Vasha Kruger
Portrayed By Rhona Mitra
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 14, 1980
Age 30
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Ox (Cow)
Place of Birth Bekkersdal, South Africa
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Lieutenant, soldier of fortune
Known Relatives Jan Kruger (adoptive father), Elsa Gersbach (father's mistress)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Infatigable
First Appearance N/A

Vasha is the companion of one of the junior ambassadors of South Africa, Sol Hertzog. It has been rumored that she is linked to one of the warlords from around Beaconsfield and that Sol may either have dealings with them or is owned by them. Whatever the case, Vasha seems nothing more than a kept woman on the arm of a spoiled rich man. His wife and children are very rarely in the picture.


Bekkersdal, a township of Afrikans formed during the gold rush of 1945. Laborers were sent to live in the shanty town, wages were so low that citizens were forced to stay due to the simple fact that they couldn't afford to go anywhere else. This was the world Vasha was born into. Born of mixed heritage, she was labeled colored as a baby due to the fact that her mother was not white. She was raised by her maternal grandparents who refused to speak of her father or allow her mother to speak of him as well.

Vasha was five years old when she stopped sleeping regularly. Instead, she would remain quiet until everyone in the house was asleep and then she would sneak out to the yard and play in the sand. it was during one such night, while Vasha was chasing a frog along a fence that soldiers of two warring lords held a firefight in the middle of her ghetto. To this day, Vasha's memory of that night is spotty. She was found that night by one of the soldiers, he was confused as to why a little white girl was walking in the middle of the Afrikans township and brought her home with him, fully intending to turn her over to the state. It didn't happen.

The soldier couldn't seem to shake the little girl. He dropped her off at the state office and the next morning she would be at his doorstep. Every night for two weeks this happened, until one day the soldier's warlord noticed he had a little tail in the form of a girl. Intrigued, he and his mistress took the child on and he began to watch her. Eventually he gave her his last name, Kruger, and she was officially adopted into his family. Over the years, her memory of her childhood faded and Jan Kruger and his mistress, Elsa Gersbach, became the only family she knew.

It didn't take Jan long to understand that his 'daughter' was something special, unusual. She didn't sleep for days on end, she could run farther than his most trained men, she was resistant to the heat of the midday sun when many others would wilt and faint. Seeing the potential, he began having her trained alongside the boys picked up from the townships. Vasha was like a robot, she obeyed orders without question and persisted in her tasks until they were completed, no matter how long they took.

* * *

This tattered document seems to have been purloined from a CIA source. It bears the letterhead and all the other official markings.



In early 1996, it was authorized that the South African situation could be contained if Jan Kruger were eliminated and his militia crippled. To that end, Captain Kyle Porter was sent on a black bag campaign to destabilize the region, support and train local insurgents, [fragment obscured by bloodstain] and ultimately remove Kruger from power. Porter worked without tactical support for seven months before moving on Kruger. The assassination attempt was foiled by Kruger's daughter, and Captain Porter was forced to abandon his mission. Shortly after the incident Kruger put a death mark on Porter, necessiating a full withdrawl of all Agency resources from South Africa.

* * *

Since that time, Vasha has been hunting. Her quest has taken her to New York, on the arm of a bureaucratic fool who owed her father a favor. Now he owes her.


  • Standing several inches above everyone else, Vasha stands out among the crowd, but not just because of her above-average height. Her copper skin, dark hazel-coloured eyes, and shiny sable hair indicate a heritage from multiple ethnicities. Her jaw is square like its been chiseled from stone and despite her toned muscles and fit-form she has a very distinct hour-glass figure. Her lips are pouty and full, and perhaps her most pronounced facial feature aside from her soulful hazel eyes.


An initial impression of Vasha is that she has all the personality of a cold fish. She doesn't warm easily to people, though she is quite adept at small talk and social situations this is due to social training rather than by any natural charisma. She has a keen sense of devotion to duty, that duty is to her father, right and wrong have no place in her life, she does as her father tells her. Vasha doesn't have many friends, those she considers close to her are comrades in arms, other soldiers that have proven themselves loyal to herself and her adopted father.

She is easily frustrated by other people. Their emotions make her uncomfortable as she finds they have no place in her own world. She is straight forward and will do what is necessary to see her own ends come to fruition. Her own feelings and emotions are guarded as they have no place in where her duty lies.


Infatigable is the lack of the need to sleep. Vasha's ability allows her the comfort of going without any type of rest or sleep for much longer than a regular person. She has the stamina to run for hours at a full sprint and an immunity to the fainting spells that overcome a normal person when addled by heat. She is resistant to tranquilizers and other drugs that would normally knock a person out, requiring at least five times the normal dose it takes someone of her size to be put down. She is also resistant to those with the ability narcokinesis, she is not immune but it does take a stronger suggestion to actually incapacitate her. Should she encounter a person with a type of psychic persuasion, she is also resistant to a degree to suggestions of sleep though other suggestions would work as normal. Choke holds also have little effect because she is able to hold her breath for much longer than it would take a regular person to pass out.

Indefatigably is a two sided coin, with the lack of sleep comes the lack of dreams and nightmares. Without dreams, she is uninspired and lacks much of an imagination. She is reliant on others for original ideas and for this reason, she will never amount to much more than a lieutenant or soldier among her father's men.

Rest is much more than a physical state of being, it is a mental state as well. For Vasha, she requires at least two hours of meditative downtime every day. Though she does not sleep, she does let her mind relax and to most people it does look as though she is in a deep slumber. Without her two hours per day, Vasha's reserves of stamina become drained and she is unable to concentrate on the simplest tasks. She becomes muddled and confused as her mind works toward only one purpose, shutting down and purging itself of the garbage that usually leads to dreams.


+stunt/add Running With the Bulls=With no need to conserve her energy, Vasha can run at a flat sprint for at least an hour before she is required to slow down and eventually stop. The reason for her not being able to go on is not due to fatigue but because her body temperature raises to a dangerous fever should she try to sustain the run longer./2

+stunt/add Stubborn Ox=Narcokinesis and depressants don't work well on Vasha. It takes five times the dosage of a normal person to actually put her down as her system is so high functioning. Further, if she's influenced by a narcokinetic (or psychic) to rest, it takes a continued effort on their part to keep her down and the influencer has to have extreme control over their ability. /2

+stunt/add Toro Toro=When adrenaline is high in her system, Vasha can ignore pain for long periods of time. Her body is able to keep going and fighting through it until the adrenaline stops coursing through her veins — this is when she physically needs to stop because the pain has built up. If she can keep her adrenaline high, she can ignore said pain for a very long time. Unfortunately, this has a nasty side-effect in that injuries can become much worse should she continue in her actions./1

+stunt/add Sea Cow=By utilizing a technique called glossopharyngeal insufflation, Vasha can hold her breath for almost thirty minutes. While in this state she is unable to exert herself in any way due to her blood pressure dropping, her heart rate slowing, and her circulation getting redistributed. Two vital areas receive oxygenated blood in this period, her heart and her brain. Maintaining her held breath is quite painful and she tries not to do it often due to the muscle spasms./1


  • Por Una Cabeza - Carlos Gardel
  • Wavin' Flag - K'naan
  • I Can Carry You - James Newton Howard
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