The Keeper Of Elysium

"As is the keeper, so goes Elysium," is a familiar saying around the Camarilla, and quite true. The job title is mainly self-descriptive. The Keeper of Elysium is responsible for everything that occurs in Elysium and usually its environs as well. A Toreador wishing to schedule a recital, a Tremere giving a lecture on medieval alchemy, or two Brujah who are hosting a debate regarding current Kindred involvement with the police - all must speak first with the keeper. The kepper may cancel an event at any time, even minutes before it is to begin, on the grounds that it threatens security and the Masquerade (Whether or not the claim is accurate is irrelevent; the keeper has the authority to use it as she or he sees fit). Such power, while not as impressive as the scourge's right of descturction, can be used to great effect: the vampire who has spent months puffing himself up over a recital at Elysium only to have it blithely cancelled stands to lose a great deal of status.

Most Keepers are of ancillae status, which gives them the pull they need to hire or create sufficient security for Elysium. Contrary to popular thought, the majority of keepers are not Toreador as they tend to get distracted from their duties too easily in Elysium's environs.

The job comes with heavy responsibility and very few perks. A keeper is responsible for everything that occurs within Elysium's walls on his watch (and occasionally off of it too). While the position is a prestigious appointment, and it can garner a Kindred a great deal of status and recognition, it puts that Kindred under a microscope almost as intense as the prince's. This is because the position requires the keeper to interact with mortals on a fairly regular basis, monstrous Kindred (whether in mien or demeanor) are never considered for the job, unless they have some way to disguise themselves. The appointment is also usually a conditional one - the keeper can expect to be scruntinized for several gatherings regarding his policies on the Masquerade, moratls, security, and Elysium in general. The harpies are not kind to a failed keeper, if he's still around to accept their scorn.

On a nightly basis, the keeper must be certain Elysium abides by the major rules regarding the established Traditions and the Masquerade. He may be responsible for stopping weapons at the door, a job he often requests the sheriff to perform. On occasion, the keeper may play host, circulating among the visitors and making sure things are going smoothly. If the prince requests that refreshments be provided, the keeper must procure them. When several Kindred want to make use of Elysium to stage some event, the keeper needs to juggle the social calendar to ensure that everyone gets a turn, and that the Brujah's often noisy debates will not tramble the Malkavian performance artist's exhibit of silence. If a curious mortal peeks in the windows, or a hapless mortal security guard wanders into a Kindred gathering ay accident, the keeper must see about removing the intruders neatly. If an incident occurs that attracts the wrong kind of mortal attention, the keeper needs to clean it up, and he may call on any necessary resources to do so. All in all, the best keepers are the ones who are noticed the least.

Of all the positions in a city, this one is most likely to change hands frequently. The position is very much a political football, kicked back and forth between prince and primogen. Furthermore, the role offers a Kindred tremendous opportunities to fail; sooner or later every keeper manages to offend somebody. A wise keeper knows when to resign; a foolish one hangs on until the bitter end. If a vampire plays her cards right, she may hold the position of keeper three or four times within a few decades; talented keepers are often elevated into the role again and again.

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