Setite Sorcery

The Divine Hand

System: Every application of the Divine Hand calls for a successful Intelligence + Occult roll, difficulty of the effects level + 3. The spell to activate the Divine Hand takes at least five minutes to cast. In order to affect a target, the Lector-Priest must have a model (eg; toy cars, toys, or wooden, hand crafted houses). Mortals, spirits, or supernatural creatures must be hand-crafted by the Lector-Priest out of beeswax. Words of power are inscribed while the magician chants invocations to the gods.

Making an adequate model of a person or object calls for a Perception + Crafts roll (difficulty 6-8, based on the details of the target). The player needs a single success. If the model is especially good (many successes rolled) the Storyteller may grant a small reduction of difficulty to the roll for the actual spell. Conversely, if the magician did not try very hard the Storyteller may raise the difficulty by 1.

1 • Hand of Ptah

System: The magician can inflict (or repair) two health levels of damage on inanimate objects beneath 200 pounds (wooden support beam, furniture, small motorcycle) or exert a force equal to a Strength of 3.

2 •• Hand of Khnum

System: For each success the player rolls, the magician can inflict on health level of lethal damage upon a mortal victim. In order to affect a mortal (human or animal), the magician must inscribe the person's name on the wax doll and incorporate bits of the person (snippet of hair, fingernail clippings, etc.). A "True Name" removes the need for body parts.

Alternatively, she can exert Strength 2 against the person for each success rolled (squeezing her hand around the doll to immobilize). Against inanimate objects, the magician can inflict four health levels of damage or exert a Strength of 6. Objects up to 1000 pounds (telephone pole, steel support beam, dumpster) can be affected.

3 ••• Hand of Anubis

System: The magician can now affect supernatural beings (though not Wraiths or Spirits). This powers requires two blood points and two points of temporary Willpower. For every success rolled, the magician can inflict one health level of lethal damage to a supernatural target.

Alternatively, the magician can inflict up to six health levels of damage to inanimate objects (up to 5000 pounds; a car or speedboat) or exert a Strength of 9. This application does not cost vitae or Willpower.

4 •••• Hand of Thoth

System: The magician can now affect Wraiths and Spirits. The spirit's True Name is required or an object of the deceased (a Fetter). The magician can also affect spirits that she sees directly. This power requires two blood points and two points of temporary Willpower. For every success, the magician inflicts one health level of lethal damage to the spirit.

The magician can inflict up to eight levels of damage to an inanimate object (up to 20,000 pounds; a semi, limo, Learjet), or exert Strength 12 without spending vitae or willpower.

5 ••••• Hand of Heka

System: Magical powers can be transmitted to affect any target anywhere in the world. The transmitted power can be a Discipline, Thaumaturgy path, or ritual power. Purely physical effects such as Feral Claws or Quietus cannot be transmitted, but effects such as a love potion or Presence can be. To do so, the magician spends two blood points and two Willpower points to affect a supernatural or spiritual target. The player must also spend any blood for the transmitted magic and make seperate dice rolls for the Hand of Heka and the transmitted magic. Either or may fail. To influence mortals or spirits, the magician needs their True Name, body relics, Fetters, or Line of Sight.

Inanimate objects of up to 100,000 pounds (small house, yacht, passenger plane) can be affected. 10 Health Levels of damage can be inflicted, or a Strength 15 can be exerted.

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