The Whip

At times, even the most organized primogen can be overworked and stretched too think with demands for his or her time. Add to this a slow-moving discussion at a clan meeting, recalcitrant clan members and general voter lassitude, and the task of primogen can become unmanageable for any lone Kindred. It is for this reason there is a Whip.

The whip is not an official position within the Camarilla's hierarchy, but rather a recent phenomenon that seems based solely in countries with a democratic legislature. Whips are used in the mortal governments to keep members of a political party informed as to each other's doings, to keep discussions productive, and to round up the appropriate members when it is time for voting. In Camarilla cities, a number of clans employ whips for similar purposes. Princedoms within the United Kingdom and the United States make the most use of this post.

The utility of a whip depends on the size of the city and the clan's presence. If the clan only has four members within the city, then a whip might not be needed. However if the city is large with eight or more clan members, a whip can be very useful. Some clans have occasionally pressed their primogen to appoint whips when it becomes obvious that the primogen is overwhelmed with business. Whip appointments are usually conditional; often the whip is a Kindred who is of some influence within the clan so she will be listened to, but not so much that she potentially overshadows the primogen. A whip who begins to outshine his employer is likely to be replaced. On the other hand, a whip position may not be a reward but a warning. Since the whip is required to stay close to the primogen and mind his ways, appointing a troublemaker can be an effective way to put him on the hot seat and channeling his energies into something more constructive, or to ultimately put him under the spotlight until he inevitably makes a mistake.

Whips in clan meetings serve to goad discussions along by whatever means necessary. This can include filling in details the primogen may have forgotten, shouting down more vocal clan members to allow the quiet ones a chance to speak up, insulting someone into blurting out his true opinion or throwing out the occasional inflammatory gambit just to get the ball rollings. Whips may also attend to the reclusive clan members who cannot or will not attend clan meetings for reasons of their own. Furthermore, in many ways, the whip is also the primogen's assistant and right hand man. Serving as the "stenographer" for the clan during Primogen meetings, the whip more often is taking notes on everything else occurring during the meeting that the primogen may not notice while speaking or dealing with the prince, such as clothing, mannerisms, tone of voice, and reactions by those not primarily addressed. An observant whip can be worth his weight in gold when it comes time to interpret the meaning behind another primogen's uncharacteristic objection.

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