Sandra Bennet

Claire, turn that off. You know it upsets Mr. Muggles."

Sandra Bennet
Portrayed By Ashley Crow
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 8, 1967
Age 42
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Mrs. Bennet, Mom
Place of Birth Dallas, TX, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Housewife, mother
Known Relatives Claire (daughter), Lyle (son)
Significant Other Noah Bennet
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Genesis

Dutiful wife, loving mother, and manager of Mr. Muggles' career as a showdog; with all of that going on, Sandra Bennet still finds time in the day to make waffles for breakfast and bake a batch of cupcakes for an after school snack. It ain't easy.


She was born Sandra Gallagher, in a sleepy town in rural Texas. She led a happy childhood, loved and adored by her parents, overprotected by her two older brothers. Her early life was filled with beauty pageants, state fairs, and various cheer leading competitions, needless to say, she was a little busy. Sandra's mother was the perfect housewife and mother. Her three children were managed with a strict color coordinated chart for school, activities and sports. There was no deviation.

Upon reaching high school, life opened up more for young Sandra. In grade nine, Sandra met Bobby Ray Schneider, he was a lineman for the Gorman Panthers. She was instantly smitten and did whatever it took to get his attention, usually this involved being at the top of the pyramid. In grade ten they started dating, by grade eleven they were engaged to be engaged. In grade twelve, he cheated on her with Patty Sue Clemmons. The Panthers never did make it to State, Bobby Ray never made it past auto shop, and the September following her graduation, Sandra moved away to college on a cheer leading scholarship. Patty Sue? She disappeared after high school and was never heard from again.

Her entire life, Sandra had been content to spend her years residing solely in the Lone Star State. Until Bobby Ray, she would have been completely content with staying in Gorman. And even though she went to a small state school near Austin, it might have well been a thousand miles away. The canary had been set free. As an English major, she was exposed to Dickens, Copperfield, Rand, Whitman and Wilde. She tasted adventure, romance, and developed a little bit of a wild side (just a little one). She wanted to emulate the great poets and writers of the early 20th century. Destination Paris, ticket for one please. Unfortunately, in many cases, life does not emulate art and rather than meeting Louis or Pierre in Paris, Sandra met Noah in San Marcos.

Sandra was young, just finding herself, and letting loose for the first time in her life. Noah was structured, goal oriented, and following a firm five year plan. As he completed his fourth year, he had taken a job as a TA for Sandra's favorite English professor. The young freshman barely gave the man a second glance, sure he was a little older, quite intelligent and mature, but she was on a mission of self discovery. For his part, even back then, Noah knew how to wait for the right time. Group study sessions turned into casual dates, those few dates blossomed into a steady relationship that bore strong feelings, and soon those feelings were called love. A few short months before Sandra received her diploma, everything that had seemed so important (Louis or Pierre, Paris, poetry and travel) now seemed so trivial. So instead of a salon style apartment with a view of the Arc de Triomphe, Sandra happily settled into a ranch style house in Odessa.

One would think that a man with a degree would be able to get a job somewhere other than a paper company but Sandra never questioned. Noah always made sure they had enough money for whatever they wanted and his frequent business trips must have meant that he was rising swiftly through the ranks. Now, Noah wasn't exactly a chauvinist pig, but he knew that he brought home more than enough bacon, there was no reason for Sandra to look for a job other than out of boredom. After having a whole year to decorate, redecorate, and perfect the ambiance of the Bennet home she was beginning to skim the classifieds. Ergo, one year after their wedding, over a romantic dinner with flowers and wine, a baby was discussed.

Armed with another project, Sandra spent her days preparing for the inevitable news that she was expecting, it never came. After months of continued disappointment, she was beginning to think that perhaps there was something wrong. Doctors were visited, tests were run, no answers here found. While Sandra was at home fretting about reproductive woes, Noah was at the paper company… closing in on the bad guys? Sandra needed something to get her mind off of things.

Enter Princess Patricia Puffypaws, a chocolate Pomeranian and perfect distraction from the seemingly endless bad news. A young puppy had most of the basic needs of a baby, aside from the diaper changes, and this one came from champion lines. Unwilling to allow the little ball of fluff to become simply a house pet, Sandra joined the dog show circuit, participating in every local event she was allowed in. Although the new hobby was quite time consuming, the furry little angel did not make up for the lack of a human baby.

