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It's been nice. The cast and crew are glad to have her back, and most have had the good sense to not bother her about what happened. Rumour has it that she's leaked information to a couple close friends - like Taine - but other that that, Erin's been mostly silent about the whole thing.

While she's not filming today, she's on set, touching base with some of the set technicians. It's strange, they say, she's a lot less demanding than she was before. Maybe she'll fall back into old habits as time goes on. Hell, she even said 'please' at one point today… It really freaked a few people out!

Standing near the buffet table with a script in-hand, Erin looks… tired. She's still got a wonderful bruise on one side of her face, and she looks like she could really use some sleep. When told this, though, she's commented that sleeping is difficult at the moment. Really, she's sleeping fine, but it's the resurgence of nightmares that are making her nights less restful. At the moment, she's not even reading any of her own set directions… She's thinking about what the hell she's going to do with the prisoner she's got locked up in her apartment. Christ, if someone finds out he's there, Erin's going to go to jail for a very long time.


Everyone is so glad to have Erin back, everyone except for one dainty diva who has been displaced ever since the return. Not that Hallis isn't happy that Erin is back, she's just not happy that she isn't the center of attention anymore. Therefore, after an initial and very sweet 'Hello, welcome back', she's been quiet and hidden in her dressing room whenever she isn't needed.

Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe (no names needed, they're really just there to make her look good) have been fussing over her a little too much. Crowding her at every available opportunity, not that she doesn't appreciate all of the attention but those three aren't the right attention. So, she decided to escape.

It's took a little bit of work, but thankfully the dressing area is really mostly prop wall and curtain. It's a surprise that no one's been either crushed or surprised in mid change. Sneaking out from under the giant heavy fabric hanging around, Hallis scrambled her way out from the watchful eyes of the trio and ended up under the buffet table. Just as she was about to crawl out from there, a pair of legs belonging to Erin McCarty appear right in front of her.

"Oh fff-darn it," the young socialite curses silently to herself. It's not exactly the woman she wants to see while she's shirking work. Everyone knows how big of a terror Erin can be when she's on a kick, Hallis was warned more than a dozen times about it.


Erin, for her part, has been mostly avoiding Hallis, just because the other woman feels a lot like a 'replacement,' even if that's not the case. They'll have to interact at some point; Erin is just delaying the inevitable.

Lately, she's been hyper-sensitive to people watching her, though. It seems like there are eyes on her all the time. Well… more than usual, anyway. Perhaps that's a good thing since if people are watching her in large numbers, she'll be less likely to disappear again. No, that was her mistake before - believing she was invincible because she was famous. She'll never make that mistake again.

In any case, hearing Hallis under the table causes an almost instinctive reaction. Needless to say, this first encounter is going to be… interesting. Pulling the tablecloth back, she hones right in on Hallis, and her blue eyes - thankfully not glowing at the moment, as that would be really hard to explain - stare daggers at her costar. They soften - just slightly - when she sees who it is. "What the hell are you doin' under the table?" Erin asks, dropping down to one knee so she can better converse. "Don't you have shit to do?"


It's a good thing that in preparation for a scene, Makeup had dusted the young celebutante's face with gold dust because Hallis visibly blanches. Her mouth goes dry and she balks as her large blue eyes meet those of Erin's.

"I uhm… needed… I'm sorry! I just needed air!" Hallis exclaims, loudly. The commotion of setup and the crew just stop and pause and look toward the buffet table. Whatever Erin is doing is ignored out of sheer respect for the actress, but Hallis… under a table? Why?

Very slowly, almost sheepishly, Hallis crawls out from under the table and brushes her clothing off. "I actually didn't know the back of my dressing room led to the buffet table… I would have picked a better escape route if I'd known." Known that she'd run into Erin, that is. Turning, she browses the lavish selection and picks out a carrot stick or two from the mix. "Uhm… I'm glad you're back."


Erin's heard a bit about Hallis since being back, mostly stuff that came down to her 'through the grapevine.' Actors talk. They're bitches. Hallis is a Diva, she's particular. Which means Erin's next reaction could make a friend or an enemy out of this woman. Given that they're all working on the same set together, it's probably wisest to choose the former. After considering this and weighing her options, Erin goes for a road right between the two, because she neither wants friends on the set - liabilities - or enemies - bigger liabilities.

"I hear the air under the buffet table is nice," she says dryly, turning to glare at the crew who are wondering what Hallis is doing. God, they're so nosy! In fact, she should say that outloud. "Nosy," is muttered so that Hallis can hear, before Erin turns away from her newfound acquaintance and stands. The script is given another glance-over. "Not sure what you're escaping from. If you're hiding from monsters, t'ch." She chuckles. "There are a lot of monsters out there worse than I am." For example, the one she's got in her living room.


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