The Ground Rules
  1. No tapping on the fish tank *
  2. No walking on the zebra skin rug in the living room - the fur is hot lava… hot hot lava. *
  3. No peeing on the toilet seat - I will make you lick it up…. or Andra will. *
  4. Do not go into my bedroom. EVER. *
  5. No drinking my special water. It's the kind that's carb free with low calories. *
  6. No digging in the closets. *
  7. No wearing my clothes or trying on my shoes. *
  8. No playing with my makeup. *
  9. When my door is closed, no noise. *
  10. If it looks expensive, it probably is. Don't touch it.
  11. If there's fingerprints on it, I'll know you touched it.
  12. No asking me questions about things. If you need to ask, the answer is "no".
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