Claire entered Sandra's life when she was closing in on her 25th year and struggling with yet another negative answer from yet another doctor. She and Noah had tried to talk about adoption, but agencies had a reputation of taking years. The few applications and meetings they'd had turned up fruitless and private adoption became the obvious answer. Subsequently, when Noah called home one day and broke the news that one of the agencies had come through for them, Sandra was beside herself, not questioning a thing. That day, she went out and bought everything to finish their nursery and from the moment she laid eyes on the baby, little Claire was the light of her life. She couldn't have asked for a more perfect child, it didn't matter if she and Noah weren't her biological parents, Claire was theirs.

When Claire was approximately a year and a half old, Noah and Sandra were finally approved for the adoption of a baby boy they named Lyle. Now their family was complete and Sandra's days were kept busy with cooking, cleaning and caring for the children and her beloved dog. When Claire was about ten years old and Lyle about 8, Princess Patricia Puffypaws was hit by a car and subsequently died. She was old and blind, possibly suffering from dog senility and wandered out of the yard and onto the road. It was a sad day for the family, especially Sandra who treated the little ball of fluff like it was one of her children. As a family they grieved, and Noah (being the hero) put their names on another adoption list. This time with a Pomeranian breeder from California.

Now, responsible breeders are very serious when it comes to their dogs and responsible owners don't just pick up the first puppy that catches their eye. As the Bennet children grew a little older, Sandra waited for placement of a new puppy. Mr. Muggles was born on March 25th, 2003, weighing in at 4.25 oz. He was 12 weeks old when he officially became the newest member of the Bennet family.

Inevitably, the lies that her husband told her for most of their married life came to the forefront. It was a devastating time and for a little while no one in the household could have predicted whether or not Sandra was going to actually stick by Noah. Truly, if it had been anyone else, the man with the horned rimmed glasses would have found himself without a family to come home to, but this was Sandra and she was cut from a different fabric. She had made a vow to him on their wedding day, for better or for worse, she would stand beside him until death they part. More than once it had come close to that, especially in light of the medical condition surrounding her memory alteration. Though it was hard to forgive, with enough counseling and the promise of better communication eventually Sandra was able to put the past behind them and look toward the future.

Since his years with the Company Noah has kept true to his word, he has disclosed as much as he can to Sandra. After his first 'resignation' he was brought back into the fold to avoid Claire being recruited or tested on. Luckily his experience and expertise with the evolved gave him enough pull to have them leave her alone. He served with them up until Pinehearst was destroyed. Due to Sylar and then Nathan (under the influence of Logan) going after Claire, the Bennet family lived in hotels around New York City for about a half a year and were in hiding. This sort of life took its toll, eventually Sandra won the fight and the family settled into a permanent residence.


Sandra is a fairly simple personality, what you see is what you get. She's fiercely loyal and protective of her family and the things that are important to her. Her love for her husband has weathered obstacles that would have split other couples. She's not naive, she's trusting. She's not dumb, she's blindly devoted. Sandra's skills as a housewife are enough to put Martha Stewart to shame.

When it comes to Noah, Sandra is the weaker of the personalities. She trusts him to do what is best for their family and supports him in almost every decision he makes. There are a few times where their decisions conflict, most of them due to lack of communication between the two. She believes that Noah is a little too harsh and protective of Claire, but that is only because she doesn't have all of the information that her husband has.

Toward her children, Sandra is the confidant and bridge between them and their father's strict rules. She intervenes on their behalf and becomes the voice of reason when the children feel their father is being too strict. Sandra is not a pushover however and isn't beyond laying down the law when a rule she feels is fair has been broken.




  • "Well, I never. You just stay put, Mr. Muggles and be a good boy. To think I would just leave you out in the rain. Don't those security guards know who you are? That you're the cutest and best toy dog to ever win the Texas Dog Show? Quick, Claire, are they looking this way? Let's hurry and find the skirt rack before they get too suspicious." - to Mr. Muggles in her purse


  • Sandra is a long-time fan of the band Def Leppard.
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