, he might even be induced to part with a fetish or talen, though he usually requires some sort of service or quest to do so.

Ruatma's Shadowed Caverns

Though the realm seems featureless to passerbys, Ruatma himself knows it intimately and will lead them to the caverns. One must simply trust him, for they can barely tell up from down, east from west in this murky realm. One may not remember much after visiting these caverns, due to the intimidating feel of them. After swimming for what seems like for days, ever downward, changing direction seemingly at random, one arrives at the opening to Ruatma's stronghold. the interior is barely visible due to the heavy shadows, which begin just beyond the entryway. Ruatma provides small globes of some pinkish substance that glow feebly to travelers. They illuminate the way just enough for one to se where one is stepping, but now real details of the floor, ceiling or walls. Once within, one follows what seems to be a natural cavern into an even larger cave. Here Ruatma seats himself upon a throne that looks as if it were carved from aquamarine and gathers his cloak about himself so that all his features are hidden. Only after one is there for sometime while their eyes adjust to the light do they notice all the silent sentinels, spirit beings apparently made of water and matching the colouration exactly.

The Incarna tends to expect visitors to his realm to tell him things they may not always know. Occasionally, voicing a question or asking about other subjects. However, travelers are allowed to ask for his knowledge. Most questions he instructs one or another of the sentinels to answer, but he himself may answer. One isn't sure of how complete his answers are, but one is left with the feeling that he could tell them more if he wished to.

Dangers of the Realm

WARNING: This is out of character information and is here only for STs to know.

Privy Information: The Real Ruatma - Although Ruatma is always referred to as male, the Incarna is, in fact, a female spirit. She allows others to perceive her as male because she understands that even among higher beings, there exists prejudice that equates the male principle with strength, stamina, ability, greater tactical knowledge and even higher intelligence and the ability to keep secrets. She knows that the Shadow Lords would have less respect for her, as would many of the more traditional Theurges if they knew, so she simply doesn't tell them. Should anyone uncover her secret before she is ready to reveal it, she might be tempted to incarcerate them (as she does those who discover her other plans). For now the Shadowed One remains the greatest mystery of her realm.

Ruatma has taken great pains to make certain there are no overt dangers in "his" domain. The last thing the Incarna wants is to attract unwanted attention to her hidden world. Whiles this makes travelers less likely to be attacked, it also makes a journey to the world a trifle boring for heavy action types. Here, there are no physical threats — at least, not initially. The only real danger in the domain is Ruatma.

The Incarna possesses secret prophecies regarding both the Perfect Metis child and the Red Star, prophecies she has not shared with the other Incarnae. These indicated that the fate of the child and the star are somehow linked. According to her studies, Ruatma has uncovered evidence that leads her to believe that the child will (with the right guidance of course) become an entity known as the Shadow Queen.

While she wishes no real harm to come to Gaia, Ruatma wants to become more important in the scheme of things. She sees her road to doing this by becoming the guardian, teacher and advisor to the Metis child. Ruatma sees no treachery in this; she feels it only fair that she should take what is due to her. Any advice she may offer to travelers beyond leaving the child in her care is false no matter how useful it might actually be. She is simply setting them up to trust her and eventually turn the child over to her. At some point in visits, Ruatma may approach one or more of a group to sound them out about the wisdom of entrusting the child to her. She points out that she can hide the child better than any other Incarna and also educate the child from her own vast store of arcane knowledge.

If she cannot convince travelers to support her, however, Ruatma will not want them going anywhere they might blab what they know to anyone else. She will order her sentinels to imprison them further back in the caverns and to keep them from escaping by any means short of killing them. Ruatma doesn't want to kill any Garou, she knows that they are Gaia's defenders, she simply wants more time to persuade them that she is right. Those held by Ruatma will not be mistreated, simply held against their wills. Travelers may try to escape once the Incarna has turned her attention elsewhere and defeating the sentinels who guard the cell (good luck with that) or by convincing the Incarna they have come around to her way of thinking (the chances of which are extremely slim to none, though there is still a chance.)

Once free of Ruatma's realm, regardless of what they know (other than the whole gender thing), the Incarna does not pursue the escaping, preferring to hide herself ever more thoroughly and trust that others won't believe them.

Ruatma as a Totem

The Shadowed One may grant supplicants one or two of her secrets, but is unwilling to make long-term promises of patronage. Ruatma is not available as a pack or personal totem. Period.

Ruatma, The Shadowed One: The Eleventh Lunar Month

Aetherial Realm - Uranus
Auspice - Theurge
Colours - Pale aqua
Element - Water
Other Names - Ouranos, Wotan, Siku
Quality - Secrecy
Tarot Card - Star
Tribe - Shadow Lords
Vices - Treachery
Virtues - Diplomacy, discretion, secrecy, strategy
Zodiac Correspondence - Aquarius

In the eleventh lunar month, the Garou again turn their attention to secret ways and means. Guided by the influence of Ruatma, the Shadowed One, we discover the hidden country of dreams and the secret world of signs and portents. They also learn how best to manipulate the dreams and desires of others in order to achieve their goals.

Ruatma makes his home in the realm of uranus, the planet associated with sleep and dreams as well as with awakening to new possibilities. The much-vaunted "Age of Aquarius" would have claimed Uranus as its guiding spirit, but it has come to naught —- humans, as usual, have only lightly scrabbled in the sand for their answers. Pale aqua, colour of the sea, corresponds to this time of year and reminds one of the oceanic current of the unconscious though that gives birth to to new ideas.

Ruatma favors the Theurge auspice for its emphasis on deciphering the secrets of power. Theurges born under the influence of Ruatma prove adept at reading signs and portents, interpreting dreams and planning how best to use their Gifts to direct matters in a subtle fashion. Ruatma-born Ahroun excel in underhanded (though not necessarily dishonorable) battle tactics, taking advantage of every weakness shown them by their enemies. Philodox born during the eleventh lunar month demonstrate a strong flair for negotiation and diplomatic solutions, while Galliards use their knowledge of lore and legend to manipulate the emotions of their listeners. Ragabash who fall under the patronage of the Shadowed One employ a host of dirty tricks to undercut authority.

Ruatma relishes the Shadow Lords' flair for subtle manipulation and shadowy dealings. As consummate diplomats, the Lords epitomize Ruatma's position as the power behind the throne rather than the front-line leader.

Western astrology attributes this month to Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Ruled by Uranus, the sky titan of the ancient Greeks, Aquarius also symbolizes Ganymede, the cupbearer to the gods and, by implication, the confidant of may of the immortals, Uranus represents the power of insight to break down existing limits and restructure the world in new ways.

The best qualities of Ruatma emphasize subtle diplomacy and keen understanding of hidden meanings. The Shadowed One's greatest fault lies in a tendency toward treachery, whenever ambition and selfishness assume the upper hand.

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